The tour guide’s skill performance is very good. It is obvious that the advanced magnetic energy car is often used by some high-ranking officials and politicians. It is not surprising that he called the com in the parking lot and gave it to Panther and Gaohe to retreat outside to watch.

General Hammer seems to be still sleeping and waiting for a long time before he sees the general coming over and seeing the video of Gaohe and Panther. Obviously, he is a little surprised. "What’s the matter? Can’t you play? Or is something wrong? "
Panther simply told the situation and Gao He judged that the general was puzzled. "Earthquake?" Although aerospace technology has been developed most rapidly in this era when interstellar space is just beginning, it is still impossible to accurately predict the natural phenomenon of planets, and there is no way to prevent earthquakes because of the warning before the eruption of volcanoes.
If Gao He says that the situation is true, then it is time to evacuate the residents of New new york immediately, but that’s tens of millions of people. It doesn’t mean that evacuation can be evacuated. What’s the reason for notification?
"There is nothing wrong with your hunch?" General asked Panther to leave for a while and leave Gaohe alone for questioning. The performance of Gaohe Energy Planet is perfect. General Hammer still believes in Gaohe’s intuition, but how to be cautious when tens of millions of people are involved.
"That’s right!" Gao He now feels more and more clear. If Gao He were an ordinary animal, he would have been flustered. I believe those animals in the zoo are in a panic, and the tall crane can feel such a strong feeling that the magnitude will never be low.
"The location of New new york is not common in earthquake zones. Are you so sure?" The general still doesn’t trust that it’s really hasty to issue an earthquake warning with such great influence just by Gao He’s words, but he has already connected several generals with questions.
"I feel very strong and should not be wrong!" Gao He is a little anxious, and any delay at this time may cause incalculable losses, so Gao He’s reply is also very anxious.
"What can’t be wrong?" Several generals’ faces appeared on the screen for questioning. It was General Zhao Qi who appeared. Several generals were all acquaintances. Jordan, Lieutenant General Zhao Qi, Lieutenant General Lincoln and Gao He had an idea in their hearts. These four generals, including parents and the whole fourth brigade, must be one faction. In a word, in politics, except for Lieutenant General Lincoln, several generals, like General Hammer, all looked like they had just got out of bed and did not always have that kind of majesty.
"Camel recounts your feelings again" General Hammer ordered Gao He not to hesitate to tell what he had been uneasy about from now on, and to tell his own judgment results. Of course, those things in his memory would not say that Gao He didn’t want to turn himself into a mouse in the institute, but maybe he didn’t know that he was already a rare and protected animal in the minds of several generals.
"Are you right?" Although General Lincoln doesn’t believe in some illusory and weird things, he is a senior military official. He knows about the psychic association and his secret level. Some things are true although they can’t be explained by current technology.
It’s still the same question. Gao He is a little bored in his heart and has to ask it many times! I think so in my heart, but I have to answer "it’s a general!"
"What is the estimated magnitude?" The general asked
"It’s very big, but I predict that the recruitment is very obvious at present." Gao He replied very quickly, "There must be a lot of animals in the zoo now. These are all signs, general. You can verify them." Suddenly, I remembered something to support my point of view, and Gao He also came out at once.
General hammer obviously put through the com, and Gao He dared not say anything, waiting for the generals to ask questions quietly. Several generals discussed with each other, but Gao He couldn’t hear them, but it was estimated that it was difficult to make a decision when they frowned.
"How long do you expect?" General Hammer may ask his subordinates to verify himself and ask Gao He.
Gao He frowned and wanted to think carefully about the memory in his brain. It took a long time to answer "It may take about ten to twelve hours." After that, Gao He suddenly hated himself for what he didn’t feel uncomfortable. What happened in vain just now? How many people can he save with seven hours less?
Now it feels like watching several generals discuss the crane, and finally the screen has changed a little. General Hammer received a communication request and said a few words, and his face has changed a lot.
Finally, I heard General Hammer’s voice, "The zoo has confirmed that some animals have indeed found a large-scale commotion." Several generals looked around and nodded. General Hammer then ordered "Call the Panther in!"
Gao He said that the Panther appeared in the car for a moment. "I ordered the fourth team to return to the Beta 41 base as soon as possible and stand by!" The general’s orders are decisive. Panther and crane should be.
After the communication, the two men quickly informed their teammates that Gaohe was a little uncomfortable in running. Why did the general ask the fourth team to return to the base for standby instead of staying in place for disaster relief? I don’t know how many generals think of him. It’s unreasonable to send him back to the base alone. The whole fourth team was transferred back to disguised protection. Anyway, the fourth team, a total of nine people, can’t play any key role
Like an ape climbing the top floor along the rope, the police have arrived and are mobilizing aircraft to meet people from the top of the building. Those people are all very important, and the place of the diamond club is even more important. The police are very careful. Panther and Gaohe were once stopped outside the warning circle. Thanks to the tour guide showing a certificate, they were allowed to release.
I don’t know what certificate the tour guide produced, but it’s so effective. It seems very cautious to see the expression of the police officer led by the police. It’s estimated to be very unusual.
They told everyone separately that you should not casually reveal the serial number and service in front of so many ordinary people, but you could separately inform Gao He that when he walked beside the beautiful woman, Miss Rose and Fat Zhen had a good chat.
"Beauty ordered the horse back to the base." Beauty promised to leave as soon as she turned around.
Fat smell came along. "Little brother, your name is camel, right? Thank you for saving my life. If you have anything, I can help you with the ordinary things even if you can’t help me with the big things." Gao He took over a business card and glanced at it. There was a name and words. I didn’t remember the name in my hurry.
Miss Rose seems to have found something to wrap her delicate feet in, and now she’s coming over. "Camel, can you show me how you look?" This request is just attached to the fat, and Gao He was anxious to leave. He suddenly saw Miss Rose’s face and was surprised. He pointed to Miss Rose for a long time and didn’t speak.
Most people see Rose in this way. Rose is used to smiling. It seems that the whole roof has turned into spring, which makes people feel like a spring breeze. Only then do they know what super luck they have just left and actually saved this person.
Miss Rose’s name is Gordon Rose. Of course, this is the stage name. At present, it’s a smash hit. The actress Song Ying is a super idol in the eyes of several boys and girls. Even many middle-aged and very old people are very popular. According to her stage name, fanatical fans gave her a very appropriate nickname "Golden Rose"
Such a super idol, of course, is Gao He’s very fond of stars. I didn’t expect to meet her here, and I didn’t expect to actually save her by myself. The charming scene in Gao He’s mind when he just saved Rose didn’t seem to be eager to save people. I didn’t observe it in detail. Now that I think about it, I still wrapped her in a robe myself. My hand couldn’t help but radiate some sweat.
Chapter 39 Earthquake Prediction ()
Before his idol, he timidly asked to see his appearance. Gao He didn’t even think about pulling the magnetic energy imaging helmet. When Miss Rose saw Gao He’s face suddenly, she made a jaw-dropping gesture. She actually jumped and hugged Gao He’s neck and gave him a loud kiss. Because Gao He was taller than her, the whole person was like hanging a high crane.
Not only was Gao He caught off guard, but he was also startled by watching the fat. Then he looked envious. Gao He was all silly. He had already enjoyed this move when he just hugged her building, but he didn’t know her identity at that time and was eager to save lives. There was nothing special about it. Now Rose took the initiative to make out and immediately made Gao He feel at a loss.
The beauty snorted in a low voice, and Miss Rose was also loose. Gao He turned and looked around. The fourth team had already closed and was responsible for maintaining order around. It was time for several policemen to go. Gao He turned around and walked to his team.
"Wait!" Rose stopped Gao He and asked Fat for a pen. She asked Fat for a business card and wrote a message to Gao He, "Remember to call me, I remember you, camel!" " At the back, a call to detain Gao He was a little dizzy, and everyone was envious and jealous when they returned to the team.
"Go and pull!" The beauty drinks low, and everyone reacts and slides along the rope in turn. "It’s my treat to bring your comrades to me!" Rose’s words caused a low cheer when the crane slipped.
The tour guide took the magnetic energy car to the building early, and suddenly so many officers dressed in military clothes fell from the sky. Just now, they learned what happened in the hall from the tour guide’s mouth, but they didn’t dare to stop them from leaving, but they didn’t dare to stop them. Those people who wanted to record their mouths could also wait for the meeting, and then they went to negotiate with the military. He dared not stop these guys here, and he knew that they were not ordinary people and tough soldiers.
The magnetic energy car flew from the avenue to the barracks when it came. Just after a short time, everyone first saw the dense aircraft. Ants flew home to New new york and received a message. Everyone took a taxi to watch the current TV program.
When the military moved fast enough, it had already organized thousands of small flying machines and all the TV stations broadcast the news of the evacuation of the whole new new york city crazily. At the first time, everyone knew that several journalists from various news media rushed to new new york like moths to a flame.
These guys’ enthusiasm for work really made Gao Hepei know that the past was an earthquake disaster, but they were still so crazy. However, except for most of them who cooperated with the military to announce evacuation notices and evacuation order channels, there were still several discordant voices in which the military was vigorously accused of publishing such things that wasted people and money and harmed the interests of investors in New new york without evidence or insufficient evidence.
Of course, after all, this sound is still a small number of live broadcasts or tens of millions of people evacuating at the same time. This evacuation not only involves the emergency transportation of the whole city, but also seriously tests the efficiency of government departments. However, it is still possible that the military will urgently dispatch tens of thousands of aircraft to evacuate in ten hours.
The military is also gambling this time. If Gao He feels right this time and the military can move the urban people to An place at the right time, the image of the whole military department and all soldiers will reach an unprecedented height among ordinary people. At this time, Gao He finds himself too busy thinking about his feelings. There is nothing that generals need to consider.
Even if the earthquake really happened, the military never said a word, and the military was not responsible for it. However, several generals were willing to participate, and there was no reason to really consider their future except for the hearts of the people. They would not have carried out such a big action because of Gao He’s conjecture and the feeling of law. Once they failed, it is estimated that their military status would plummet.
At the thought of this, Gao He suddenly felt that it was a kind of happiness for a confidant to die like this, sir. Look at the faces of several companions around him. Gao He put away his mind and watched the live broadcast with them.
A group of military vehicles and soldiers rushed past everyone in a hurry. This is to prevent people from looting in the city and fishing in troubled waters. All police forces have already kept order in the streets. Maybe there are not enough people, and the military has also given a lot of assistance.
I don’t know if I ordered everyone to watch this video broadcast and suddenly talked about the holiday. A group of people screamed that heaven was unfair. It seems that Gao He had two holidays since joining the army, and the villa incident was interrupted in the middle of each holiday. This time, the diamond club was attacked and an earthquake was added. Is the fourth team actually so related to the holiday?
It would be terrible to find this terrible problem and everyone looked at each other. But anyway, at least everyone is Anyou. This time, Gao He, the lucky guy, also got a deep kiss from Miss Rose, the goddess in everyone’s mind. Speaking of this matter, a group of disloyal guys all glared at Gao He.
What’s worse is that when the beautiful woman rescued the golden rose for some reason, she was disheveled, which was greatly publicized. She also stressed that when she first saw Miss Rose, she was hastily wrapped in a bathrobe, and the wrapping technique was obviously military and she didn’t wear shoes.
Hearing this news, several super fans of Miss Rose immediately turned red. Several people grabbed Gao He and tortured him to tell him what he had done to Miss Rose. There is no way for Gao He to blur the scene at that time, but this is enough for these crazy fans to be indignant, except shouting that he didn’t go to the top floor and regretted it, but he just chopped Gao He to pieces.
The tour guide in front obviously heard the news and turned his head to express great indignation. There was a beautiful woman with a smile watching everyone toss the crane to death.
Chapter 40th Amazing Disaster ()