"In that case, I will settle down again for stability and future …"

"I decided to stop the official and the gentry from taking grain in one … and then decide whether to implement this national policy to reform the grain tax when the time is ripe in the future …"
"In addition, I officially decided to send cabinet minister Wang Zhongying Wang Daren to Datong Prefecture to discuss specific matters with Governor Wei Zheng of Shanshan …"
"In a word, I want to see silver in a month …"
"The negotiation period is whether the Royal Guards or the six imperial departments must cooperate with Wang Zhongying and Wang Daren"
"The last one, Wang Zhongying, the minister of the early morning cabinet, left me with something to say to you alone …"
Chongzhen received negotiations again after finishing. Although Wang Zhongying didn’t want to take orders in her heart, she had to face the cunning negotiating opponent Wei Zheng again.
However, when he saw that Chongzhen was full of longing eyes again, he still knelt down and replied: "I am grateful …"
Chapter four hundred and forty-five Military reform
The imperial court intends to cooperate with the Tiger and Leopard Army for the second time.
The leader of Wei Zheng in Datong Governor’s Office straddles the two military and political circles in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. For the first time, the seven giants gathered around the round conference table to imitate the later generations.
Wei Zhenghao, governor of Shanshan and commander-in-chief of Tiger and Leopard Army, unexpectedly sat at the top of the round conference table.
Sun Chengzong, chief of staff of Tiger and Leopard Army in charge of military and political affairs in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and Kelly Y Zhou, prime minister, are sitting on both sides of Weizheng.
Zhou Lao, deputy prime minister and minister in charge of economy and foreign trade, is responsible for supervising civil and military officials. Wang Peng, the provincial judge, sits in Zhou Yuanshou’s two positions respectively.
Zhao Yun, deputy commander of the Tiger and Leopard Army and commander of the local garrison in Wang Feng, took the first two positions in Sun Chengzong.
Looking at the right-hand man Wei Zheng’s face in the next few years is more than decades, he directly reveals a heartfelt smile. Because Wei Zheng can be sure that his military and political reform today will definitely affect the whole dynasty, and what’s more, it is possible to affect the world in this era …
To put it more directly, the present dynasty and the world will definitely be changed by themselves …
Take a deep breath, the defender slowly converges, smiles and opens his mouth with a serious face …
"From today on, you are the seven members of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Governor’s Office. Some of you have been following Handsome, and some of you have followed Handsome’s character. You should know a lot about Handsome’s superfluous words … but Handsome has a hope …"
"I hope that the joint management of these people in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces will become more and more prosperous … to defend our butch army and local garrison in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces will become more and more powerful and destroy all enemies who dare to threaten us …"
Wei Zheng said that after the completion of the military and political reform, these people were not equal in rank and Wei Zheng, so they could oppose Wei Zheng’s ideas and decisions.
But these people didn’t really feel at ease, because China’s idea of inferiority lasted for thousands of years, and it can’t be changed in a few days.
As soon as Wei Zheng said, the first six people got up at the same time and said, "Swear to be loyal to the guard … May the guard die."
A weak smile appeared on Wei Zheng’s face, and Wei Zheng gave them a direct signal to sit down.
Then, with a serious face, he said: "Today, we organized everyone to hold the first meeting of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National Congress with one purpose, that is, to further deepen our military and political reform …"
Didn’t receive news from Weizheng mouth Kelly Y Zhou asked with a face of doubt.
"Military and political reform ….. a guard in Shaanxi and Shanxi provinces to establish a standing committee leadership system at all levels of government is not you say military and political reform? Don’t in addition to the military and political reform and what he … "
Kelly Y Zhou said after six pairs of eyes six pairs of eyes as if to discuss good general at the same time to WeiZheng.
Wei Zheng nodded without hesitation and affirmed: "Of course, there is him …"
"The so-called military and political reform, that is, political and military … the management system of the Standing Committee can be regarded as political reform at most, and what we are going to discuss today is military reform …"
"Military reform …" Hearing these words, I am most interested in Sun Chengzong, Wang Feng and Zhaoyun.
After the Wei Zheng finished, the three men looked at Wei Zheng’s eyes and became hot directly.
Wei Zheng didn’t let them wait too long and continued: "Shuai said today that if this military reform is more rigorous, it is the military reform … according to our existing military system, we will reform a military system that is more suitable for us."
"You know, there is not much difference between our butch army’s current military system, especially the local garrison and the imperial loyalist base, and how did the imperial loyalist military system come about? It’s very simple, that is, Emperor Mao took the whole day and made it according to the equipment of the troops at that time. Generally speaking, this military system is very suitable for cold weapons, but it is not suitable for all kinds of firearms that have been changed into hot weapons … "
"In this case, we have to change the existing military system and make our own new army system, so that the soldiers can better adapt to the fighting and play their strongest fighting capacity."
After Wei Zheng finished, there was nothing pedantic about it. The Ministry of Thought directly showed a look of approval.
Zhao Yun, the most impatient character, first said, "What are you going to do, Marshal?"
Wei Zheng waved his hand and said, "Since you are so handsome, let’s talk about your thoughts first, and then we will discuss them and vote …"
"Shuai wants to say that the first change is the current establishment of the Tiger and Leopard Army."
"From now on, both the butch army and the local garrison are called the butch army … the only difference is that a field force has always been a local garrison …"
"After the completion of the reform, Shuai intends to replace us with a squad leader of ten musketeers in Class One …"
"Three musketeers, one platoon leader, a total of 31 musketeers …"
"Three musket platoons with the same establishment and number of people, a bomb platoon, a ten-person artillery squad, a ten-person bodyguard squad, a three-person chef squad, a company commander, a deputy company commander, and a soldier with a total of one hundred and fifty people to form a musket company …"
"This artillery class is equipped with two light mortars …"
"Three muskets plus a 31-man artillery platoon and a bodyguard class, a total of 500 people form a musket camp, with one battalion commander, one deputy battalion commander, two staff officers, one soldier, three cooks and two people …"
"Thirty-one artillery platoon is equipped with six medium-sized mortars …"
"Three musket battalions, a 100-person battery, a 31-person bodyguard platoon, a 100-person trench company, and a total of 175 people make up our musket regiment. The musket regiment has one head, one deputy head, two staff officers, two soldiers, ten cooks and three handymen …"
"The artillery company is equipped with nine heavy mortars …"
"Three musket regiments, a heavy artillery battalion, a trench battalion, a bodyguard company and a total of 6,000 soldiers make up one musket division, one teacher, one deputy teacher, two chief of staff, one general staff officer, six soldiers, a platoon of 31 cooks, and a class of ten people …"
"The medium and heavy artillery battalion is equipped with a cannon made by transforming the Hongyi cannon …"
"From now on, the division is the base unit of our butch army …"
"If we go further, Shuai once said that the army, but as far as our current military strength is concerned, the army can be regarded as a temporary establishment at most, and we will establish a formal army-level establishment after we have more troops."
I’ve got a certain understanding and research on the fighting style of Tiger and Leopard. Wang Feng’s eyes quickly shot out two shirts and then he said excitedly, "In this way, not only a division, but also a musket company of our base combat unit can go out to fight alone."
"A musket company is equipped with both musketeers and bombers, plus two mortars that can launch flowering bombs. When it really comes to the battlefield against four or five hundred loyalists …"
"At the end of the day, we will support such military reform … not only that, but also hope that this military reform will begin now, because the sooner the military reform begins, the sooner the soldiers can adapt to the new army system and form combat effectiveness."
Wang Feng said after zhaoyun followed by asked, "guard, you just said the military system of field troops … at the end of the garrison commander will now want to know whether the military system of the garrison will be the same as that of the field army …"
Wei Zheng nodded and replied, "It is not much different from the field army … but due to the particularity of the garrison, the caliber and quantity of artillery deployed by the local garrison will be the first grade than that of the field army …"