"Smelly old road, why don’t you pretend to be more convinced that I will pull out your eyebrows?"

"Oh my god, you can’t pull it out! Miss, I said I said it! "
"Then tell me!"
"It’s not convenient to report to Miss Big, but I can’t say anything. It’s this … Xiao Shao sent me to do it, not that I want to do it!" Qiu Qing Di No.1 Road
"Turns out to be Xiao Qianli this king egg? What did he ask you to do? Speak quickly! " Wang hong petticoats without polite way.
"The amount of Buddha is skin two dog that dog day this peasant make a fuss about Xiao Shaosheng’s birthday dinner and beat Xiao Shaomian not to say but also trampled Xiao Shaosheng into a pile of shit! What can I do if I don’t get it back after throwing it in such a big field? What do you say, big miss? " Qiu Qing emperor ghost ghost quibbling way
"Smelly road, how did I hear that it was your Xiao who died less? He first took the stage to provoke Pi two dog and said that if Pi two dog lost, he would kneel and kowtow to all the guests! Also brought in a few dog legs to make up rumors that Pi two dog is a thief! Would you have no temper if you were such a ruin? " Wang hong’s heart says that this smelly-nosed veteran is now Xiao Shao Shi’s elder. It is unreasonable to reason with him because the old stuff likes to talk with the big Samana palm. There is no reason to speak!
"Miss big anyway skin two dog nothing with you this matter you don’t mind, ok? No matter who picks it up first, I will make him unhappy! "
"Pi two dog is my man. Do you dare to touch him? I advise you to immediately cancel the pursuit of Pi two dog, otherwise you will not say anything beforehand! " Wang hong’s theory of petticoats is that you have to be a little more severe about this old cow nose.
"The amount of Buddha is not only a big miss sent a message, but also an old road can’t refuse! But the stinky old road has been chased to the capital of Qionghai. Can I meet Pi two dog to learn martial arts? " Qiu Qingdi was really scared. As soon as wang hong and wang hong put malicious words, the ox nose road immediately became unintelligent. Even talking was like a child asking an adult for candy.
"What do you catch up with Joan provincial capital stem hair? Pi two dog is not a province! " Wang hong petticoats almost didn’t laugh.
"The amount of Buddha? The lout in Da Nai Village was deceived and smelly. I asked him about Pi two dog. He said that Pi two dog had come to Joan City! Ah, I’m so angry! " Qiu Qingdi was so angry when he learned that.
"Ha ha smelly road you also have today? No matter what you do, you are not allowed to meet Pi two dog without my permission, and you are not allowed to learn martial arts from him! Did you hear that? "
"You have to make a detour when you meet Pi two dog after listening to the old lady’s meaning?" Qiu Qing emperor depressed way
"Yes, that’s it!" Wang hong Shang is full of tone that you will kill you if you don’t listen to me.
"Miss Tianzun, I’ll just listen. Whoops!"
On this side, wang hong’s petticoat secretly helped Pi two dog to turn back the enemy, while on the other side, Pi two dog was furious because he opened a supermarket in the village and asked him for help.
When he learned that the leather cannon was molested in broad daylight, the big millstone immediately exploded and said, "The leather cannon is outrageous!" Get even with him! "
Pi two dog told the big millstone to push and push, and the skinner said the number.
Unexpectedly, I went to the courtyard to see the leather cannon angrily calling in and said, "You have the nerve to get even with me, but I haven’t got even with you yet!"
Seeing that it’s a leather cannon, and his dog leg Millennium bug has also been killed.
Millennium bug acutely saw the daughter-in-law’s big millstone follower follow Pi two dog and immediately blew up. "Bitch, you follow Pi two dog all day. Is he your man or your dad? Go back! " Although the Millennium bug is a soft snot at home, he is backed by a leather cannon and has been arrogant in front of his daughter-in-law
"Millennium bug, you loser, your daughter-in-law has been bullied. Do you still have a face to jump? Pi two dog is my brother. What do you care if I find my brother? " Big millstone is completely dead to the Millennium bug. His wife was molested by a leather cannon. This loser not only dared not stand out, but also tied the old dish as a dog leg. Thought of this, Big millstone wanted to give up!
"Big millstone is not to say that no one bully you! You’re a yellow-faced woman. You’re obsessed with ghosts. Are you stupid to be helped by others? " Millennium bug recognizes Pi Village Chief and explains that Pi Village Chief is now focusing on him. He is grateful to Pi Village Chief. How dare he say no before Pi Village Chief?
"Old food tied you stupid? This man molested me. If you don’t help me out, you’ll have to help him clean the floor! You … piss me off! " At some point, the big millstone is a burst of angina pectoris
"Yellow-faced woman, you said that Pi Village Chief molested you. Do you believe this ghost? If you don’t take a piss, you are a middle-aged woman in your thirties. Will the village chief see you as a yellow-faced woman? "
"Millennium bug didn’t you watch the monitoring? He kissed me and rubbed me. Can’t you see? !”
"Liu Yuemei, that’s because you were dragged by the villain to the honey trap. Don’t you think I’m stupid?"
"You! Not a man! "
The leather cannon saw that they first mixed up their mouths and became impatient. "You two went home and said! What is this like? "
Don’t talk about pi cannon, it’s really good that as soon as he spoke, the Millennium bug immediately bowed honestly and said, "pi village chief is right!" "
Stopping these two leather cannons is to look at Pi two dog’s evil eyes and growl, "Pi two dog, you little king egg, I received a report from Liu Yan of Huangwu Group. She said that you were indecent and she almost wanted to force it. Is there such a thing?"
"Bullshit! I’m fine. What’s wrong with Liu Yan? What evidence do you have? " As soon as he heard about the leather cannon, he immediately got angry
"Pi two dog, there is something wrong with you when you come. Do you think a good family will spell out the risk of ruin? It must be that you molested her, but she was angry and asked me to report it! " Leather cannon justly glared at leather two dog way
Chapter 225 Start transplanting rice seedlings
"Leather cannon is you molested Liu Yuemei with monitoring certificate! You’re an old thing. You’re still beating a rake? "
"You have the nerve to say that Liu Yuemei is a fool of Wang’s egg. Liu Yuemei called her a honey trap to pit me! Fortunately, I have a quick reaction or I will be killed by you! " The leather cannon said that the Millennium bug believed him, and he argued that he would kill him anyway and refuse to admit it, and then he would buckle the excrement basin to two dog.
"Leather cannon!" Two dog saw the leather cannon molested Liu Yuemei and didn’t say anything. In turn, he buckled his excrement basin and punched him in the forehead. The leather cannon was called a panda eye.
"Pi two dog you dog day village head you dare to play? What are you staring at after eating the leopard gall millennium bug? It is this little king egg that has harmed your daughter-in-law and you give it to me! " Leather cannons know that they can’t beat two dog, so they have to earn Y2K to prevent disasters.
The Millennium bug hit the leather two dog crown with a stick, and then the stick broke in half. Looking at the leather two dog was like tickling and hipping. The brain shouted, "Millennium bug, you have seed to stick again!"
"Wang Egg Pit, my wife, I will kill you!" As soon as the Millennium bug was shown by the leather cannon, he grabbed a red brick from the corner and smashed it at Pi two dog.
Scared Liu Yuemei screamed.
Just then, I’ll see a charming figure flying before I grab it. Just listen to the Millennium bug scream. When I see the Millennium bug, a bitter gourd face swells up and plops down, making it a bitter shrimp.
"Skin village head I hope you have a good when the village head don’t come to harm my boss! Otherwise, my fist will not recognize people! " Tian Huili sweet bash elbows LiMu looked at leather cannon way
"Good you a skin two dog even dare to hit you village head, waiting for you to turn back, I’ll let Zhang Ji tidy up your dog day!" The leather cannon knew that it couldn’t take advantage of it, so it pulled up the Y2K curse and backed out.
Sent the leather cannon big millstone face is white for two dog holding the staff, "two dog leather cannon really go to Zhang Ji face to tell on that what would you do? It’s all my fault that I hurt you! "
"Mopan elder sister don’t be afraid! I don’t believe Zhang Ji will listen to his story before you are molested by a leather cannon! " Pi two dog wondered what happened to Liu Yan’s kannika nimtragol, who fabricated something with the leather cannon. He molested her and forced her to talk to her.
This guy is going to call Liu Yan when he is in the house. He never thought that a delicate body behind him would bring him to see Mopan’s sister. He stopped him from the back and said, "two dog, I’m counting on you. You kiss me?"
"Sister Mopan has nothing to do, so I want to talk if you go home first!" How can he think of women now with such a pile of shit?
"No, I want you to kiss me and I won’t leave!"
Seeing that Mopan’s eyes were closed, Pi two dog made a bad move and hugged Mopan’s sister and kissed her in the dark. As a result, Mopan’s sister was so restless in two minutes that she begged, "two dog wants me. I want you!"
"Sister Mopan can’t do it! Come back when you have a chance!" Pi two dog installed a comparison again.
Sister Mopan was anxious and unwilling to go home to see the supermarket.
He got up the door and quietly dialed Liu Yan’s words and asked her, "Liu Yan, what’s the matter with you?" What do you mean by telling the leather cannon that I am indecent to you? "
"two dog, you don’t want me to scold you before the leather cannon? How can there be a good word for scolding you? " Liu Yan wronged way
"I asked you to scold me but you can’t say I molested you? Why do you talk about men and women? Now the leather cannon is all over the village, shouting that I have done something to you! At that time, I will know that your husband Jin Liang knows that your mother-in-law knows that the Huang family knows, and I said that you are not ruining my name? " Pi two dog was so angry that he was in pain.
After listening to Pi two dog, Liu Yancai realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately panicked. "two dog, I just thought about scolding you, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. What should I do?"