His back stood high and straight, and two sharp pipa hooks were deeply locked into his shoulder blades, and two tiny chains penetrated Guanghua and penetrated into his purple mansion.

At the moment, he is covered with blood, and his back and eyes are full of blood. It is terrible that the blood is red and harsh. Every drop of blood contains all the suffocation. The ground makes the whole earth steep and red, and it quickly extends to the distance. It seems that it will turn this place into a magical land.
Xiao Yu watched the emperor clan patriarch deeply in his heart, and felt that the danger of the old man was getting heavier and heavier, and there seemed to be a feeling of killing all sentient beings in the sky.
The old man’s manner is too cold, cold and unreasonable. He seems to be nothing, and his eyes are going to kill everything.
This is a kind of extreme arrogance and self-confidence. With our enemy, everything will fall to his feet.
Moment Xiao Yu like don’t know this person shocked in my heart.
"Senior you “`"
Xiao Yu asked tentatively.
The old man’s eyes swept away to Xiao Yu’s cold eyes, and the cold light was as harsh as the early flash, which was daunting.
"Get me out of here!"
The old man said, eyes closed suddenly fell to the ground.
Xiao Yu breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, "Grandma was really terrible just now. Damn it, she scared the old man!"
He quickly rushed over and picked up the old man, thinking about the outside world and rushing away.
On this day, the ghost emperor clan was in chaos.
Count the antiques and crush the rebellion!
The breath of the king of God blows up in the depths of the emperor family for several years, and the blood of the bodhi old zu of the emperor family roared and smashed the devil in the universe.
A group of demons raged, and the demons swarmed out and killed the emperor’s masters one after another. This day was simply a nightmare for the nether emperor.
The whole star of the nether world is in chaos, and many creatures are more frightened than shivering. They feel like the sky is falling, and even some people in his star field can feel all kinds of horrible breath qR1 from the star of the nether world.
Xiao Yu carried the heads of the imperial clan and fled all the way to the big universe. As soon as they rushed out, a group of masters of the imperial clan found Xiao Yu drinking and directly pursued the past.
"He is Yu Xiao!"
"Yu Xiao, take a break and stay in the first place!"
Xiao Yufen moved the divine power, danced the trident halberd and snapped it wildly, while the golden light was harsh and shaqi swept across the universe, and a group of masters screamed and smashed.
After the death of a group of troops, his master came to shout and kill, and the standard was flying, and the margin was like the end of the gods.
Xiao Yu let go of the big killer and went on the rampage without mercy in the crowd. The number of deaths and injuries of the imperial master was several, and the body was shattered and the blood fog was filled with tragic ratio.
Suddenly a deafening roar came straight over, rolling through people’s minds and making people’s souls crumble.
The whole sky became dark purple and purple, and the sky was flapping, and the horror was unpredictable.
Xiao Yu couldn’t help heart in a surprised to see a tall purple figure dashed towards him.
The ghost body!
"Give me death, traitor!"
The statue of the ghost demon roared with a long hair and danced with blood gas, and then punched Xiao Yu through the past. The fist light was terrible and unpredictable, and the star field shattered everything.
The light of this fist blocked everything in an instant so that he could retreat to face this furious magic fist!
This punch is comparable to the horizontal strike, just like when the furious demon Lord crossed over.
Xiao Yu’s golden blood is rolling and boiling, and his body is burning instantly. Because he is all activated, he has ten merits and demerits, and the golden wheel is buzzing and swinging, and he blows it with one blow.
Retreat can be hard to shake!
Extremely face a mouth exclaimed.
The two men’s fists and light are instantly smashed together, and the ups and downs of the sun, the moon and the universe are like two unimaginable ancient gods of war.
Two people’s qi and blood swept through most of the day, a crimson gold and a deep purple rolling and smoky day, which was more dazzling than every drop and contained the best essence.
Hit together instantly Xiao Yu kuangpen one mouthful blood body inverted out on the spot breakdown virtual this one punch don’t know how far was blown away.
All over the sky, the golden blood gas was also instantly collapsed and rumbled in the purple light, and rolled back into Xiao Yu’s body again. Then Xiao Yu’s pores were thumped and instantly dyed with blood.
Xiao Yu flew out, and at the same time, the ghost body was also humming with long hair and bulging eyes, turning back and forth, and several divine powers were banging to break his foundation and destroy him, which made him groan.
However, his source is too strong, and his fists burst into other bodies, and he roared at the sky and moved his divine power, which would lead to refining.
He swallowed up the heavens and the earth, and even the flesh and blood of the heavens and the earth exuded a horrible breath of overwhelming the universe and destroying everything, like a young fiend, climbing the earth violently.
This is the ghost demon body and the Terran innate tyrant body are equally difficult to distinguish a kind of physique
However, his third step is three levels higher than Xiao Yu’s foot. This is the first collision between the two constitutions!
At the same time, the ghost demon body dissolves the boxing force, and at the same time, the horrible black light shoots through the universe for dozens of miles, and the earth-shattering roar is "golden blood, you are the Terran congenital tyrant!"
He instantly recognized Xiao Yu’s physique.
Two ancient physique scores, different races are doomed to be enemies from generation to generation.
The ghost demon grimaced and turned into a purple light, killing Xiao Yuchong directly, and the demon howling was terrible throughout the universe.
"I’ve admired the Terran’s innate tyrant for a long time. Today, I’ll pick your head and drink my emperor’s soldiers!"
Ghost demon body to kill the past again toward Xiao Yu boom.
Xiao Yu was covered in blood, and Li Xiao’s strength was constantly exerted to the extreme. It was difficult to resist the bombing and was repeatedly blasted into the depths of the universe to cough up blood.
He turned away with awe in his heart.
This ghostly monster’s terrible physical collision will defeat Xiao Yu, and his proudest field will blow him away.
This is unprecedented!
Xiao Yu was very decisive and fled directly to the distance. He knew that it was not that he was not strong enough, but that his physique was limited, and he was not sent to the third step.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-nine Xiao Yu breakthrough
Xiao Yu directly rushed out of the nether world with the heads of the imperial clan behind his back, and turned into a golden light and rushed towards the big universe.
Behind him, the demon roars, the ghost stomps on his feet, and the demon cloud chases him, and his hair is flying wildly, and his look is as wild as the devil’s resurrection.
He raised his fist and nullified it, and pursued Xiao Yu to blow Xiao Yu down.
Xiao Yu’s body changes quickly and dodges to the extreme. Suddenly, a group of stars around him are turned to dust by the rumbling noise.
It is doomed to be a sorrow that two kinds of constitutions are born together in a big world.
Xiao Yu’s rapid rushing period will not kill the beads of the ghost god Dan into his mouth, and the whole body will be full of vitality. The colorful glow will be harsh, and the ghost god Dan will explode and the energy and breath will make his body door emerge again.
At this moment, he was going to forcibly break through the deity! qR1
If he doesn’t break through to the God, he is doomed to be chased to death by the law. This is the first time that his peers have been in such a mess since he debuted.