Since the little boy is so important to the sanctuary, baby, then the little boy must have hidden secrets. Even if there are no secrets, then the little boy found out from Yao Zi Ling’s former home where he didn’t appear, but there must be something fishy going on there. Sun Qi will not let go of suspicious clues.

As early as in the daytime, GongSunQi asked the little boy’s current housing body and his doppelganger had also lurked into the Blanche family.
When everyone turned off the lights, Gong Sunqi entered the little boy’s room, took off his mask and woke up the little boy. The little boy came in through the window and saw that it was Gong Sunqi who threw himself into his arms and grabbed him desperately, as if he would disappear once he was released.
GongSunQi little care let the little boy don’t make a sound, hold him to the window and reach out to the window. After receiving a gesture, the busy people immediately took action.
In the face of the enemy’s infiltration and attack, the Blanche family was awakened and induced to another place by two places at once. Gongsun Qi took this opportunity to leave quickly with the little boy.
Take the little boy Gong Sunqi to the dock to meet Selena. "If you want to make up your mind, do you want to leave with me or go back and get caught?"
Selena said without hesitation and took out two documents. "I have secretly obtained the documents for a long time. My family has been restraining me from going anywhere. Now it is hard to seize the opportunity. Of course I have to leave."
Gong Sunqi took a surprised look at Selena’s feelings, which was still a rebellious little public deed.
Chapter 242 Conveniently make a fortune
Hai Gongsun-qi knew that there would be such a rebellious act behind Selena’s cleverness. It turns out that Selena has always been bound by her family, and the family has already arranged all the roads for Selena, even if she wants to marry someone in the future and become their son-in-law, Selena has arranged it properly.
I don’t like being arranged everywhere. Selena tries to resist, but it works. In the end, she has to swallow it and be a good girl to find the right opportunity to escape.
Now Gongsunqi asked her if she wanted to leave together. Of course, she chose to leave with Gongsunqi. Selena owed the east wind for a long time, and Gongsunqi just became the east wind.
"Then where are we going now?"
Gong Sunqi glanced at Selena and silently said, "Where is the home of the four seas?" Gong Sunqi held the orange star stone in his hands. He wanted to resurrect Shukaku as soon as possible.
I looked down at the star stone in my hand. "We must find the land shore and try to get some orange star stones before the orange star stones are finished."
"Look, there seems to be a boat ahead."
Selena pointed to the place where the white light flashed in the distance. "That seems to be a distress signal. Do you want to go and see it?"
Gong Sunqi nodded and let the silver narwhal swim towards the light. Gong Sunqi is not going to save people. He is going to collect money. Where there are people, there is treasure. Looking at the light, it is ss distress signal.
Close to the ship, Gong Sunqi saw that the large-scale ship could take the ship, either rich or powerful, otherwise it would never be such a luxurious ship.
"This ship is much bigger than your cruise ship at that time," said Gong Sunqi.
The ship’s hull was occupied by huge tentacles, and a huge octopus hung on its head and looked at the end of the ship. Gong Sunqi smiled, and the octopus was exactly the same as his psychic crown.
Guanlanzhang noticed that the silver narwhal was approaching. You should know that the silver narwhal is a five-star animal. Guanlanzhang also belongs to the five-star animal. The five-star animal and the five-star animal have a territorial division. Now that one five-star animal breaks into another five-star animal’s territory, it is bound to make that five-star animal prepare for battle.
Guanlan Zhang, a huge tentacle slaps on the sea, and only a narwhal can hear the sound, which is like warning the narwhal to leave quickly or you’re welcome.
The narwhal stopped there and waited for an order from Gongsun Qi. Seeing that the narwhal didn’t move forward, the narwhal was afraid to continue the demonstration.
The group of people on the ship’s surface were disheartened when they saw the silver narwhal. Suddenly, a man shouted.
"Look, there’s someone at the head of that animal."
"Someone? !”
What does this mean? They all know very well that a person can be a different animal and dare to go near Guan Lan Zhang. Then there are two possibilities, one is to die and the other is to have the ability to kill Guan Lan Zhang. They would rather choose to believe the latter, so that they can survive.
Gong Sunqi didn’t know which country was inside and shouted, "Where are you from? Can you speak Jue Geng Mandarin?"
A moment later, a man shouted, "I can translate."
It’s good to be able to translate. Gong Sunqi roared, "Tell the boatman that if he wants to live, he can hand over all the stars and stones, and he will save your lives. A complete star stone can be exchanged for a life seat, but he can wait aside."
I patted Erha’s head. Erha knew that it was time for a five-star animal to show off a lot of other five-star animals. This can deter the second five-star animal. Only in this way can the five-star animal be timid and less arrogant.
Soon someone on the wheel shouted "I have me, I have me"
Listen to this lame Jue Geng Mandarin Gong Sunqi smiled. It’s good to have it. It can also make a lot of money. "Erha, tell the big octopus that we will pick up a few people and it won’t interfere with its meal."
In order to prevent Erha’s words, the big octopus refused to listen to Gongsun Qiqiang and forbeared to call out the second and fifth-star animals. It was also the crown and the two crown and the haze chapters, and bared its teeth and looked at each other. The crown and the haze chapter wrapped around the huge ship was afraid of the three and five-star animals. It would be nice not to be beaten by the group.
The silver narwhal is close to the great ship, and Gongsun Qi is propped up to be detached from the body, riding Erha and taking the great ship by Erha.
Sun Qi, who landed on the deck of the great ship, looked at the passengers who were full of fear and said coldly, "Save those who have stars and stones. Come out and give me the stars and stones. A complete star stone can be exchanged for a life. You have ten minutes to gather together the stars and stones. After ten minutes, the seat will leave with those who have handed in the stars and stones."
In ten minutes, it’s very long and short. In these short ten minutes, Gong Sunqi saw what it means that all human beings should have emotions, which fully embodies this group of people.
There was panic, anger, sadness and life-saving, and they were cruel to their companions and asked them to hand over the star stone. Some of them thought they were strong, and they brazenly threatened the lives of people around them and asked them to hand over the star stone.
"The time is coming."
Sun Qi’s words are suspected to have exploded. Those who want to live all kneel down and hope that Sun Qi will take them away. Those who have stars and stones will leave the crowd and walk towards Sun Qi.
Gong Sunqi roughly calculated that there are at least two or three hundred people in the whole ship, and how many stars and stones these people can harvest depends on luck.
"It’s time"
Looking at the single-digit man in front of him, Gong Sunqi was disappointed that he could have come to more than a dozen stars and stones. That’s all right.
"Hand over the star stone" GongSunQi stretched out his hand.
One of them said, "Why should we trust you? What if you take the star stone and run away?"
It’s said that Gong Sunqi looked at him like a man in his thirties. Don’t you know this? Gong Sunqi ignored him and didn’t explain it. He just skipped from him and walked to the rest.
After all the stars were handed over, Gong Sunqi waved to Erha, who took them off the deck of the great ship one by one, but didn’t take the first speaker.
After Erha took the last person away, the man shouted, "Wait a minute. I have a star stone to take me away."
Gong Sunqi ignored him. He turned and jumped off the deck and landed on the back of the silver narwhal, driving the silver narwhal and the crown seal away from the rest of the people. He didn’t need to care if he was not a saint. He didn’t need to see anyone to save him.
Chapter 243 Save lives
After leaving that sea area, Gong Sunqi withdrew from Guan Lanzhang’s psychic sitting on the silver horn whale with his back to the six people who were rescued. "You’d better be honest."
Selena is in charge of translation. She hopes these six people can understand Japanese.
Well, these six people all know how to speak the American language and nod their heads one by one. They are afraid, even if there is an S-class strong man in it who faces two or five-star animals, he can’t afford to make waves.
Gong Sunqi will send them to an island. Whether they are dead or alive when they get there will not matter to Gong Sunqi.
Selena approached Gong Sunqi and muttered, "One of the six people is a sanctuary. Only people with a sanctuary can wear a pendant on his chest. Look at whether the pendant is silver or silver. His status in the sanctuary should be quite high."
Gong Sunqi had heard of the sanctuary, but he didn’t know the specific situation of it. Now, after listening to Selena, Gong Sunqi began to be curious. He turned his head and looked at Selena.
The man noticed that GongSunQi looked at him and GongSunQi eyes relative to see GongSunQi that a pair of three hook jade sharingan casual situation was GongSunQi specially sharingan pupil force subdue.
When the man came to his senses, he felt a sudden terror in his heart. "This man is really a strong man. It’s horrible to see him and almost hit him. If he really wants to take my life, I’m afraid I will resist with those eyes."
Good GongSunQi wore a mask, and it was only less than five seconds before he was shocked by the saint area people to open the pupil, and GongSunQi’s face was pale.
"Is this the S-class strong? I didn’t expect this kind of situation to happen when he got rid of it in less than five seconds. It seems that sharingan can make illusions and set out a little information."
GongSunQi pretend as if he turned around with orange star stone in his hands. He raced against time to resurrect Shukaku. Without Shukaku and kaleidoscope, GongSunQi suspected that it was a paper tiger. Plus, just now, he channeled another five-star animal and tried to be brave there, which almost broke the foundation.
Six people were rescued in one night, except for the S-class strong man in the sanctuary. All five of them were pregnant with their own ghosts, mainly because the S-class strong man in the sanctuary was "quantised" by Gong Sunqi. He also said that Gong Sunqi was really a super strong man and reached the U-class.
In front of the strong, especially in this vast sea, no matter how many scheming and intrigues there are, the strong man in the sanctuary has honestly stayed aside, and he has decided to do a good job at the necessary time, and maybe he can get some advice from this foreign strong man.
At night, Selena lies beside Gongsunqi and sleeps sweetly. Gongsunqi also lies on the head of the narwhal. He is not without precautions. This narwhal is his precaution. The place where he and Selena sleep is just the place where they can enter the department of the narwhal. The narwhal will send Selena and Gongsunqi directly to the body as soon as the six people notice the slightest movement.
The second defense is erhaha, erhaha, expensive five-star animals’ perception of danger, which is quite keen, especially when erhaha’s attack power is not good. Five-star animals’ perception of danger is even more unusual.