Shen Jundao said it was very tactful, but Xiao Xian knew the true meaning as soon as he listened to the horse. At the beginning of last year, Shen Jundao didn’t have a horse to talk to Xiao Xian. Was it because Xiao Xian was sent a hard job or that he had to be severely punished if he failed to complete a military order? In this way, uninformed outsiders, such as Shen Jundao, were sure that Xiao Xian was stuck like a plaster because of the kindness of St. John as soon as possible. If Xiao Xian never recovered or lost Yang Guang’s trust, did Shen Jundao ever secretly?

Now that Xiao Xian has returned from victory and heard that he has been promoted to an official position, it is better to be grateful to Xiao Xian Yang Guang as soon as possible. One day, Xiao Xian can certainly find out these small things from the official body of the foreign marquis, so Shen Jundao will be in a bad situation. It is better to take the initiative to confess and make amends while he has nothing to do.
These are really what Shen Jundao thinks and is really guessed by Xiao Xian, but Shen Jundao has one last concern that Xiao Xian didn’t guess.
For example, today, Yang Jian has set up a relatively neutral hidden rule that Xu is in charge of the foreign officials’ general manager. Emperor Wen of Sui is sixty years old, and God knows how long it will take to live. After a few years, Yang Guang acceded to the throne … Emperor Wen of Sui has several daughters, and naturally there are several Xu, even if Liu Shu is not the foreign officials’ general manager, there are spare tires, and Yang Guang shows and Xiao Feien loves that there are two women, Shen Jundao, who inadvertently heard that Xiao Xian and Nanyang infanta are leaving through Guang Shen.
Fortunately, Xiao Xian is not a vengeful and anxious person. After the silence, Xiao Xian tried to understand the cause and effect and squeezed out a smile, so he casually said, "At that time, it was all about the owners. Although it was Liu Shu’s life, at that time, he was, after all, in the name of foreign officials’ general manager, who could supervise the imperial court officials and obey orders, but also loyal to the court. How could my nephew blame him?"
"It’s not just the old man, but also the old man confessed that Fuer always remembered my good words and deeds when he made friends, and he also remembered the news that Guanger sometimes covered his mouth and handed it to the old man before he took it to Liushu for a job-it didn’t stop until Liushu was removed from the foreign official manager."
Since it is confessed, it will be completely explained, otherwise it will be boring. Because Shen Jundao thinks that in the future, Xiao Xian will definitely be able to verify the situation of the Ministry, and it will lose the other party’s letter even more after the incident. Moreover, this thorough explanation, although it has left a stain on long Shen Fu, can at least protect Xiao Xian at home. It is best for Guang Shen to prove that Guang Shen is indeed a teenager and a hero has never betrayed his friends. Shen Jundao thinks it is worthwhile to ask Xiao Xian and Guang Shen for friendship.
"Well, well, don’t talk about these things-whether it’s Uncle Shi or Brother Shi, the past is over."
"My good is right! Or my good friend is so generous, so the old man can rest assured to return to Bing this time-by the way, the old man’s capital can keep my good friend’s trip for ten days … If it’s convenient, I still want to invite you these days. "
"I have to live in the Lantern Festival before I leave, but it’s not necessary to ask for it. Don’t stand on ceremony because it’s so rich today."
"Since my dear nephew is busy, I don’t insist-but here are some small things to apologize to my dear nephew, please don’t refuse."
Shen Jundao said to the young man who had been drinking and eating vegetables next to him, and Xiao Xian didn’t know him, and made an expression of eyes. The young man got up and took a box that looked quite heavy and handed it to Xiao Xian respectfully.
Chapter seventy Coal bosses thousands of years ago
Xiao Xian looked at the heavy box in front of him but didn’t rush to pick it up. He stared at the strange young man and asked, "I haven’t dared to ask the pavilion … it doesn’t seem like Shen Shishu’s relatives are old friends."
Shen Jundao said with an old face and an apology, "This Mr. Wu is a rising star in Bing, and the old man in Bing knows that he forgot to make friends, and he is extremely eager for public interests and kindness. He is generous and generous in helping the old man’s original house. He has not paid much money in the past two years. Today, I am thinking of making amends to my dear nephew. The original official is shy and afraid of being rude. Mr. Wu heard about the cause and effect of the incident, but he volunteered to help him-so my dear nephew please don’t be too slight."
"Turns out to be so ….. this kind of thing and take the initiative to gather together Mr. Wu is really informal." After listening to Shen Jundao’s defense, Xiao Xian is really a little unhappy-since it is so followed by the external Hou Guan to spy on himself, how can he casually reveal the secrets of the court to outsiders now? Even if you didn’t have the money to borrow a lot of money to win people’s trust, you shouldn’t bring the gold master, should you?
Looked at Xiao Xian look Shen Jundao also a little at a loss. Looking back to see the young man surnamed Wu, there was quite a complaint in his eyes, but the man was unawares to Shen Jundao’s arch and then left the other side and said to Xiao Xian directly.
"Xiao Langjun doesn’t have to lightly chastise Shen’s behavior. It’s because when someone borrows money, he always asks a white Shen’s adult to tell the truth. After that, he deliberately begged Shen’s adult to bring someone to mix his face-introduce himself. A timber merchant in Bing, Wu Shihuo, is young and has no family and giants to vote for. Seek refuge in government officials, get to know more people, and there are many ways. This time, I heard that Shen’s adult knows Xiao Langjun, so he asked for strength."
This cheeky remark came out of Wu Shihuo’s mouth, but Xiao Xian laughed angrily. "You are naturally invited. You’re welcome. Xiao was just a magistrate of Qiantang County, and the level was much lower than that of Shen Shishu. You still have the money."
Wu Shihuo went on boasting that "it doesn’t matter who doesn’t know that the rank is high. Since Shen’s adult values Xiao Langjun so much, there must be Xiao Langjun who is superior to others. If a businessman has the opportunity, he will naturally try his best to be strong-Xiao Langjun won’t take a look at it?"
Xiao Xian turned away, but felt that since the other party was a straightforward person, there was no need to handle it even though he was not familiar with it. No one always gave people money to frame others.
Glancing at the box, boy, fifty silver collars, twenty silver collars, twenty thin gold leaves add up to one or two thousand dollars less. It’s really a big deal for an unknown businessman, and it’s also difficult for him to get these silver collars and gold leaves. For occasions where you don’t play tricks with certificates and diplomas, and bribe with real gold and silver, this specification base is also the limit. After all, these things are converted into later weight units, and even the box words add up to fifty pounds. I’m afraid it’s hard to take them.
Of course, maybe there is also a part of Shenyang itself. When Xiao Xian Daxing first collected the first bucket of gold from the exhibition, carving and printing workshop, it also borrowed the title of Shenyang to let Shenyang share a small part of the profits. So far, Shenyang should have accumulated thousands of fortune, but it is impossible to give back nearly half of the fortune to Xiao Xian as a gift.
After reading these gifts, Xiao Xian became somewhat interested in this Wu Shihuo. If this person is really a pure businessman, it should be a person with great courage who dares to take risks with money. He has actually built a new patron with more potential than his current patron, and that’s the money.
Interest belongs to interest. Today, after all, this is an occasion for Shen Jundao’s family to make an apology to Xiao Xian. It is not good for Xiao Xian to have a conversation with Wu Shihuo. It seems that the rift has been bridged and everyone is just like an old friend.
After drinking two altars of Xinfeng wine and five bottles of sanle pulp, it was dispersed. Xiao Xian Shen Guang sent his father and brother back to the house. When he came back to Chongren Square, he left a message for Wu Shihuo, saying that if you are interested, you can sometimes visit Wu Shihuo and get the message.
When I woke up the next day, there was a family member who reported to Xiao Xian that there was a Wu Shihuo businessman who claimed to be Bing. He took the owner’s post-rewarding door to visit and was already waiting in the hall. Xiao Xian did not take care to tidy up and went out to receive visitors.
The two sides sat down to serve tea, and Xiao Xian asked, "I heard that Mr. Wu Bing is in the timber business? Since ancient times, I have heard that Qin Long and Hedong Damu are famous, and the palaces in Qin, Han and Six Dynasties are not Qin Long, and Hedong Damu beams and columns are a rare business. "
"Where is Xiao Langjun’s rare goods to live in? It’s just that a rich family can earn some small money from the fingers of some rich families. My father was a Chengmou in Luoyang in his early years and had three brothers. However, nine years ago, a young man got back to his hometown in Bingzhou to take money to make tofu and make a living. If he had suffered for four years, he had enough to eat. His fellow countryman Xu Wenbao pointed out that he could do some wood business together. Now he can be regarded as a thin family."
"Mr. Wu is really a happy person. Xiao Mou freely asks Mr. Wu, but you don’t ask Xiao Mou for permission to visit you."
"A businessman has the honor to meet Xiao Langjun and get a move from Xiao Langjun. It must be somewhere. So how dare you not try your best to show that a business is not easy or teach Xiao Langjun to know my business? If you don’t say that you are afraid of Xiao Langjun turning around, please ask for another job."
Xiao Xian heart "so when you come here, you know that you want to discuss some business and ask you to do it? Courage and resourcefulness is a character, so you can tell me about your means of doing big wood business in Bing, and let Xiao Mou see if you have this ability. "
"So you’re welcome-if you want to do the business of Qin Long and Hedong Damu, you should be so bold in your eyes. The imperial court should ban the mountains, and Zeli’s state-owned ordinary wood people can find a gap if they don’t go beyond the system. However, if Damu wants to get into the official residence, it will be difficult to spend some money on some mountains and forests, and it will be good for you to make profits. The details are not to inspect the mountains and forests, such as Du Zhi, Cao, and Municipal Orders, but to give some benefits to the official officials.
Wu Shihuo said that he was obviously trying his best to arouse Xiao Xian’s thorough interest, even though he didn’t know what Xiao Xian might do with him yet, but the prediction of official positions and future made Wu Shihuo feel that Xiao Xian could not lose money.
Xiao Xian listened and got a general understanding-isn’t Wu Shihuo’s method of doing wood business similar to that of later generations who set up state-owned resource-based industries to operate? For example, a coal boss surveyed a small coal mine worth 200 million yuan; Then, some people, especially from the Bureau of Land and Resources, let the official make a pre-tender estimate that this mine is worth 50 million pre-tender estimate, and then make an emergency tender document with a high deposit to be paid in advance. When it comes to the kind marked one day and a half, tens of millions of coal mines will be contracted, but back in 1400, Wu Shihuo was looking for a local official in charge of land and grain, and then underestimated the amount of precious wood in the imperial court Yamazawa and contracted it to him at a low price.
Thinking of this, Xiao Xian couldn’t help asking, "If you take the mountain, you will spend a lot of money. Isn’t it necessary to slash and chop hard during the tax period?"
Wu Shihuo one leng naturally said, "That’s a natural tax package for the imperial court. That’s how much it costs to get out once a year."
Xiao Xian can’t speak, and the image of a coal boss exhausted and fished after 1,400 years is rippling in his heart. It’s no wonder that Qin Long’s big wood resources in history seemed to be abundant in Sui and Tang Dynasties, but by the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Qin Long’s big wood resources had become scarce, which was a shaving axe field. When Zhao Pu, the prime minister of the early Song Dynasty, was put on strike by Zhao Kuangyin, the core reason was that one of them was the private dealer of Qin Long’s big wood by his younger brother, and the other was the collection of ten altars of melon and gold from the king of Wu Yue, Qian Hongchu
Before the later generations crossed, Xiao Xian read an article saying that the mining ratio of coal resources in western countries is often 300-400, which means that it will take 300-400 years to dig up all the discovered coal resources except the annual mining speed, while the mining ratio in China and North Korea is 7-9, which means that if no new coal mines are discovered, the existing coal mines will be dug up in 7-9 years, which is different from the one-size-fits-all contract system similar to the ancient one. This system will raise coal bosses without mining ratio and cut off the owners of fishing boats depending on the fishing moratorium.
"Ahem … Mr. Wu’s business drive Xiao Mou already knows, but Xiao Mou is not a big family, but his sex is as bad as Mr. Wu’s mouth’s’ big family’. He doesn’t like to do some long-running business and doesn’t want to exhaust his resources … I wonder if Mr. Wu is interested in that kind of business?"
"Xiao Langjun’s remarks mean that Wu Mou has no way to be limited to money and contacts, and he must not take risks. Han Fei still said,’ Good dancer and good money for a long time’. If there is a serious business and enough money, Wu Mou can’t do it."
Chapter seventy-nine showdown
Knowing the identity of Wu Shihuo’s Shanxi merchants, especially after listening to Wu Shihuo’s smug experience as a predatory founder, Xiao Xian was hesitant about whether or not to have this person, especially Xiao Xi, who, after all, is a soul inherited by two people from later generations. Although it can’t be said that it is an absolute emperor, there is still a concept of right and wrong for traitors, which is to hate the history of Shanxi, Merchants and Qing Dynasties, and how much Xiao Xian has some resistance.
However, after cooling down for a while, this conflict faded slightly. The history of the rise of Shanxi merchants will not be until after the Northern Song Dynasty-the Grand Canal was dug in Sui and Tang Dynasties, which led to the Huaxia map. The central Hebei region can rely on the canal to transport the grain of the garrison troops, while Taihang Mountain makes it impossible for Hedong or Shanxi region to rely on the canal to replenish it. This led to the Song and Song Dynasties, when the garrison troops stationed in Hedong were stationed, they formulated the method of drawing money-the government asked merchants to transport the grain to the Hedong frontier troops, where it came from and how it was transported. No matter how the market economy was fully utilized, the
The system of transporting grain to the border troops in Hedong for the introduction of salt money has created a group of Shanxi merchants, who naturally think long-distance transportation is too much. Then, the wasteland outside Yanmen and the northern part of Shanxi Province in Yunzhong County (Datong Prefecture) will sell grain to the border troops on the spot, and these wasteland will often be invaded by the Hu people outside the Great Wall and will not be protected by these excessive people’s interests. All this has created that Shanxi merchants have one vote to earn one vote, and the folk customs, including getting rich and contracting a coal field after more than a thousand years, will not be.
Anyway, the concept of Shanxi merchants has not yet arisen, and Wu Shihuo’s exhaustion of resources and fishing is also a case. There is no possibility of transformation. Moreover, Wu Shihuo’s words and deeds show that he is active in colluding with the government, and that he wants to look for opportunities to fund politicians like Lv Buwei to "live in strange goods" and take risks, which still makes Xiao Xian feel acceptable.
Even if he went to Jiangdong to find a Zhejiang businessman on the spot, he might not be able to do better than Wu Shihuo. Perhaps Shanxi businessmen like to collude with the government, which is famous in ancient and modern times. It seems that Zhejiang businessmen are much better in this respect. Many Zhejiang businessmen rely on their own cleverness to tap the blue ocean market instead of colluding with the government. Or desperately crushed into a field, but if it’s time to complete this bloody accumulation, Zhejiang businessmen can’t sell fakes if they reduce careful calculation to the highest magic weapon. From Wenzhou paper shoes in the 19 th century to Alibaba Zhejiang businessmen in the 21 ST century, the most criticized products are fakes. If we remove the factor of being a traitor, we have to collude with officials and businessmen and sell fakes, but it’s just pot calling the kettle black.
Wu Shihuo waited for Xiao Xian’s reaction in fear and trembling. See Xiao Xian, let your handmaid continue the tea for two times before talking about business. Wu Shihuo is also a stone. She knows that she is lucky this time by climbing a higher branch than Shen Jundao.
"Mr. Wu, since your business is Bingzhou, if some businesses want to leave their homes but have huge profits, what can you wish?"
"This is too hard? One is just doing timber business, and there is a fellow countryman partnership. If the department transfers it to the partner, you can also get some money back. You can take the money with you. Without the grange pavement, you can’t go anywhere, and now you only have a wife and a daughter, and you are not afraid to trek. "
"So good … Mr. Wu should also have an understanding of Xiao’s identity."
"Ashamed … the day before yesterday, when the Shenyang people asked Wu Mou to borrow money and make amends to Xiao Langjun, Wu Mou naturally wanted to ask about the details. It was not intentional to spy on Xiao Langjun’s secret secrets … Now I know that Xiao Langjun was previously a river builder in Jiangdong and granted the Qiantang county magistrate’s office; Of course, the most important thing is that Xiao Langjun has a relative. In the future, Xiao Langjun will be a consort of the dynasty. "
There are some things to hide, but it is better to say them outright. Xiao Xian also expected Wu Shihuo to win the trust of himself, and he would definitely not dare to play empty when nodding.
"It’s true that Mr. Wu knows all this is true, but there are some latest news. You may not know that Xiao has got a new life recently and is about to be unloaded from Qiantang County magistrate. The supervisor Cheng will be changed to Yangzhou Shuicao Zuoshi and the Ministry of Industry Yuan Wailang will still go back to Jiangdong to study river engineering and take charge of Yangzhou’s general management of water and ship administration. The two titles are from six taite Xu Xiao’s management of Jiangnan water merchants, who have to pay the canal water tax in full every year and meet the official duties of the court .."
When Wu Shihuo heard the news, he didn’t say "burst" without saying anything. "Wu is willing to help adults!"
Although Xiao Xian only looks like Shen Jundao from six, can a 17-year-old boy do it from six and an old man who is almost fifty do it from six?
"So these days, you should go back to your hometown as soon as possible to make some preparations. Xiao Mou will leave Beijing in a few days after the Lantern Festival. I have an appointment to wait in Luoyang on the 24th of the first month and then go to Jiangdong together. If you don’t come, you can also come slowly and ask Xiao Mou to go to Hangzhou yourself."