Besides the dungeon, several butchers have been found.

Robert was puzzled at first.
This is a farm, not a farm. What can be gained from building and slaughtering?
Until he went to the door and smelled the bloody smell of rust inside.
He didn’t suddenly react directly to hold the wall to vomit.
The faces of all the people involved in this clean-up operation have never been heavier, or rather gloomy.
Even Zhang Tianyuan is no exception.
This place is far from strange when it comes to bloody places in the world that have been ruined by night demons.
But when it comes to horror, compared with here, shoes are not worthy.
All the soldiers were mobilized to conduct a location search in the labor camp.
Harlan was once again taken out of the farm to identify himself and others at the crime scene.
The tall and thin man couldn’t see the grim expression before, but cried like a dead dog.
It was not until Zheng Xu and others physically persuaded him that he got up like a pool of mud and began to identify the scene.
They followed him around the farm and soon dug up a large number of human bones …
They are not shocked to come.
Suddenly someone in the farmland shouted
"Come on! There is a sound in this haystack! "
Hot …
Pain, thirst, cold from external invasion …
Hot and cold dog number one curled up and never felt so painful.
Her consciousness is blurred as if she were in a dream of purgatory, and her thoughts are like broken glass, and her perception of the outside world disappears completely.
The haystack outside was pulled open unconsciously.
Zhang Tianyuan and others all acted quickly to the scene.
A little girl whose skin was red, swollen and blistered and kept oozing blood appeared in front of everyone.
Seeing this situation, everyone’s heart sank.
"Horse for emergency treatment" Zhang Tianyuan gave way to the medical team, and then he looked at Harlan and others with a bad face.
No normal person can witness such a tragedy at the scene and then face Harun, a demon in human skin, with a pleasant countenance.
"Zheng Xu, these people will interrogate them carefully and let them explain all the information they know."
Zheng Xujing made a ceremony and took this without saying anything.
The situation is far more serious than he imagined.
Before, he still treated Harlan as a murderer.
Now it seems that it’s cheaper to feed each other Chili peppers.
Together with Harlan’s alive, the gang was divided into 97 people and was dragged there.
Zhang Tianyuan turned back to see the medical team.
They are doing a basic physical function check on the rescued people.
The results are not optimistic.
"Especially the little girl who was rescued from the haystack, her skin is ulcerated and now she is seriously infected. We have no condition to rescue her here."
Hearing the doctor’s judgment, Zhang Tianyuan made a decisive decision
He took out a stack of applications and handed them to the doctors at the scene "to help them apply for rescue when transferring the painting to No.4"
The doctors nodded and took it.
The little girl, who was still confused soon, and his slaves were all under the control of doctors, and then escorted to Huantai by special personnel for treatment.
According to the division of labor decided before this operation, they will be taken over by Taylor’s people.
When everyone was sent away, Zheng Xu also finished the work quickly.
According to these guys, they all belong to the Newt gang.
"The Newt gang is a gang founded in San Francisco two or three years ago. It is said that they have a biological weapon that flowed from the old days, that is, before the end of time."
"How big is the territory of that Newt gang?"
"It is said that they occupied all the downtown areas of San Francisco, but Hu Fei in the city."
Zhang Tianyuan felt headache when he heard Zheng Xu’s words.
It’s not because the Newt gang has mastered the biological weapons.
It’s the trend behind it
A gang that has only been established for two or three years can get such things as chemical and biological weapons.
What does this mean?
At the end of the day, since chemical and biological weapons can be made out, nuclear weapons are no exception.
This continent definitely has privately controlled mushroom cultivation technology!
They tried their best to avoid the situation, and this time became a reality.
"Ask about the situation around San Francisco. There can’t be a gang nearby. What do the gangs have?"
"In addition, there are no lucky people in the city? Is everyone enslaved by Newt? "