The road finger pointed at an enemy ship and said, "The first one is infrawave, and the second one is solid smoke." Then he pointed to another ship, "This one has microwave … and it looks good."

"If only I could see what’s going on inside," Luo jiaqi said disappointedly.
He is eager to see what kind of damage these weapons have done to aliens.
"Let’s have a chance later," Yip Han said. "Let’s deal with the remaining enemies first, and we must see what’s going on inside in the future … It’s a pity that the remaining ones were stopped by the light."
Luo Qi asked curiously, "Is there anything else?"
Everyone pricked up their ears at once, and all of them looked at Yip Han in secret. Everyone knows that the ship has new weapons, but not everyone knows what it is.
Luo jiaqi deliberately inquired about the news of new weapons. He knew all about microwaves, solid smoke and infrawaves, but listening to Yip hon’s meaning didn’t hit the missile. There seemed to be something good in it.
"Of course," said Yip Han, stretching out a fork and bending a finger. "As far as I know, there are mechanical invasion bombs, chemical insecticidal bombs, fragment killing bombs and genetic agents, as well as dirty bombs, which are missiles that directly hit spent fuel to alien warships, but aliens are not afraid of this and later cut it down."
Luo jiaqi immediately thought of Ganymede "can’t? Spent fuel radiation is so strong that aliens can stand it? "
"It’s also a problem. Putting that thing on a warship is an untimely bomb for you. Don’t you?" Ye Han said
Luo jiaqi agreed to chuckle "that’s put aside who put that thing in my heart head is steadfast"
Lu finally found a chance to speak. "Captain, I know pesticides, but why don’t I remember mechanical invasion and genetic agents?"
Ye Han said, "Mechanical invasion is to put a group of mechanical spiders or something in the warhead. How big do you think this thing can lift?"
Everyone can’t help shaking their heads at the sight of a group of mechanical spiders crawling all over the ship.
Yip hon continued, "The mechanical invasion bomb is a concept. When there is no physical object, it is almost the same when nanotechnology passes through the warhead and nano-robots are installed."
"What about genetic weapons?"
Yip hon sighed "gene weapon should be out, but there are concerns and no equipment"
Luo jiaqi surprised to express "this still have to worry? Why don’t you just kill the aliens? "
"It’s because we can’t do it that we dare not mess up," said Yip Han. "So far, we have been in contact with servants, people and nobles. We haven’t touched them for a few times, and we haven’t caught a living. Without enough genetic samples, we can’t make a genetic weapon. Can you say it casually?"
"is it ok?" Luo jiaqi is not sure to say "aliens are not two-tier structure? If we kill all the servants and people, it will be equivalent to eliminating the middle layer of the alien culture, and the naked aristocratic alien society may collapse directly! "
"The brain is a good thing, but obviously you don’t!" Lu Lu looked very sorry.
Luo Qi quit. "If you have it, you have it!"
"Of course!" The road raised the bar. "Don’t you want to think about what aliens do? This thing aliens are better than us. I bet you that our genetic poison is no matter how powerful it is, unless aliens can’t take it and ask them to take the sample, they will make an antidote in minutes. Even if we kill all the servants, aliens and giant worms are amazing. Now these servants don’t need to genetically modify and recreate a batch of new genetic weapons, but they will be gone. "
Speaking of this, there is a haze on the road. "And I estimate that aliens have the concept of genetic weapons, otherwise we humans would have died."
There was silence in the bridge. Luo jiaqi didn’t say with certainty that "aliens are not European genetic viruses?" How do you say they have no concept? "
After the aliens landed on the earth, they did a lot of such things. In Europe alone, millions of people were infected by genetic viruses spread by aliens, and there was more than one kind. All genetic viruses had the characteristics of fast infection, fast broadcast and fast treatment, but it was very difficult. It was called "two quick and one difficult" by state officials.
Moreover, aliens not only spread common pathogenic viruses in Europe, but also caused insect viruses.
As the name implies, a good person infected with this thing will make great strides towards becoming a worm, and so far, no way to reverse the worm has been found.
This is not only a problem in major biological laboratories, but also a profound pain for those insect people in Buha Island. It is said that the research progress of those insect people is far ahead of major laboratories, but those insect people seem to have any concerns and refuse to publish the experimental results, which puts a lot of pressure on Beidu.
The road said, "aliens did have a genetic virus in Europe, but aliens are genetic viruses, not genetic weapons!" "
Luo Qi almost fainted. "Isn’t a genetic virus different from a genetic weapon?"
"the same?" Road rhetorical question
Luo Qi shrugged. "I don’t know about this, so don’t beat around the bush!"
"There is no difference in quality, but the alien thing is not so deadly. At most, it is an enhanced virus, but our genetic weapon is different. If it falls into the hands of aliens, they will definitely see the design concept from here, and it will not be so easy to deal with when they recreate a new genetic virus."
Luo Qi looked at the road and her eyes were full of doubts. "Is it so exaggerated?"
"I don’t know about this," Lu said. "These are all more specific from the information, so I can’t say it."
Luo Qima turned his eyes to Yip Han Yip Han and immediately stared back. "What’s wrong with you or what are you doing?"
Luo Qi smiled. "Boss, who doesn’t know that Professor Qin is with you? Your old man must know about this, right?"
Yip Han said, "Grandpa’s old man’s house must know about me. Hehe, he has never heard of these things."
Luo jiaqi face hope immediately turned into disappointment.
However, Yip Han’s words changed. "But from my personal point of view, the actual situation should be more exaggerated than the road."
Luo Qima couldn’t wait to be resurrected with chicken blood. "Boss, don’t you sell it?"
Chapter 1365 Big brain hole
Everyone was Luo jiaqi expression and tone made yip hon chuckle two "I don’t know if I want to put it this way, gene weapon body is a virus or bacteria … what articles can microbial aliens do? Is it to strengthen vitality, expand infection channels, and enhance the incidence rate? "
Everyone nodded together after listening to it and felt that Yip hon made sense.