Xue Shan’s personal soldiers are also trained soldiers. Although these groups of black cats are very frightening, they are not timid. When they saw Xue Shan’s long sword attacking that man’s head, the cats and monsters also pulled out their broadswords and shouted that the black cats had always surrounded us.

Blink of an eye courtyard swords and shadows swarms of black cats surrounded us. The hundred black cats in the front row have been beheaded by Xue Shan’s hand-to-hand soldiers, and blood has spilled all over the floor. Just as Xue Shan killed people with red eyes, the situation has changed greatly. Seeing that these black cats suddenly meowed and retreated back, they formed a big circle and surrounded these soldiers.
I don’t know what the hell these guys are doing, but it’s obvious that they don’t want to fight recklessly with these Xiao Han soldiers. The head of the cat suddenly barked, and then its head smiled mysteriously, as if to send some code words to these black cats. After laughing, those black cats’ eyes suddenly became very bright and sent out a penetrating light to the dozens of soldiers in front of them.
Half of these soldiers saw these black cats, and after seeing them, their eyes were weird, and they put their weapons in their hands, and their eyes became straight. The whole people rushed to their own hands with their bare hands like possessed, and they caught the soldiers with weapons.
The courtyard was in chaos. When Xue Shan saw it, he quickly shouted, "Are you all fucking crazy? Why are our own people fighting with our own people?"
However, those soldiers who have been attacked by evil are still attacking as if they didn’t hear his orders. The soldiers who have not been attacked by evil are all the same, that is, they use their hands to pinch the necks of the soldiers who have not been attacked by evil. The soldiers who have not been attacked by evil are sober-minded, and it is obvious that these soldiers are crazy. They are at a loss for a while and can’t cut their own people with a knife.
Those black cats just looked around and looked at them all as if they were enjoying a good play. When they were not in the compound, the evil soldiers couldn’t stand it. Several soldiers were choked with broadsword and went to the belly of the evil soldiers. Suddenly, the intestines were pierced and the dead bodies fell to the ground.
Xue Shan also couldn’t breathe, and when he lost his binding force on those evil soldiers, he lay in the courtyard for more than a dozen Xue Shan Qinbing, all of whom were evil soldiers.
At this time, the master’s expression was very dignified. Seeing that the situation was out of control, the master shouted, "The culprit is that the monster with a human head and a cat body can only solve this witchcraft if it is killed!"
A word woke me up. I always believed in what I said to Master. Master and I ran to the monster at the same time. Although Master was old, she ran with me with great agility, but she ran ahead of me.
At this moment, Xue Shan also figured it out, and looked at the cat monster with a proud head around him. His teeth were itchy with anger, and he picked up a long knife and chopped it. Although he moved fast enough, the cat monster with a head was too agile and cunning. Xue Shan easily hid every knife by it.
Just as Xue Shan was annoyed, Master had quickly rushed to the crowd to see Master’s saliva. The palm of his hand quickly drew a charm to the head, and the cat and the monster patted it directly to the top of his head.
The head cat monster lost its arrogance after seeing Master. Maybe it had a premonition of the murderous look of this old man. After a strange call, it kicked its hind legs and ran away to the black cats.
But Master, it’s close at hand. Did it escape into the black cats? When I saw Master sweeping one leg and kicking the human head, the cat’s body was strange with two hind legs. The pain caused the body to fall down, and the strange face also fell to the ground, breaking my face. Suddenly, my face was bloody.
Master stepped on it from behind, and the cat was crunchy, and the bones on its back were broken by Master’s foot, causing it to bark repeatedly.
Master didn’t relent when he stepped on it, bent over the palm of his hand and drew the charm. When he pressed its head, the charm was so powerful that it clicked when it touched its head. But Master didn’t relax at all. He continued to hold the charm and restrained it. Within half a minute, the whole head was full of smoke, and then the cat was crushed by Master. The head of the cat was motionless and the smell of smoke was burning, which filled the yard.
Master made sure that it was completely dead before he raised his hand. When the cat died, the black cats in the courtyard suddenly fled to the distance. Those soldiers who had been poisoned also woke up and let go of those soldiers who had not been poisoned. Xue Shan was angry when he saw this large group of black cats fleeing. You know, his soldiers were just about to attack the capital, and more than a dozen people were injured by this group of black cats. Naturally, Xue Shan was heartbroken and would go after these black cats with Qinbing.
However, these black cats have run so fast that it is staggering that Xue Shan is so angry that he ordered people to converge the bodies of the dead soldiers in the hospital.
After all this, it was the second day that Xue Shan tied up all the soldiers and left dozens of old, weak and sick people to watch the city and thousands of elite soldiers were ready to go.
After breakfast, Xue Shan took his soldiers with us and headed for the capital of Mohism.
Chapter 29 Siege
The army of more than a thousand people is also huge. Xue Shan’s hand soldiers are trained quickly. Without Xue Shan’s pre-war mobilization, they are all full of energy and follow him to leave the city and rush to the capital of Mohism.
The soldiers all wore broadswords and shields, and brought more than a dozen ladders to attack the capital of Mohican countries. I also saw the city, at least four or five meters high. There is not even a soil cannon here. If there is no ladder root, there is no way to attack it.
Xue Shan and Xue Jinhua rode on marooned horses, and thousands of soldiers in the front walked behind. Xue Jinhua was possessed by the cat’s head, and her spirit was a little wilted behind her, but she still couldn’t hide her heroic spirit. She rode in front and looked back at me from time to time. Of course, I knew what she wanted. Whenever she and I met, I deliberately avoided it.
When we were halfway in the group, Xue Shan slowed down his horse and walked side by side with me and Master. Xue Shan still had concerns about Zhou Qixin. He said to Master, "When the Taoist reaches the capital, Zhou Qixin can be left to you and the four dogs. I have no problem dealing with the defenders in the capital, but there is nothing I can do about this old ghost."
The master nodded and said; "Being original will do my best and General Xue can rest assured."
Xue Shan saw that the master was so calm and hanging his heart, so he let go and drove the horse to the front of the team to urge the soldiers to step up their progress.
Less than 300 meters ahead is the capital city of Mohican countries. You can vaguely see that the city soldiers are patrolling the city wall with a lance. Xue Shan pulled out his troops to rebel this time, which made it so big. I’m afraid King Robin and Zhou Qi have long known that they must be prepared. Xue Shan naturally knows this in his heart. He keeps urging the team to move forward quickly, but he doesn’t want to prepare too much for the soldiers in the city.
We are now about 200 meters away from the capital, and there is a stone mountain beside us. When we arrived here, Xue Shan was very alert and looked at the mountain and shouted, "Speed up again and walk at the foot of this mountain as soon as possible!"
Thousands of troops immediately accelerated the marching speed. However, due to the rocky mountain on one side, the road here is very narrow. When the team wants to pass through here, it is still necessary. At this moment, the rocky mountain suddenly sounded the horn, followed by some huge stones on the mountain. Suddenly, many soldiers are pushing the huge stones that have been prepared for a long time. These huge stones and rolling stones are rolling faster and faster through the slope of the mountain, and they quickly roll into our team.
This army is all messed up. Although Xue Shanda cried out, don’t mess up, there are still some uncontrollable situations. Many boulders and rolling trees hit the soldiers in Xue Shan, and the soldiers were killed or injured. This army of more than a thousand people was messed up.
After the rolling stone was put down, a small leader of the soldiers ambushed the mountain and shouted and rushed to the mountain. From the number, about two or three hundred people rushed at us with pike like a tiger in the first mountain.
Xue Shan gritted his teeth, and he was the first military commander of the Mohican countries. This scene was nothing to him. Seeing that he calmly commanded the army, more than 1,000 troops were all elites. Although they were suddenly attacked by rolling stones and boulders just now, they were in a hurry. However, Xue Shan’s calm command quickly became orderly, and after stabilizing the array angle, they all pulled out their broadswords and pulled up their posture to prepare for the war.
Two or three hundred soldiers rushed to the mountain, and they had already ambushed here, and then rushed to kill Xue Shan’s army, which would surely be accomplished. However, I didn’t expect Xue Shan’s hand army to have such quality and fighting capacity to stabilize the morale in such a short time.
After the more than 200 soldiers rushed to the mountain, they fought with the Xue Shan army. The number of the two sides was very different. Plus, the Xue Shan hand soldiers were all capable. After nearly half an hour, the more than 200 soldiers were solved by Xue Shan.
Counting a casualty, Xue Shan’s soldiers killed less than 100 people, so we wiped out all the 200-300 ambush soldiers. Xue Shan was very excited and continued to March to the capital with his soldiers.
When we arrived at the capital city of Mohism, the suspension bridge at the gate of the city was already hung high, and the walls were heavily guarded. The soldiers guarding the city were all archers and the city was tense. Obviously, they had already prepared.
Xue Shanling lined up his position and rode to Macheng to watch the city soldiers get out of the way at this time. A scrawny man came out. This man was helped by two soldiers and walked to the wall. It was King Robin.
King Luo Bin looked and saw Xue Shan. His wall rushed to the surface and shouted, "General Xue has brought troops here. Are you going to rebel?"
Xue Shan was also a little ashamed after seeing King Robin. After all, King Robin was very attached to him before Zhou Ziqi came to the magic kingdom. At this time, he led troops against King Robin, and he was still a little guilty when he met King Robin face to face.
But Xue Shan still said; "The king rebelled against his heart by asking the king to stop being bewitched by Zhou Zeqi, arrest Zhou Zeqi and give it to us. I promise that the horse will retreat and be loyal to you forever."
King Robin didn’t get angry when he heard this. We saw him clearly, but he said with a sigh, "General Xue, you’d better retreat quickly. I’ll pretend that nothing happened today."
Our city can see clearly that King Robin is full of difficulties, and it can be seen that he is also coerced by Zhou Zeqi to listen to Zhou Zeqi as a last resort. Although he is the king of Greece, he can’t do anything about Zhou Zeqi, an old ghost.
Xue Shan negotiated with King Luo Bin for a long time, and the two sides failed to reach a consensus. King Luo Bin said that he dared not move anything. Finally, Xue Shan gritted his teeth and said, "Since there is no room for negotiation, the king will end up with a gift!"
Xue Shan stopped talking to King Luo Bin here and turned to his opponent’s army and ordered, "Give me a ladder to attack the city!"
A mountain of Xue Shan hand soldiers shouted like mountain tigers and rushed to the city. Every ladder had dozens of soldiers carrying them.
Near the moat, the soldiers were trying to set up the ladder to build the wall, but suddenly they put arrows, which rained down from the city and shot down dozens of siege soldiers in ten seconds.
Seeing the siege frustrated, Xue Shan hand soldiers raised their shields to block the arrows from the front city, and suddenly lost their power. The siege soldiers covered with shields and approached the moat a little.
All the soldiers surrounded the city wall. Xue Shan held high his long knives and ordered the siege. More than a dozen ladders built the city wall. Soldiers climbed to the wall one by one. Many soldiers were shot dead by the city when they climbed to the middle. Although the casualties were not small, the siege did not stop. Xue Shan commanded his hand. Soldiers gave their lives to attack the city.
The war was cruel. Although the number of fighters was small, hundreds of bodies fell down the wall. Xue Shan brought out more than a thousand troops, and now there are less than a hundred. Finally, the vanguard troops attacked the wall and started hand-to-hand combat with the soldiers guarding the city.
King Robin has long been supported by people. At this time, the battle for the wall is extremely fierce. The soldiers in Xue Shan are very brave and the soldiers guarding the city are very leisurely on weekdays. When they start fighting, their legs are weak. The wall battle lasted for more than half an hour, and the wall was occupied by the soldiers in Xue Shan.
Guarding city soldiers fled to the city in a mess. Xue Shan Handman City put a suspension bridge. Xue Shan waved his long knife and rushed to the city.
Hundreds of soldiers rushed into the city, the capital, and the soldiers guarding the city. After the wall battle just now, less than 200 people hid in the palace for a final resistance.