Lin found that there are two slender cracks on both sides of the head of the worm, and it seems that the water it eats is discharged from there, and Lin cells are also discharged from there. It seems that somewhere in its mouth and esophagus has the function of collecting food and water.

Lin’s attack has been ineffective. Not only do cells enter the mouth, but those who enter the wound can’t finish biting the blue cells. He also failed to attack the gnawing devourer. They have been noticed by the round shield worm. It can easily get rid of the gnawing devourer by shaking the joint.
The round shield worm hasn’t stopped swallowing until now. It has almost eaten half of the aircraft carrier. The body is torn and the pain doesn’t stop for a moment. Lin, this situation may lose her cool.
Blow up its esophagus!
Lin thought faster and faster, and it quickly decided on a one-step plan. Several exploding balls rushed into the worm’s mouth again, and this time Lin let them expand and blow themselves up before being discharged with the water!
The explosion of the ball will release a lot of dissolved liquid. Although I can’t see clearly the situation inside, Lin found that these dissolved liquids seem to make the round shield worm feel pain. After the explosion of a large number of balls, it has stopped tearing the aircraft carrier and kept throwing its head and spitting out a lot of green liquid from its mouth.
It seems that it will squirm in its mouth, and that esophagus is also made up of cells. The solution has caused a lot of damage there.
Lin has recovered her composure now, but she can’t continue to attack because … there is no ball to explode.
The number of blasting balls is not large, and it takes a long time to manufacture. In addition, the aircraft carrier is almost ruined, and some resource caches have been destroyed. It is impossible to make more blasting balls temporarily.
What should we do? Direct attack!
Lynn told the devourers to give up the attack section and rush directly into the worm’s mouth!
The shield worm also noticed that these round things were coming at its mouth.
Worm’s mouth can’t be closed, so its only line of defense is the sharp-edged structure around its mouth.
The size of the devourers is much larger than that of single cells, so the first batch of devourers were instantly cut into pieces by the sharp knife in the mouth of the round shield worm. The painful signal entered Lin’s mind, but there were still some small devourers who escaped the sharp knife attack and entered the worm’s mouth
The devourer’s body has the function of illumination and vision, which makes Lin see clearly the structure in the mouth of the round shield worm.
This is a huge esophagus with blue wall. If you look closely, you can see that it is made up of several blue cells. The whole esophagus is littered with explosive ball solution, which is extremely lethal to cells and fills the esophagus with ulceration scars.
This is probably the reason why the round shield worm is suffering.
Lynn suddenly found that’ esophagus’ seems to be a new word?
Who cares so much
Lin suddenly saw some larger adults and amoebas, which looked like cells festering at the wound. Lin thought that this should be a way to repair the wound.
This kind of wound-repairing deformed cells are larger than the devourer composed of Lin Qian cells, so that they can wrap the whole wound for repair.
But this kind of cells must have no fighting capacity.
Kill them!
The devourers rushed over, and together they bit the deformed cell that repaired the wound and pulled it in different directions, tearing their opponents into pieces in a flash.
At the same time, Lin let the devourer bite the wound and make it bigger.
But this is far from enough, because there are still tens of millions of deformed cells repairing the whole esophagus and his wound.
Lin’s esophageal devourers are only a few hundred, and they are all small. If they are a little bigger, they will be blocked by a sharp knife in their mouths and can’t get in.
Lynn needs more reinforcements.
Lin once again mobilized individual cells, including the digger cone cells and the acid injector. Because the round shield worm stopped eating, the original violent water flow in the esophagus became very weak. Lin cells could cause great damage if they invaded at this time.
Lin’s army launched a charge, and the sharp knife in the mouth of the round shield worm was the way to stop these tiny single cells from invading.
As soon as the army of cells entered the worm’s esophagus, they attacked madly. Every cell tried its best to tear, pierce and dissolve, hurting the surrounding esophageal wall. Several huge diggers who were good at digging ice cubes also successfully entered the worm’s mouth. The serrated esophagus on its surface, which could dig ice crystals, caused several scars.
These small cells caused great pain to the round shield worm. It shook its head violently, and the strong water flow brought by its shaking immediately dispersed the cell group that Lin had not entered into her mouth, and then it turned and fled back to the ice cave just dug up.
However, Lin fought fiercely with it, and at the same time, the surrounding water temperature became cold again. The cave dug by the round shield worm just now has frozen into thick ice.
And Lin million cells still remain in the esophagus of the round shield worm, which continues to be wantonly destroyed, just like the round shield worm eats the carrier Lin. Lin has no mercy. It makes the cone cells drill holes in the esophagus and makes diggers and devourers go deeper into the esophagus to prepare to destroy the core of the round shield worm.
Because of the pain, the round shield worm kept hitting the ice wall, as if it had forgotten how to dig the ice crystals. It bumped into cracks on its face and slowly became slow with the movement of the round shield worm. Finally, it lay down on the ice wall with ten joints and clamped some protrusions and cracks on the ice wall, and its whole body did not move.
Is it dead?
It looks like it from the outside, but it’s not the same from the inside.
The sight of the esophagus has completely changed. There were a few deformed cells here, but after the round shield worm fell into a motionless state, a large number of new cells suddenly appeared here. These cells were white and could be as big as Lin’s devourer and as small as Lin’s basic cells.
They are so numerous that they keep popping up from the depths of the esophagus or wounds and so on. Before long, they are almost the same as Lin’s invading cells, reaching a million.
These cells are the round shield worm defense forces. They attack Lin cells, but their attack method is very simple. One trick is to wrap them.
These white blood cells are covered with tiny tentacles on their body surface. Their attack mode is to swim to the side of Lin cells, and the tentacles will hold them and then keep squeezing and straining them until Lin cells are squashed.
When Lynn invaded the worm, she thought that there would be defense forces, but she didn’t expect it to be so late and there were quite a few.
Lin immediately launched a counterattack against the worm’s esophagus, which became a battlefield at this time.
These white cells covered with tentacles are good at one-to-one. Their tentacles can easily grasp and squeeze the flat cells, but they are too crowded during the group war. Their tentacles can’t play well when facing the volley of acid injectors or the charge of diggers and cone cells, and they are easy to collapse.
So these white cells came out from different directions, trying to disperse Lin’s troops and put Lin’s cells in a one-on-one situation, but Lin didn’t think it would integrate the troops and defeat these white cells together
At present, Lin has some advantages in the battlefield, but Lin has no reinforcements, but these white blood cells can keep popping up, and some even split in direct combat, which increases the number
Lynn intends to continue to let the cells into the mouth of the round shield worm to reinforce it. After all, the worm body is not moving now.
And so on……
Lynn suddenly found some problems.
If we continue to reinforce the worm in this way, I don’t know how much we will lose to kill the worm. It’s hard to say whether we can fight it or not. Lingen doesn’t know how many defense cells there are in the worm.
But what if there is something that can directly turn the enemy into a friendly one?
Lynn happens to have that kind of thing