Qin Yu rang the doorbell at the door of a single-family yard behind the Jiangnan District Parliament Building.
After a while, Lao Li knocked on the door in his pajamas, coughed and said "Come in".
"Do you have a cold?" Qin Yu asked 1
"Well, I swam with my friends for a while this afternoon, and I got a little cold. It’s okay." Lao Li took a sniff and closed the door conveniently.
After Qin Yu entered the room and changed his shoes, he bent down and sat on the sofa. He said wearily, "Uncle, this new guy in our company is no ordinary gun. He ordered me when he entered the door."
"What’s wrong with you?" Lao Li bent down and asked
"I can’t tell you directly that the police force can no longer suppress competitors." Qin Yu rubbed his face. "He refers to Pei Deyong and Wu Wensheng."
"Pick it?" Lao Li asked
"Well picked said" Qin Yu nodded.
Lao Li lit a cigarette and bowed his head and took a drag and replied, "This Feng Yunian is not on the same line as my team. I heard that he is a bit in the General Administration, but I don’t know what it is."
"Is it a Gao Qian brother?" Qin Yu asked bluntly.
"It’s possible," Lao Li nodded. "You should cooperate with others according to his meaning first, and then I will contact him slowly."
"It can be like this," Qin Yu agreed.
Lao Li flicked the cigarette ash and glanced at Qin Yu. "Yuan Liu Zhixiong has contacted you, right?"
"Yeah," Qin Yu nodded and replied, "He wants us to put it in the cargo area but give it twenty percent net profit."
"How do you answer him?"
"I didn’t refuse it face to face," Qin Yu said quietly, sitting up straight, "but I have told Ling Ye very bluntly that 20% net profit is definitely not good."
Lao Li took a puff at his cigarette. "What do people in the company think of this?"
"Ma Laoer Xu Yang doesn’t agree." Qin Yu picked up the teapot and bowed his head and poured water into the cup. "I didn’t ask anyone left because the price is bullshit. Everyone must have asked with this attitude."
Lao Li slowly cocked his legs and squinted at Qin Yu and said, "Do you know the pros and cons here?"
"Yes," Qin Yu nodded. "I want to agree, which means I have temporarily got the whole yuan market and suppressed Yuan Ke."
"Now that you know the pros and cons, why don’t you talk about it?" Lao Li frowned and asked, "If the other party can raise the price a little more, then this business can be done."
Qin Yu looked at Lao Li slightly surprised at one leng and said, "How much can he carry? 25% to 30%, right? But this price is far from our bottom line! "
"Xiaoyu, you can’t take Liu Zhixiong as a person of Pei Deyong’s level," Lao Li said softly. "He gave you the whole Yuanqu instead of a small Nanyang, and his background is very tough. If you want to work together, the road will be wider. At ordinary times, I can relax and not always think about taking care of your side."
"Uncle, I know Liu Zhixiong’s weight and I know who is behind Ling Ye." Qin Yu responded with a serious palm. "But it is not appropriate for us to agree with him at this price."
"Why not?"
"First of all, from the face of it, our goods will be sold for a while, but we should be clear that this market is not in our hands. Because Liu Zhixiong can cancel the merger with us in minutes, and we can’t get involved in the specific operation of Yuanqu from the end, how can you say that he has given us the market?" Qin Yu’s thinking is very clear. "This time, we can get this step in this medicine business. It’s not the efforts of any person, but a group of people who fight for their lives to spell out Ma Shuqi’s small Thai team police officers … and the owl elder brother … how much did I pay for this inside and out? ! Now the words on the ground have come to you. Liu Zhixiong wants to take the medicine line and make a profit without any effort. What do you want others to think? Far away, let’s just say that Ma Laoer has been busy and has been working until now, and he has only got more than 10% pure bonus! And Liu Zhixiong sell za limited to give him the goods … But this is against our basic principle. You have set up a line for medicine, and there is another wave of crackdown. Then we will also be affected. "
Lao Li Wen stared at Qin Yu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and mused that there was no reply from the horse.
Outside the planned area
The old cat asked Qi Lin, "Where is he?"
"Here, here," Coco came from behind the motorcade with a small hand and greeted the old cat and Ma Er with a smile. "Hello, wow, long time no see!"
Chapter 35 The first quarrel
The old cat on the highway in the planning area smiled and held out his palm. "I haven’t seen you for a few days, and I haven’t seen you for a lot."
"Roll" cocoa brittle scolded 1.
"How many people are coming?" Ma Laoer back hand asked 1.
"We have seven here," Coco replied softly. "My children and my family are willing to join in the fun and come over together."
"Oh," Ma Laoer nodded. "All right, let’s get into the car."
"I won’t go back with you," said Qi Lin next to the car. "The shipment will soon leave the factory. I have to go back and keep an eye on it."
"Go back for two days."
"No, it’s important." After JiLin waved his hand and refused, he turned and shouted "Meng"
Cha Meng dressed up in a different style and jumped out of the car with a dirty braid tied behind his head and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"You go to town with them," Ji Lin ordered lightly. "The main thing is to follow some cocoa and don’t have something."
"Good" was fierce nodded with a smile.
Cocoa immediately pursed her lips when she heard this. "Oh, now Yaoguang Company doesn’t listen to me and listen to you."
"Ha ha" Cha Meng smiled "Listen to everything"
"Ok, then you should go to town quickly." JiLin turned to Ma Laoer and said, "I’ll let you know when the goods are delivered."
"Good" Ma Laoer nodded.
"Let’s go," Coco said softly. "I’ll go back to my car and follow you."
"Well," Ma Laoer shouted at the driver with a wave of his hand, "I’ll double-flash and you stay close."
A few minutes later, the team set off again in the direction of Songjiang, and JiLin returned to Jiangzhou with several brothers around him.
Jiangnan District Chief Councillor Residence
Lao Li frowned and smoked and sighed, "Alas, Xiaoyu, do you remember? Ling Ye talked to me several times alone before Pei Deyong’s downfall. "
"I remember" Qin Yu nodded.
"Then you say that Ling Ye will get involved in this matter?" Lao Li asked again
Qin Yu thought, "Isn’t Ling Ye from Yuan District? So it’s normal for her to have a personal relationship with Liu Zhixiong, or a relationship? This time, it may be Ling Ye who wants to take the medicine line. They also want to mix it. "