The refining process is a little troublesome, but it can still be refined, refined and planted. This process reveals that the quality of Dan medicine can hardly be refined, but after all, it can still supplement Yuanyang Dan. Although the order is not high, it has an advantage that there is no limit to the quantity of one Dan medicine to supplement Yuanli. If you eat a few more pills, you may lose your life and eat Dan medicine until such a thing. Who will care?

It’s hard for Hu Yingxue not to mention how difficult it is to control the five pots. In the process of alchemy, the consumption rate of the real yuan is like running water. Even if she is much stronger than the average person, and the secret house card helps to recover, she can’t bear this consumption rate. After refining two heats, she has to supplement the real yuan by taking Dan medicine.
If you eat Dan medicine almost enough to supplement the real yuan, if you eat some Dan medicine carelessly, the real yuan will go too far. For a while, your body will be on the verge of breaking away. For a while, your body will burst into absolute ice and fire. Hu Yingxue is not a masochist. He doesn’t think this taste is cool at all, but he can’t help it. He has to endure it until the time is right.
Mu Tianxuan came to watch from the side and it didn’t take long for his face to be measured and ran to attack the phalanx. Although he wasn’t Fa Xiu, he raised his left hand, and Lei Guang raised his right hand to see that people on his side were sweating, regardless of whether he always made up his mind or not, and he would never annoy his goal.
w w w
Chapter 266 Who is better than the cause (3)
In a flash, it was another three days. Yuan Yang Dan supplemented Yuan Li Cang Shuo and so on. The pressure during the Mahayana period was much less, but they were able to resist the attack of King Worm, not because their fighting capacity was not weakened. The more important reason was that Monty didn’t seem to intend to break this line of defense so quickly.
Now that Monty’s doppelganger has moved from the entrance and exit of the original iceberg basin to the center of the army of worm soldiers, and he has arrested them. They are no longer inferior worm soldiers, but those who are one step away from the worm’s order. Pure gold advanced worm soldiers are different from dull and inferior worm soldiers. It seems to be an honor that those advanced worm soldiers will take the initiative to rush forward and be eaten by Monty’s doppelganger. In fact, worm soldiers are really happy to be eaten by Monty, because being eaten by Monty is not death for them.
In a sense, making insect soldiers can be said to be a monty child. Monty raises them from the body and makes their own hands to swallow the insect soldiers. The body contains spiritual power and the insects are digested. However, they return to the monty body and wait for the monty to find a suitable recipient again. Those insects will once again incarnate the insect soldiers. Monty can consume the army of insect soldiers without worrying about himself. This is why.
But I don’t feel bad about it. Monty still knows a lot about it. The crimson eyes take turns to see which one he wants to eat most, but his hand is firmly extended to take the initiative to approach him. Occasionally, those senior insect soldiers will reach out to the low-level insect soldiers and swallow one, so they will once again reach out to the high-level insect soldiers with a face of disgust, but after a while, his hand will still reach out to the low-level insect soldiers again.
Monty busy now almost become the main body is swallowing a dozen worms or a worm king, but at this time he turned his attention to the low-level worm soldiers and took the initiative to gather up to him, just staring at the last low-level worm soldiers who came out of Zhenshentai, reaching out to those low-level worm soldiers, some of which were more stiff and slow than those before. It should be that it was not long before the transformation.
Monty soon found out that he was wrong, but he couldn’t control himself. He swallowed thousands of low-level worm soldiers in two places and finally crossed the line and became the real subject. A loud roar sounded from the soul station, and the original subject blew itself up. This meant that he was truly free, but he was not happy because he found himself reaching out to those low-level worm soldiers, and it was like addiction if he couldn’t stop.
Monty couldn’t figure out how he was waiting for him to show his great power, and Liu Yan and Liu Chan couldn’t figure it out even more. Whether dragging Lin Li and the alliance army Liu Chan or waiting for Monty to save Liu Yan, they were all ready to cooperate with the laughter when they found that the giant with a height of 100 meters had changed suddenly, only to find that their demon master didn’t immediately bow his head and eat as they expected, and it was even more ugly than before, and almost swallowed in one breath.
Hu Yingxue didn’t continue to make an alchemist, but prepared for the battle together with others. Unexpectedly, after the original body of Monty Li Lun split up and destroyed the Zhenshentai, he didn’t immediately fight with them, but continued to blink and looked at the black flame monk on the side. "Do you leave your hand behind?"
The black flame monk raised his hand and touched his big bald head. "Now I can tell you about the plan. This is the case. If you can’t turn me into his half-magic man, you will kill me. It turns out that the magic man is controlled by the law because of Hellfire, and at the same time, Hellfire seems to be able to endure it.
Then he did an experiment to send the demon wrapped in Hellfire to those evil spirits who were controlled by insects, and made sure that the demon treated in this way would not arouse the minds of those insects, and that Hellfire could also kill and control the body, so that the demon could take its place. Although it was born in this way, the half-demon’s spirit and intelligence were damaged, but it was better than obedience.
It should be unwilling to be controlled. After confirming this, Linli played tricks under the eyelids of Liu Yan and Liu Chan. He sent people here to hide their bodies. The devil was disguised by Hellfire. His plan was to let the devil turn against the guest and solve their threat when he found the time to get rid of the sisters. "
Speaking of this, the black flame monk bent his eyes and smiled a little cloudy. "In order to achieve the goal, I was filled with pills and almost smoked me, but I didn’t know that he was obsessed with yin and others were actually yin by me. If I didn’t restrain them, the inferno would devour each other. Even if those monsters didn’t swallow each other, they would have to bite each other."
The black flame monk said here that Hu Yingxue reached out to those low-level worm soldiers during the day and couldn’t stop the inferno. The lethality of the inferno was more than the influence of the soul, which made people feel that the pediatric body had mixed into the inferno and felt that there were many hellfires around, which easily gave birth to other hellfires, so the monty hands couldn’t stop like this.
Monty swallowed the passive hands and feet, and the low-level worm soldier not only took back the worm released before him, but also let Hellfire and the magic man sneak into his belly. The black flame monk didn’t know what would happen to those magic people, but he knew what would happen to Hellfire. He was also killed in his stomach, and Hellfire was honest. In Monty’s stomach, Hellfire was dishonest.
Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t black flame monk must have thought that even if he died, he would want Yin Linli to make a move. This move is not high. Even if he can’t put out Monty, he will make Linli and Liu Chan suffer losses, and the losses will not be small. He just didn’t know that he would follow the plan and didn’t change quickly. I didn’t expect him to escape and return to life. I didn’t expect that it was Monty, the big fish.
Monty couldn’t have imagined that there was such a secret eating worm soldiers. He would feel that his stomach was hot and he didn’t go anywhere else. He wanted to feel that his stomach was getting hotter and hotter, and then the hotter he felt, the more he couldn’t control his hands. Knowing that he was wrong, he ordered the worm king and the worm general to call in and let them separate him from those low-level worm soldiers.
After receiving the order, even the worm king and worm who are attacking the combination topic with a great army immediately surrounded the past and separated Monty from those low-level worm soldiers with problems according to the order. However, Monty thought highly of his willpower and never suppressed his horse, so he would block him because he could not control the swallowing, and the worm would sweep away.
I have to say that Monty’s army of worm soldiers is absolutely obedient to him. If he orders, he will resolutely carry out the order before Monty takes it back. Those worm kings and worms will stop in front of Monty with people over and over again. Monty feels angry and will soon not sweep those worm kings and worms, but arrest them and stuff them in his mouth.
However, after a few breaths, Monty stuffed two worm kings and a dozen worms into his mouth, but he didn’t let the other worm kings and worms be swept away. After the horse ran back to ask Monty not to lift the order, they firmly stopped him from approaching those low-level worm soldiers with problems.
Arguably, the swallowing method like Monty’s strength should be even more difficult to deal with than before, even if he doesn’t dally, but he relied on his spiritual strength and was blinded by the inferno of the black flame monk. He swallowed a lot of low-level worm soldiers who had problems before, although every low-level worm soldier’s body was a little bit of hellfire, it was enough to condense into a fire. After that, the hellfire grew stronger with his spiritual strength. He swallowed a lot of hellfire and borrowed more.
It’s estimated that it’s been sealed for too long, and monty suddenly woke up when he saw that he was going to swallow the worm king and the worm. At this time, his body’s resistance has completely grown up. It’s hard for him to make such a big noise when he wanted to ignore it. Naturally, he is also a decisive advocate. He found a way to expel Hellfire and immediately decided to split his mind again.
Just as the black flame monk said that his inferno is very suitable for Yin people to touch it, unless it is controlled by fire people, it is probably impossible to get rid of it easily. After the black flame monk deliberately guided the monty to split several times, he found that the black flame was still divided again and again until it was the same size as the wisp of soul from the Zhenshentai before it finally got rid of the black flame entanglement.
Before monty was happy, he found himself in big trouble. Every time he split his mind, it was equal to creating one doppelganger. After splitting again and again, he created a hundred doppelgangers. The terrible thing was that except for the last one, all the other doppelgangers were eroded by Hellfire. Those doppelgangers were still under the influence of Hellfire and attacked each other. No matter which doppelganger took the wind, it was himself.
The only thing that can make Monty feel better is that after receiving his order, the king and the worm will no longer be afraid of life and death to stop him from approaching those passive insect soldiers, but when I think of him, the horses accumulated over the years have been greatly harmed by himself, which makes me feel better, and the mood is clouded immediately.
At this time, I will be reborn and see that Monty will no longer touch those insect soldiers with problems. The black flame monk will take advantage of the fire to let those insect soldiers set fire to the inferno. The magic man found out that the magic man was in control of the body. Naturally, the foreign enemy will be expelled immediately. The black flame monk was kind enough to help the magic man. So Monty was ready to check what the insect soldiers had done, and he found that this group of hands and bodies suddenly changed.
Different insects turn practitioners into adult soldiers. Although the training is different, the strength of the transformed insect soldiers is quite different. The gap is not so erased. The extra part is removed. The magic man turns practitioners into semi-magic men, which really stimulates the potential of practitioners to achieve the goal of lifting and repairing. Therefore, the momentum displayed by those insect soldiers when they turn into semi-magic men is like a chicken blood swishing up.
The strength of those low-level worm soldiers has soared a lot, and they have risen by four or five grades in one breath. Monty really can’t think of it at all. After the change, the low-level worm soldiers are no longer his soldiers. Before he can react, his own hand worm king and worm will have a fight with those newly released half-magic people. Although the remaining number was swallowed by Monty before, it soon evolved into a big scuffle between the adult soldier army and the half-magic people army.
Monty was busy with the half-magic army and beat Hu Yingxue. They showed the combined array. There was no target in the attack area, and because there was no one on the other side, people could not come out with bursts of middleman. So the bystanders fell. Of course, not everyone can watch the excitement and consume a lot of money before the Mahayana period. They were busy restoring the force. No one can guarantee that there will be a hard struggle after it. Just take this time to try to get back to the best state.
At the same time, changes have taken place over there. Although there is an alliance army, the common enemy has not relaxed at all, and the attack on Liu Chan’s faction is hitting the ground. A few of them suddenly fell to the ground, and most of them lost their interest when their bodies tilted, and they became corpses. The speed of flesh and blood was visible to the naked eye, and they withered and fell off.
This kind of change is not strange at all. Because he is not strange, his face instantly turns to iron blue. Although there are so many opponents lying on the other side, it means that a more difficult opponent is being born. Analysis of the eye situation shows that the difficult opponent is Liu Yan in ten cases, which is not good news for him. He immediately brought out a little happiness because he sensed that there was a change inside.
It’s not surprising that Liu Yan, the mutant over there, has planned to betray Monty and regenerate this idea. We can’t expect Hu Yingxue to trade her with Monty, so we can save ourselves. Just watching Hu Yingxue, they are all busy staring at the situation over there. She is convenient for the occult arts to control those insects and quickly improve themselves.
Liu Yan’s abacus was very good, so she ran away when she saw the opportunity, and then made plans in the future, but she ignored the golden pseudo-bundle fairy rope. Although there was a pseudo word, it was not easy to escape this pseudo-during Mahayana. She repaired the golden rope and immediately responded, instead of opening the shackles, and attracted Hu Yingxue’s attention.
Looking at lying on the ground, Liu Yan twisted like a caterpillar. Hu Yingxue raised her eyebrows. "I have to study the different Dan spectrum later. I remember that there are several kinds of Dan medicines in it that can make people become ordinary temporarily or completely."
Her face rose with struggle. Hongliuyan looked up. "Despicable!"
Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan. "She said I was mean."
Mu Tianxuan heard the words and laughed. "I think Liu Chan is very willing to discuss a meanness with her."
It’s not enough for Liu Chan to be torn apart. At this time, she was angry that she could escape Liu Yan, but no one was left for her. Not only that, but if she didn’t occupy this body now, she would exterminate it. Now she will become a bone like those masters. Besides, although she hasn’t changed her bones, her situation is not much better now. She is a loner with low fighting capacity and no alien insects in her hand, and she will be slaughtered.
Unlike other worm kings, Liu’s sisters are not completely controlled by monty, otherwise they have no chance to become a remnant after monty’s defeat. They perished with the former army of worm soldiers because monty was beaten with residual souls. Liu Chan’s loyalty to monty is definitely higher than Liu Yan’s, but when it comes to whether Liu Chan and Liu Yan can live, they will consider it for a while. She said to Lin Li, "I am willing to serve you."
Hearing Liu Chan’s words, Lin Li smiled, "I don’t need your ministers to kill you."
If Hu Yingxue said this, he might consider that although he hates Hu Yingxue no less than Liu Chan, he still admits that she is not a renegade villain and he has always had some ideas about Hu Yingxue’s alchemy.
Now it is said that Liu Chanlin will definitely consider it or not. Before Liu Chanru calculates, he can conclude that this person will betray himself again based on his understanding of her temperament. A person who may betray himself at any time can’t stay if something happens.
As soon as his voice fell, his hands were wrapped in blood fog, and he penetrated Liu Chan’s chest. His heart looked like a grasshopper. The worm kept twisting its body and tried to escape from the hand holding the heart, but it could not break free from the blood fog. The bright red skin of the worm quickly turned dark brown.
Without the human body, there will be many forests where Liu Chan can be heard begging for mercy. No matter what Liu Chan says, if there are many forests earnestly, he will not be moved until this time. Liu Chan’s consciousness laughs at many forests, "I can’t escape death, and you can’t escape death."
Lin Liyin replied, "I know, but no matter how I die, I won’t choose you who are assimilated by outsiders."
Liu Chan Jie Jie smiled. "The body and the body are abandoned by heaven, and I can’t believe I would say such a thing."
Lin Liyin replied, "Do you and I know your identity? I still have to thank you for your appearance. I may be able to get a chance to abandon this heaven. "
This time, Lin Li will no longer give Liu Chan a chance. The palm of her hand will burst out of the red flame. Liu Chan will be burned to ashes without screaming and assimilated by outsiders. If she has no chance to reincarnate, her death will be completely eliminated.
Sensing that Liu Chan was dead, Liu Yan finally got really scared and stopped struggling. Looking at Hu Yingxue and others, she pointed out, "Keeping me is bound by me, and I will get twice the result with half the effort if I am with you."
After listening to Liu Yan’s words, Ning Qian smiled, "But as far as I know, if you want to die, those who are controlled by your worms will have to die with you. I think it is more economical to kill you than to keep you and continue to respond to me."
Liu Yan’s eyes flashed. "I know what Linli left behind."
"It should be those sea animals?" Hu Yingxue smiled. "Some of us estimate that it is difficult to do as he wishes."
Chapter 267 Who is better than the successful party (4)
Ningqian is scaring Liu Yan less. Now Liu Yan can’t die. Although Ji Qian led the alliance army for a while, he couldn’t meet them here, but he brought in the news from outside, knowing that Wan Skeleton Cave not only played a role here, but also played a lively role in other places. Hu Yingxue and they couldn’t let her die at this time.
All I have to do is scare Liu Yan. In addition to the former enmity, Ningqian also wants to vent her depression and belligerence, so she can solve those things with a wave of her hand, but she can’t do it, especially if she thinks about it before, so let her be filled with impetuousness.
No matter how depressed she is, she has to endure the fact that she has recovered her identity as a man of God. Jiu You was suppressed because Hu Yingxue signed a contract. He can make moves but can’t make heavy moves without contract suppression, which is very limited. It’s easy to make a careless move. If you don’t say it, it will probably bring conan the destroyer’s general influence. It will be counterproductive. Let’s not say that it will be enough to drink a pot of fruit.