Qingchen smiled heartily. "Alas, our master Chen is so jealous."

"Do you know …" Chenchi approached Qingchen and said to her, "What are the consequences of my jealousy?"
Chenchi reminded her lips and smiled thoughtfully. "You’d better not blame me for getting up in the morning?"
"Not bad in your head depends on who … well …"
Chenchi Old Fox expressed his satisfaction with Qingchen’s initiative to hook up.
Qingchenlai has forgotten that Yao Hui is sometimes a bit heartless in her life, and she won’t care if she doesn’t appear in her life.
So she didn’t remember Yao Hui for several days, especially after New Year’s Day, there were still many things to do after work, and there was not much chance to rest.
In that busy green morning, there would be no memory of Yao Hui.
I heard her name from Chai Weiwei’s mouth.
Chai Weiwei was overheard by Qingchen when she mentioned Yao Hui to her assistant.
"Yao Hui was so proud before, but now it’s not so miserable. She said never to provoke anyone. So what if she was a Wang Zhong? Now Wang Zhong doesn’t care about her. How can she think about it?"
The assistant asked curiously, "So where is she now?"
"Who knows? Anyway, she won’t get better in the future, and you won’t want to see her again. "Chai Weiwei smiled happily." Are you happy with my competitors? "
"After that, those programs are all yours?"
"I can afford to give it to whoever likes it. I don’t care." Chai Weiwei shrugged. "Don’t leave her after all … I’ll never see her again!"
When Qingchen heard Chai Weiwei’s words, she remembered that she forgot to ask Chenchi Yao Hui what happened later.
But … Qing Chen chewed Chai Weiwei’s words in her mind. Anyway, she handed Yao Hui things to Chen Chi to deal with how Chen Chi did it. She also called it.
What Yao Hui has done has touched the bottom line that Qingchen can bear again and again, making her unwilling to forgive her.
If you are ok, but Yao Hui’s last action is obviously directed at Qingfu, and you must destroy Qingfu’s name to the Ministry.
What’s the difference between destroying his name and killing him for someone like Qingfu?
forget it
No matter what Chenchi does, she should forget it. Chenchi didn’t take the initiative to tell her, and she didn’t ask, so let Yao Hui disappear from their lives completely and don’t make waves again.
After Qing Chen made such a decision, Yao Hui was once again left behind as if she had never appeared.
Now, the only thing that can make her worry a little is the mood of the young father.
Qingchen smoked a message to Qingfu. Qingfu’s mood seems to be stable, and she lives well with Ms. Wen. However, Qingchen also knows that if Qingfu can really solve the knot, Qingchen must clear his name and clear his grievances, but this matter is not so easy. Qingchen can do too little and rely on Chenchi to help.
Oh, it’s really melancholy …
And there are people disturbing Qingchen at such a busy time.
Xia Lang occasionally sent a few messages to Qingchen and didn’t say anything serious, just chatting with her or recalling the past.
Qingchen is really naive in this matter. Now she feels about Xia Lang just like an ordinary classmate. Although they were really good in high school, it doesn’t prove that Qingchen will treat him with special respect now.
After all, I haven’t seen you for many years, and even the best feelings have passed with time. Qingchen is not white. Xia Lang has been linking himself.
If it is because of what he said in school that day, Qingchen should stay away from him all the more.
Qingchen hasn’t that kind of interest to provoke someone who might like herself. What’s worse, she has a family now … It’s a family. It’s better to keep a certain distance from the opposite sex, especially after knowing how the opposite sex feels about herself.
It’s obvious that Xia Lang is not so easy to send him away, and he won’t push him too close, and he won’t give Qingchen a chance to refuse. Every time the couplet is maintained, Qingchen has no way to refuse even if he wants to.
It happened that she often came to contact her with Jiang Pan.
Qingchen can directly refuse Xia Lang now, but it is not so easy to refuse Jiang Pan’s enthusiasm for Jiang Pan. Qingchen still has some methods to parry Jiang Pan’s deliberate expression of grief, indicating that Qingchen can recognize the planting regardless of their years of classmates’ experience.
So I was forced to meet them several times.
These times are not like Jiang Pan didn’t stand me up on New Year’s Day, which makes Qing Chen less embarrassed when facing Xia Lang.
Xia Lang can’t afford to talk about his life experience abroad occasionally.
Qing Chen couldn’t help asking him, "What are you back now? You should have a good life abroad. "
"No matter how good a foreign country is, it is not a place where people have lived since childhood. People will always want to go back to places they are more familiar with in the past."
Qingchen pie mouth "Really? Then why didn’t you come back before, but now you want to come back?"
"If I say it’s because of a person, do you believe it?"
Seeing that Xia Lang will once again pull the topic to the emotional side, Qing Chen immediately changed the subject in a surprised way. "Hey, this thing is just like that. Anyway, it is good for you to feel better …"
Xia Lang noticed that the green morning dodging meant that he didn’t smile and didn’t continue to talk.
Jiang Pan is the role that acts as an active atmosphere without knowing what happened.
"Eh, I haven’t touched a drum for many years. My hands have been itching recently. Why don’t we find a place to practice our hands, Xia Lang? Have you lost your guitar skills?"
"Don’t you know if you don’t try it?"
"That’s fine!" Jiang Pan is gearing up. "Be sure to find a suitable time to practice!"
Qingchen refused without thinking. "Go ahead. I haven’t sung for many years."
"Oh green morning you don’t disappoint! How can you not go? The soul of our band is your home! Remember when we sang that song and didn’t watch you fluttering and charming, and your body was as beautiful as a flower … You want to be obsessed with the world and don’t care who will abandon you … Qingchen, you are the flower of our band! "
"What kind of soul has not changed now? At the end of high school, our band will be over." Although Qingchen’s tone is indifferent, the message is that she doesn’t want to do the same thing again.
"Green morning you are so rude …"
Qingchen smiled and was rude.
After that meeting, Xia Lang and Jiang Pan asked her out again. Qingchen didn’t promise to find an excuse that she was busy and refused.
Although that may make them feel unhappy, Qingchen chose to delimit the distance.
In the final analysis, Qingchen felt that it was because he was hit by life for the first time in high school.
Speaking of that blow, it has something to do with another person
That’s why Qingchen will feel a little shocked when he sees Xia Lang again after many years.
Qingchen visited a person, Xing Xixi, while visiting the high school campus with Xia Lang.
Xing Xixi was Qingchen’s best classmate in high school and her best friend at that time.
However, after Xing Xixi liked Xia Lang, the two of them changed quietly.
Xing Xixi secretly loves Xia Lang, but never tells him that Qingchen and Xia Lang are jealous because of their good Xing Xixi. She thinks Qingchen knows that she likes Xia Lang, but she still wants to be friends with Xia Lang.
Qingchen is very naive. She and Xia Lang are classmates and have sat at the same table. How can there be no couplet?
Xing Xixi is in the next class and Qingchen is a neighbor. Both of them have been classmates since childhood. Qingchen also thinks Xing Xixi is his best friend.
But when it comes to love, it seems that friends’ feelings are not so important.
In high school, many things happened because of Xia Lang, and Xing Xixi and Qing Chen also went from good friends to the point of old age and death. Of course, it was Xing Xixi’s unilateral quarrel.
Qingchen has been forbearing her to understand what Xing Xixi did to Xia Lang, but she misunderstood herself more than she really did, which reduced the distance between Xia Lang and Xia Lang. Before graduating from high school, Qingchen and recently joined the band for rehearsal.
Xing Xixi has never been in contact with Qingchen since graduation, and his so-called friends are not so strong