Liu Pojun’s broadsword is like a hungry wolf entering a flock of sheep. A few knives will cut down a few wannabe in front of your face. It’s really worthy of being Pojun! After several rounds, Liu Pojun rushed to the middle-aged man, and a knife was cut at his head. This was nothing fancy, but it was momentum and strength. This middle-aged man obviously underestimated Liu Pojun, but he didn’t realize that Liu Pojun still dared to take the initiative to attack in this situation. When he realized that Liu Pojun’s broadsword had been cut at him, if he was not afraid to dodge, he would have to become a willow and break the saber. At this time, the great Hu was entangled in the Oriental Phoenix, and he was unable to come to the rescue. He and the middle-aged man even didn’t necessarily come to the rescue for the first time.

But this middle-aged Han is obviously not a vegetarian. I can tell at a glance that he is also a master of Wu Ling period. At this disadvantage, he is not at all alarmed. He just missed Liu Pojun’s knife, Liu Pojun missed it, and he was not angry. If this knife is the result of a Wu Ling period fighter, then this Wu Ling is too worthless. Then he made up a knife sideways and forced the middle-aged Han to retreat again. It is impossible to organize an effective counterattack here. Liu Pojun can say that. After occupying the wind, the middle-aged man can be passive in defense, but in contrast, the Oriental Phoenix side is not so optimistic. This big Hu Xian is much more stable than the middle-aged man, and the repair is also slightly higher than that of the Oriental Phoenix. Although the Oriental Phoenix is better than the martial arts and martial arts, the middle-aged man is not a vegetarian. He frequently breaks some powerful powers of the Oriental Phoenix and can effectively fight back once or twice. Although it does not hurt the Oriental Phoenix, it makes the Oriental Phoenix feel that his martial arts and true spirit are always suppressed by the other side.
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Chapter 43 Crisis
? Chapter 43 Crisis
Oriental Phoenix’s forced attacks on several occasions didn’t get any results, so I was very annoyed. But at one time, there was no way to knock down this great Hu, while Liu Pojun’s fighting there was also in a state of anxiety. Although Liu Pojun appeared to be holding up the middle-aged man, Liu Pojun himself didn’t gain much advantage. This middle-aged man was a little crazy, but there is no doubt that he still had some crazy capital, Liu Pojun, but for the sudden attack advantage. Now it’s still quite possible who is holding up who is playing, and Ghost Laughter is also pestered by several late peak fighters of the other martial arts division. Although Ghost Laughter is already half-pedaled into the Wu Ling period, it is difficult to defeat the four-handed opponent with fists. After all, the opponent is better than many people, and his side has just gone through a series of wars. The root is that there are not many soldiers to fight. If it weren’t for his posture, it is really weird and even he would have already lost.
Seeing that they were born late, the younger generations were almost at a disadvantage. The old oriental man and the old master also stopped waving and were ready to join the battle. But when they just stepped out of the camp and were ready to join the war, the change suddenly occurred.
Two people just out of the camp a sharp break is abrupt in the east old man and often master head rang.
"King Wu is strong!" Master Chang and the old man in the East are all surprised. They just took a step and quickly took it back. They are waiting for the arrival who is hovering in the middle. It is an old man dressed in black with a black headscarf and a huge white skull printed on his face!
"Magic Emperor’s Gate!" Master Chang swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said it was difficult to see that he was very afraid of this man in black who could fly unarmed, and he was even more surprised when he noticed the white skull sign on the head of the arrival. The magic emperor’s gate is a little famous in the whole fairy continent. It is said that the magic emperor’s gate is located in the black magic mountain in the territory of Shu, and the whole black magic mountain range is said to have occupied a quarter of the whole transit of Shu. It is conceivable how big its magic emperor’s power is, and according to outside reports, the emperor Liu Phosphorus of Shu is the magic emperor. The door is just an outside door elder. The whole Shu kingdom has always been supported by the magic emperor’s door. Although the forces behind the master are not weak, they dare not offend easily when they meet the magic emperor’s door. After all, they never tell you anything, but they always tell you who has a harder fist!
"Magic Emperor’s Gate" The old man in the East has not seen this white skull sign for the time being because of the line of sight. He hasn’t seen that this black dress person is a magic emperor’s master at the moment, but he hasn’t let up at all. After all, a strong man in the period of featuring the king is not what they can compete with now. When he heard Master Chang say the magic emperor’s gate, he was also surprised. He didn’t expect that even the magic emperor’s gate was involved this time.
"If you don’t have a strong breath and a weak root, it won’t be the end of featuring the strong." The old man in the East soon discovered that the black dress person was suspended in the middle at this time. He said that he knew that his opponent was not the real featuring the strong. The old master and the old man in the East were all relieved. After all, if it was really featuring the fighters, then they suspected that they would be defeated without any suspense, and even their lives would be lost.
"Ha ha, you are not bad. You can actually see some details of the old man, but it’s a pity that although I just stepped into the King of Wu period today, my breath is not very stable and my luck is not good enough, but it’s enough to clean up you two three-legged cats!" The black dress person suspended in the master Chang obviously heard the words of the old man in the East and said faintly that he always spoke with a faint smile, as if he was happy because he had just advanced to the King Wu period today.
"No wonder it turned out to be just promoted to featuring the strong qi, but it can’t be completely adapted." Master Chang said in his heart, "Ha ha, then you can try." Master Chang has been walking in this fairy continent for many years, and no one has ever been so crazy in front of him. Now, when people say this, he immediately gets angry. I don’t believe you, a person who just promoted to featuring the period and even couldn’t control the true qi, so easily put the two of us into featuring the period.
"Don’t cry if you don’t see the coffin!" The man in black huffed and hung in the middle of his hand, and folded his hands together. The strong dark green qi was flowing out along his hands. The biggest difference between the strong king of Wu and the strong king of Wu Ling period was that the qi was already liquid, although most of the strong king of Wu had no ability to liquefy the qi, but judging from the concentration of the qi alone, it was much stronger than the strong king of Wu Ling period.
Looking at the momentum rising, the true qi and the spiritual pressure increasing, it is also rare for the men in black and the old men in the East to show a trace of caution. This is a cross-level battle. Although it is often heard that the younger generation of Junjie challenged the older generation to win, most of them were heard less when they challenged the King of Wu in the Wuling period. Occasionally, one or two of them were also gifted, and most of them were young people deliberately.
When the dark green true qi increased to a limit, it was no longer increased. At this time, the black skill was condensed like iron balls. Two real balloons clung to these two dark green true balloons, and the black man did not dare to slack off. This was the first time that he controlled the Wu Wang-level true qi to attack. It was the first time that he had no experience, but he clearly knew how full the two balls in his hand contained true qi. At this time, his true qi had almost been pumped by these two real balloons. If he accidentally failed to control it, he would have a cry.
"Ha ha, you are lucky to meet the king for the first time today. It’s your blessing to attack in this way." The old man in black laughed wildly and didn’t pay attention to the old master and the old man in the East.
"Well, go to hell!" When a man in black waved his hand, two real balloons flew towards the old man in the East and the old man in the East respectively. Seeing that the real balloon was controlled by the man in black flew towards the two men, the old man in the East and the old man in the East had no room to dodge. It was hard to fight, but how easy it was to fight the balloon that was condensed by more than half of the true qi of a king of Wu’s strong body. If nothing unexpected happened, it seems that the old man in the East and the old man in the East have to be explained here today! This is not just a black dress person’s mind at this time. The old man Lian Dongfang and the old master himself think so. At this time, don’t say that both the Oriental Phoenix and Liu Pojun are in a bitter struggle, but there is no ability to save them. Seeing the dark green balloon is just a short distance from the old master and the old man in the East …
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Chapter 44 Soul fusion technology!
? Chapter 44 Soul fusion technology!
Two huge dark green real balloons paddled with breathtaking green awns and rushed towards them to see that they had touched Master Chang and the Oriental old man in front of the palm, which was breathtaking and suppressed. Even it became difficult for them to breathe. The palm in front of them blocked a tiny part of the true qi, and most of the true qi was gradually declining. Master Chang and the Oriental old man seemed to have seen the death waving to them in the distance, and the black man who was controlling the real balloon at this time also showed a ferocious smile, which seemed to have long ago regarded these two people as eyes.
At this moment, all of a sudden, the aura of heaven and earth was furious and attached to the surrounding earth, and there was a great shaking. The black dress person was absent, and the speed of the real balloon was also delayed. While he was absent, the master and the old oriental man were sensitive and seized the opportunity, and the body flashed and escaped two real balloons that killed him.
When I saw that I was absent, I was escaped by two people who had already been sentenced to death by myself. The black dress person couldn’t help but be furious. He was preparing to condense the true qi and give them a fatal blow again. Suddenly, a god’s knowledge was many times stronger than his knowledge, and he was overwhelmed by the cover. Even his body was like falling into a swamp. It was simply impossible to move. This was the first time he met such a powerful soul. Before putting pressure on it, he simply didn’t have a chance to get in touch with such a strong person at this level, and it was only a few days before he was promoted to the level of featuring. Otherwise
"The warrior is strong!" At this time, not only the black dress person was filled with shock, but even Master Chang and the old man in the East also set off a great wave of rendering! The strong warrior is not the level that ordinary people can access! Some people have never had a chance to see each other in a generation! At this time, the old man and master Chang in the East have completely forgotten their fears. They just want to know if they have the opportunity to meet the strong guanyu, and the black man is afraid to make a move, for fear that his own move will attract the thunder of the strong guanyu who is secretly watching him.
However, the original fight was stopped because of this inexplicable coercion. Everyone waited with bated breath for nearly half an hour, but they didn’t wait for the mysterious strong man. The coercion of this martial arts level soul just flashed or disappeared, and then it disappeared. It seems that the coercion just glanced at the general root, but there was no other meaning.
"It seems that this mysterious strong man is not trying to save these people. I think he just occasionally sweeps this area!" The man in black was floating in the middle of the class, but he was still afraid to make a move despite such doubts. After so many years of hard work, he was lucky enough to enter the field of featuring the King of Wu, and thus entered the Elders Pavilion of the Magic Emperor’s Gate. There are still a lot of good days waiting for him! He doesn’t want to bet his half life! But it was really hard for him to resist the temptation of Master Chang’s goods. When he waited for a lamp of tea again, he finally couldn’t help waving a hand. A small real balloon was aimed at a pine tree not far from him. He wanted to use this method to test whether the strong warrior was still watching here in the dark. If he didn’t respond to this real balloon, he would attack Master Chang and the old oriental man again.
The real balloon hit the target with gorgeous light, and a bowl of big pine trees should fall to the ground, causing a lot of dust to fly.
A minute passed and secretly guanyu didn’t respond …
At this time, the men in black, the old man in the East, are all sweating, because if the strong in the dark react, then the men in black are estimated to have to explain here today, but if there is no response, then it is the turn of the old man in the East and the old man in the East …
Two minutes later, in secret, guanyu is still unresponsive …
Five minutes, ten minutes and a half an hour …
Secretly guanyu the strong is still no response …
"Haha, it seems that nobody cares about your life or death." After waiting for this, there is no wait for the strong reaction in the dark. The black dress person also seems to be at ease to the old man and the old master in the East. "
Oriental old man and master Chang’s heart sank. It seems that even today they are doomed, but they are all people who have lived for so long. It is naturally impossible to force the qi to spread around the body and prepare for desperate death. They also want to pull a mat.
"Still want to fight? Hehe, I am afraid that you have lost this opportunity! " Men in black laughed. Although the attack just now consumed most of his true qi, he was still full of confidence when he looked at his strength far weaker than his master and the old man in the East! After all, the gap between King Wu and Wu Ling is not a little bit.
"Then try it!" The oriental old man and the old master looked at each other and shouted at the same time. At the same time, two brilliant lights suddenly overflowed from their waists, and the two men gradually disappeared. Then a strange figure gradually formed. This person was a stranger who had never seen before, but this person always gave people a familiar feeling, but when they thought about it carefully, they couldn’t remember which person was around and was ready to fight again. People were all stunned at this time, but they didn’t know what was going on. This situation is amazing for them.
"Soul fuses martial arts!" The black dress person’s face has become quite dignified at this time. Others naturally can’t see what’s going on, but now he is an elder of the Magic Emperor’s Gate. Naturally, he knows something that ordinary people don’t know. When those two lights just overflowed, he just doubted what he had done and didn’t make a move. Seeing this strange face at this time is more confirmed. This is the secret method of the fairy mainland-soul fusion! The reason why Wushu has always been in the hands of a handful of super-powerful forces is that he is too powerful. Earlier, we talked about Liu Pojun’s secret method of forcibly upgrading his strength. Although it is quite valuable, if the general forces are willing to spend money, it will be completely available, but now this soul fusion is very different. This is not something that the general forces can master, even if they get the idea, it is not a good thing. If you have a baby, you have to have the strength to protect it. If you don’t have this strength, you will get this baby. That is suspected to send yourself to the knife edge!
This kind of soul fusion power is not simply one plus one equals two, but one plus one equals ten! There was once a classic case in the former fairy mainland, that is, four elders of an alchemist were fused by this soul, but the strength of Wu Wang’s realm was actually to kill a strong warrior! This was a sensational new thing at that time. Since then, the strong alchemist has never been cultivated because of his focus on alchemy. It was a great fame in the field of cultivation, and no one dares to ignore this all-day alchemy and neglect the cultivation sect.
Chapter 45 featuring war
? Chapter 45 featuring war
"I can’t believe that the old lady was lucky enough to see this almost extinct soul fusion technology!" The old man in black has a cautious face. At this time, the rain or shine is changeable. He is a little scared and a little excited. If he gets this soul fusion skill from these two people, he will be above the big elders in the Magic Emperor’s Gate. The magic emperor’s door is not based on strength, but on your contribution to the magic emperor’s door. The greatest strength in the magic emperor’s door is the big elder, who not only controls the whole elder pavilion, but also is the only one who can be in the door! If anyone else gets close to the door master, it’s a dead end!
Thought of here, the men in black got excited involuntarily, and finally greed overcame caution. Seeing his dark green qi once again stirred up like a dark cloud, a large mass of Shaqi gradually emerged from behind him. The magic imperial gate is called the magic gate because of their special cultivation method. They generally don’t practice like other fighters to absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and of course it is even more impossible to rely on the aura resonance of heaven and earth to derive the qi like Lin Sheng. Their main cultivation method is to cultivate Shaqi! Of course, the main source of Shaqi is the dead, especially those who have died with grievances. They kill people everywhere, and finally absorb enough Shaqi from them, and then refine them. Finally, they make a practice. The biggest advantage of this practice is fast! Generally speaking, it takes an ordinary person 70 years but more than 100 years to practice to the Wuling realm except for a few people who are extremely intelligent. However, if this method of absorbing evil spirits gives them enough sources of evil spirits, they can practice to the Wuling realm in just 20 or 30 years. Everything has two sides, and happiness depends on it. It is true that although the magic emperors did do this faster than the general practice in the early stage, they will feel it in the late stage of practice. By the end of his life, it often takes more efforts than ordinary practitioners to make a breakthrough. After all, if you go on like this, the magic imperial gate forces will definitely override other forces, but the result is obviously not the case.
Although the strength of the Magic Imperial Gate is still acceptable for so many years, due to the limitation of this cultivation method, it is always short of the peak strength in the sects, so it is always in the middle strength. The root is that it is impossible to compete with other big forces. Although there are many strong people in Wuling period, the level of the strong is limited. It is precisely because of this that the black man has just been promoted to King Wu or has been promoted to the elders.
Feel the body full of ShaQi black dress person this is to restore some self-confidence, although he white this soul fusion technology is powerful, but fortunately, the first world war just now has already consumed the qi of two people. If you persist for a while and wait for their soul technology to fail, then the two of them just can’t afford to lift any big waves, but what black dress person doesn’t know is that this soul fusion Wushu consumes the vitality of the performer! To put it simply, the root of longevity is that the body qi is not much direct, but the vitality that the performer is willing to consume, which is similar to the western life magic
However, men in black who have lost their senses because of greed are still rising their own ShaQi to prepare for the first world war. But just as he is rising his own ShaQi, the soul fusion over there has already completed this fusion. Stranger faces are cold and looking at men in black holes without any sense. Color makes people feel as if they are just a puppet, but the imposing manner is not worse than that of the men in black at this time. It has already overshadowed the men in black. With the original foot of the oriental old man and Chang Lao, the soul can reach the peak strength of the middle stage of featuring, but because Chang Lao has already suffered heavy losses on the soul before, the fusion effect is also greatly reduced, which has only reached the initial strength of featuring, but this is enough to fight with this man in black, although it is World War I. Fusion they can’t finish transporting featuring strength, but fortunately, the black dress person in the Magic Emperor’s Gate has just stepped into featuring period and has not finished mastering some special skills. Everyone can say that it is half a catty and no one is afraid of anyone!
Linglie’s true spirit is threatening at this time. At this time, it is already constantly remitting a real balloon from the fusion body, which is more than the one controlled by the black dress person just now. Most of the real balloons are slowly formed in the fusion body. Without hesitation, the fusion body bombards the black dress person with a wave of its right hand, and the black dress person has just released the Shaqi at this time. Just when I opened my eyes, I found this reinforced real balloon breaking towards my side, and I was immediately startled. I quickly flashed to the side, but it was still a little late. The ball passed through his left arm with Linglie breath. Although it didn’t directly touch him, a lot of leaked qi still smashed his left arm, and his left arm was also bruised by leaked qi. Although it didn’t hurt its roots, it greatly hurt the face of the black man. Now, there are many strong winds watching him! It’s really sad that he was injured by two Wu Ling level fusion bodies.
Sure enough, this is to make the men in black fly into a rage and glare with their hands folded together, but there is a little more strange soul attack, which is flashing towards the fusion body. According to the guess of the men in black, this fusion body is the fusion of two souls, so the soul and soul should be the place where he died. He gave up the promotion and learned to converge the true qi to attack, and even the strong Wu Ling will attack the soul, and some ShaQi is mixed in this soul attack, but he has already. I’ve been refining things for decades. From his practice until now, if sometimes he just can refine these Shaqi, it can be said that his accuracy in controlling Shaqi is far more than that in controlling Qi!
Like fog, the soul attack just approached the fusion body, but it was stubbornly resisted by the fusion body. This soul attack is just a pediatrician for the fusion body, but it is difficult to be mixed with Shaqi. If the fusion body is distracted to resist this soul attack, it is constantly harassing and trying to take advantage of it to disturb the soul control of the fusion body.
The black dress person seized the opportunity to attack the fusion body and immediately made the fusion body feel a little hectic, not only fighting the fist moves with the black dress person, but also constantly defending against the Shaqi that has been invading his soul, but the fist and fist fusion body has already won the East Old Man and Master Chang’s two skills, which are superior to the black dress person, but they are annoyed at the constant violation of that Shaqi. Generally speaking, the two sides are still flat and no one can beat anyone.
The battle is going on, not only the men in black and the fusion body, but also Liu Pojun and the Oriental Phoenix. They are still struggling over there.
On the other hand, where did Lin Sheng go at this time?
Chapter 46 Promotion