Jiang Tai shook his head and looked at Sun Wu. Then he looked at the prince of Wu and smiled. "Your majesty saw an interesting thing not long ago and wanted to tell you!"

"Oh?" They looked at Jiang Tai curiously.
"On the eve of the invasion, I passed by in the backyard. At that time, the dew was stained with clothes and cicadas were drinking dew and enjoying the rare sweetness in midsummer, but it didn’t notice that there was a bow mantis staring at the cicada behind it!" Jiang Tai said
"Mantis catching cicadas?" The prince don’t understand
Aside from Sun Wu, he nodded and said, "Your Majesty, Jiang Daren means to look after immediate interests but not know the danger!"
"Oh?" The prince of Wu frowned and looked at Jiang Tai. Is this to persuade himself?
"According to your analogy, is my Wu State a cicada or a mantis?" Fu Cha aside jack way
Jiang Tai went on to say, "Your Majesty doesn’t know that mantis wants to catch cicadas, but he doesn’t know that there is a yellowbird waiting quietly in the tree behind mantis at the moment!"
"The mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds?" The prince of Wu suddenly shrank his pupil and his brain heat instantly calmed down before.
"At that time, I saw a child aiming at the yellowbird with a slingshot!" Jiang Tai said
Jiang Tai said that many people in the hall were not white, but some people were.
Wu Xu’s eyes flashed a wonder.
Sun Wu’s eyes are grateful.
Fu Cha frowned.
The prince is instantly aware of his previous impulse.
Suddenly, I gave Jiang Tai a slight ceremony and said, "Thank you, Mr. Jiang, for your advice!"
"Your majesty’s joking is just telling an interesting story. It’s nothing!" Jiang Tai shook his head.
The prince of Wu took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Jiang doesn’t think it’s anything, but he almost fell into hatred for me!"
Then the prince of Wu looked at Sun Wudao. "General Sun just went beyond the promise that Mr. Sun would be in charge of the military affairs. On impulse, I almost made a big mistake. Before the Chu was destroyed, General Sun, a military dissident, planned it accurately!"
"Thank you, Prince of Wu!" Sun Wu nodded
What I hate most about commanding an army is that I don’t understand people and tell me what to do-
After the feast
"Mr. Sun doesn’t know if there is any advice?" Jiang Tai looked at Sun Wu curiously.
Why did Sun Wu suddenly come to my house?
"Thank you for your outspoken advice on today’s banquet, or you will be caught in a bitter struggle!" Sun Wu wry smile way
"How is it possible that Mr. Sun could be caught in a bitter struggle?" Jiang tai laughed
"No, if all countries send troops at the same time, they will be different in their minds, and at the same time, they will carefully stare at other countries. After all, everyone wants to divide Chu’s great interests. If I lead the troops now, it will definitely alert all countries, and my name will make this alert more profound. Then I will face all countries, not Chu, but the more Wu armies there are, the more I will fall into a bitter struggle!" Sun Wu wry smile way
"It’s really profound for Mr. Sun to think, but when Mr. Sun is ready, do it?" Jiang tai curious way
"It takes a surprise to destroy Chu with few soldiers, and it is just right to attack seven inches with one blow. You have to wait until the situation is good, and another blow will kill you!" Sun wuchen way
"Then I will wait for Mr Magic!" Jiang tai laughed
Sun Wu stared at Jiang Tai for a while and said, "Did you get promoted after the war against athel Loren this time?"
"A narrow escape is a lucky break!" Jiang Tai didn’t hide nodded.
"Life and death have their own great fortune. There is a place called’ soldier’s tomb’ on our military avenue. If you don’t abandon me, you can hone it for a while!" Sun Wu laughed
"soldier burial?" Jiang Tai showed surprise.
Sun Wu nodded
"I have long heard that the military commander’s burial can make people repair it as soon as possible. I am grateful that Mr. Wang is willing to let me enter Jiangtai!" Jiang tai immediately grateful way
It seems that the little witch is the soldier’s tomb that impacts the then state.
"Is there a quiet room?" Sun Wu asked
"This way, please!" Jiang Taima led Sun Wu to a quiet room.
Sun Wu, a spacious room, looked around with a wave of his hand.
Before Jiang Tai, a black wormhole suddenly appeared. The general wormhole looks mysterious with waves of eddies in the floating chamber.
Sun Wu stepped in
Jiang Tai followed closely.
Suddenly they seem to be in a new world, a darker one.