Now I feel a little tired.

"Mu Lord!" Snow White shouted, "You can’t kill Chen Guichen! Chen Guichen was kind to Miss Sandy in those days. You are ungrateful to kill him! "
"Chen Guichen saved Sandy. It’s true that he is kind to Mu’s family." MuHongfei said coldly. "The old man keeps it in mind! But Chen Guichen came to Yin and was almost killed by the old Yinshan Wei family and saved by Sandy! One life is enough! Nobody owes anyone! Then Chen Guichen took my Sandy back. Damn it! He deserves to die. I should kill him. How can this be considered ungrateful? "
Snow White shook her head and said, "You are not right."
"Then how should I calculate?"
"How can a debt of love be offset in exchange?" Snow White said, "If it can be converted in this way, it is Chen Guichen who has lost Miss Sandy. You said he deserved to die! Then you might as well let Miss Sandy take the blame for Chen Guichen again, and then nobody owes anyone. If Chen Guichen didn’t save Mu Qian first, how could Yin Muqian save Chen Guichen? If you kill him, you will still be ungrateful! "
"You …"
MuHongFei leng along while and then nodded grimly, "good you a glib wench! I didn’t find you so sophistry before! But Rao, you are eloquent, and with your three-inch tongue, I won’t let you move! Damn it, still dying! "
"You, you are unreasonable!" Snow White said angrily
"It’s reasonable for me to talk to you for so long!" MuHongFei a slight moreover way "if the old really unreasonable words will kill you! How can I talk to you! ?”
"You will regret it!" Snow White said, "Not only the dharma keeper Chen wants to protect Chen Guichen, but also the big report, the five reports and the Lord Yuan Shen all protect Chen Guichen! How do you explain to the big report, the five reports and the Lord Yuan Shen when you kill him tomorrow? !”
"I won’t regret it after I finish things!" Mu Hongfei said, "Why can’t I tell the big prince, the five princes and the Lord Yuan Shen that you are a girl?"
"Sima Mao!" Bai Xuechao glared at Sima’s appearance. "It’s all because of you. What are you going to do now?"! ?”
"Mu Duke" Sima looks forward and calmly says "You can’t kill Chen Guichen! If you have to kill me, kill me first. "
Snow White and I are both one leng. This Sima looks always has unexpected words and deeds.
Just now, he said that he had two hearts, and now he’s doing this to me. What’s on his mind?
"Are you serious about Sima Mao?" Mu Hongfei’s eyes showed a fierce look. "You should know that even your boss Qiao Kun wouldn’t dare to provoke me!"
"I’m serious," said Sima Mao. "I repeat, if you want to kill Chen Guichen, kill me first, or I’ll go back to work with the five princes. But if you kill me, I’ll be the palace of the five kings. By then, even if Liancheng is powerful, I’m afraid your family will be doomed."
"Ha ha ha ha ….." MuHongFei face upwards. "Syma looks you threaten the old? !”
"Dare not" syma looks "longed for the duke justifying a fault the whole Yin knows! I’m afraid I can’t threaten you much. My words are my own attitude. "
"and me!" Snow Avenue "MuHongfei, if you want to kill Chen Guichen, kill me first! I’ll see how you can make sense of protector Chen then! ? And miss mu Qian, I don’t believe she wants Chen to die! "
"You two …" MuHongFei suddenly "bah" a mouthful of "want to die my hand is not qualified! Mu Jia Jia Jiang? !”
Mu Hongfei stopped drinking, but he heard a "scratching" noise. In an instant, four big men suddenly showed their shapes, and hundreds of deputy armed ghost soldiers also came together to be neat. Behind us, we completely broke our way!
"See the Lord at the end!"
Four generals knelt down and shouted!
I have seen two of them, one is Lu Changfeng and the other is Liang Libing! There are two others who look unfamiliar, but they are Lu Changfeng and Liang Libing!
Seeing these ghost generals and soldiers appear, Snow White’s face turned whiter.
"Hey hey ….." MuHongFei hey but the grimace of a grin "kill the chicken how to kill the wheel? Destroy you, a little secret official, kill you, a little girl, and you have to do it yourself? Sun Wulong, Li Shaobai, before you two! Capture Sima Mao and Bai Xue! If they resist fiercely, shoot them! The consequences will be borne by the old man! "
"At the end of the general life!"
The two I look unfamiliar will come out, almost without a sign, and then they go to Sima Mao and Snow White respectively!
Sima Mao doesn’t retreat or panic, which seems to have been expected for a long time. It seems that he has already put out a weapon with his hands. The weapon is very strange. It looks like a dagger and a writing brush about one foot and one inch long. It’s neither black nor white nor neither fish nor fowl. It’s unheard of. It’s also the first time I saw Sima Mao’s weapon. Later I learned that this weapon is called Chunqiu Pen!
Can write with pen and ink and can be used as a knife to kill the enemy!
The white snow is back, and an extra weapon is a dagger in a white sleeve! It looks small and exquisite, and it’s a foot long, and it’s white, like it’s painted with a layer of white paint, and it’s cute!
"Li Shaobai how dare you? !”
Snow White stared at Li Shaobai with bulging eyes.
"Don’t shine your weapon, Snow White," Li Shaobai said. "You know you’re not my opponent. Go back to Liancheng with us."
"I don’t know if my opponent is going to fight!" Snow White said, "Don’t underestimate me!"
"If you have to do it, I’m welcome!" Li Shaobai said, "The Lord of the city has ordered you to shoot!"
"Which want you to mention it? !” Snow White is ungrateful …
The two of them are talking. Sun Wulong and Sima Mao have already met!
Sun Wulong’s weapon is a pike!
Seven feet or so pike!
Arm thickness pike!
Black as paint pike!
Even the spear head tassel is black!
It looks heavier than heavy!
It’s also very important for a master to be such a pike!
The pike spear "sou" turned like a whirlwind and stabbed at Sima Mao!
An inch long and an inch strong!
Sima Mao’s Spring and Autumn Pen is too short for Sun Wulong’s pike!
It looks too dangerous!
But there is another word called "short and pithy"!
Sima Mao watched the pike spear stab towards himself, instead of avoiding it, he leaned forward!
He looked forward at the spear head without blinking!
Seeing that his body was about to collide with the spear head, the spear head was about to pierce through his body, but he suddenly turned around and turned round and round with the pike, and then the whole body, together with the spring and autumn pen in his hand, had reached Sun Wulong!
The blade of the Spring and Autumn Pen went straight to Sun Wulong’s throat!
It’s really fast, hard and accurate!
I’ve never seen Sima Mao really go out against the enemy until now!
I’m really surprised!