Chapter four hundred and ninety-five Complicated

Autumn rain hits the eaves.
Looking at the continuous autumn rain in front of the door before the water drops rolled down the steps in Li Shentong.
Although the autumn rain lasted for a long time, it was not big. Li Shentong had been expecting a continuous rainstorm to turn Hebei into a mud, delaying Li Chongjiu’s rapid and thunderous grassland riding offensive.
It’s a bit ridiculous to think about it today. At the beginning, I swore in front of my own people that I was optimistic that Li Chongjiu would be blocked by Gaoyang City for at least half a month, and then he would go to Liu Heita for a decisive battle. As a result, Li Chongjiu was blocked by the fortified city and Liu Heita suffered both losses.
And Li Shentong can come forward to take advantage of the fisherman’s first attack to destroy Yu culture and then cooperate with the main army in Li Shimin to attack Luoyang and seize Hebei. How best laid plans it is
But Li Shentong found himself just a dream. The situation in Hebei for Li Tang was that Li Chongjiu dragged the whole Hebei up like a lift.
No one expected that Li Chongjiu’s amphibious strategy broke through Liu Heita’s weak canal, and Li Chongjiu’s water army almost went all the way from Youjing to Liyang, opening up the entire Yongji Canal.
Yesterday, Li Yuan-wen wrote a letter to Li Shentong about the situation in Hebei Province, saying that his brother had always admired the foresight of his younger brother who was still in his infancy and knew that three minutes later, the Sui Dynasty had failed.
Li Shentong couldn’t help but smile bitterly when he saw this. This is simply a metaphor for Zhuge Liang. Is this to kill himself?
Li Shentong was distressed and continued to read the letter. When Li Yuan wrote that our country is hectic, he expected his brother Shandong to appease the ambassador. He hoped that his brother would be able to help me to appease Shandong and pacify Hebei.
Nowadays, Zhao’s thieves and soldiers are very powerful, which leads Yanshan’s warriors to invade the south on a large scale. Yesterday, they used to herd horses, but now they are drinking horses. The Yellow River Qianli Canal is as thin as paper. Today, they sit idly by and cross Nie Yanqi’s cage, Zhao Wei.
Hebei has suffered from erosion. This brother is really disappointed. I hope he can encourage me.
Li Shentong knew that Tang gaozu was really angry. I can imagine Tang gaozu’s expression when he faced the Hebei military intelligence letter in Chang ‘an polar palace.
In fact, Li Shentong also felt that the French confessed that Li Yuanma would make Li Shimin lead the Li Tang Zhongjuntuan to attack Wang Shichong in a large scale, and Li Tang needed a stable Hebei before the decisive battle in Wang Shichong.
And Li Shentong here in Hebei has just held down the Yu culture, and Liu Heita has simply pressed the gourd to float and ladle, but now Li Jiujiu, Zhao Jun, is even more out of control, and he can’t restrain Li Shentong from watching the counties in Hebei being trampled by Zhao’s fighters but he has no ability.
In fact, it is not only the counties in Xia Jun that have been rescued, but also the Zhao County in Xiangguo County of Li Tang has been attacked. The secretariat of the two places has been sending letters to Li Shentong for help, saying that at least tens of thousands of youzhou cavalry are plundering everywhere.
State and county foot soldiers dare to defend the city but dare not fight in the field. People in the county can gallop freely. Even Liu Heita has retreated to Mianzhou, giving up the rescue of surrounding counties. What courage does Li Shentong have to lead the Li Tang Hebei Legion to fight the aggressive southern grassland cavalry?
Li Shentong hesitated to face people, but Li Daoxuan, the second commander of Li Shenfu, did not. This time, they led a good soldier to help Li Shentong in order to stabilize the war situation in Hebei. But for Li Tang, the war situation in Hebei not only did not improve at all, but Li Chongjiu spread out the whale swallowing potential and was about to swallow several counties in Hebei in one gulp.
At this time, Xu Jingzong walked into the house and saw everyone’s expression. "Huai’ an Wang has a good news. Do you want to hear it?"
Li Shentong glanced at Xu Jingzong, who was able to go to Yu Culture as a lobbyist. As a result, after returning to camp, he was so scared that he peed his pants and lost his face as a messenger of Datang.
"What good news?" Li Shentong asked impatiently.
Xu Jingzong said, "King Bo of Qi County has sent troops!"
People came to the front of the map together, and Xu Jingzong pointed his hand and said, "Eye Station Troops East County Baimajin."
Li Shentong clapped his hands and laughed and said, "As I expected, Yu Culture was not reconciled to Li Chongjiu’s capture of Liyang Cang, so it was my chance to send Wang Bo to recapture Liyang Cang."
People were shocked to hear Li Shentong say this. Li Shenfu asked, "Is Big Brother planning to get out?"
Li Shentong said with a slight smile, "It’s nothing that Li Chongjiu took Li Yangcang’s military forces. We also sent troops to Li Yangwang and Bo to join forces. We don’t want to break Li Yang, but we want to tie Li Chongjiu into Li Yangcang."
They listened to all is silent.
Li Shentong people reaction flat asked "what’s the matter? Is there something wrong? "
Aside Li Daoxuan said, "It’s good to report back to Huai ‘an Solo, but Li Chongjiu is cunning and scheming. Will it be his plan to send our troops to Liyang this time?" You see, although Wang Bo sent troops, he sent a Qingqi to cross the river to find out the main force, but he still camped in Baimajin on the south bank of the Yellow River and dared not cross the river. "
Li Shenfu said, "Big Brother is also cautious and wrong."
Li Shentong listened to the thought that Wang Bo’s faithfulness is not credible. If he doesn’t cross the river and attack Li Chongjiu, he will go deep into Liyang City and become alone.
Li Shentong himself lost his land and his city in Hebei Province. Although Li Yuan was always dissatisfied, he led Li Tang’s troops in Hebei Province, but there was no big loss. Not long ago, Li Shentong defended himself to Li Yuan in succession in several counties such as Mingzhou, saying that he was a human being and lost his land to shrink the defense line to protect Li Tang’s military forces.
However, if Li Shentong’s decisive battle with Li Chongjiu in Liyang City fails, then his Shandong Daodan appeasement ambassador day will come to an end and he will be deprived of any knighthood.
Li Shentong couldn’t help but hesitate again.
People talked about it, and finally it was late at night. Li Shentong compromised people’s opinions.
Li Shentong Li Daoxuan led an army from Linlv Mountain to send troops to the river, and also went hand in hand along the Yellow River. Twenty thousand Tang Jun soldiers arrived in Yanjin to camp.
As soon as the order was issued, Li Shentong Li Daoxuan immediately sent troops to Li Tang and mobilized 20 thousand foot soldiers to send troops to Yanjin.
Yanjin is only a few tens of miles away from Liyang. In order to guard against Li Chongjiu’s youzhou fighters, he specially chose to plunge into a camp near Qishui to watch Liyang City.
Liyang chengzhong
Li Shentong Wang Bao and his two armies are approaching news at the same time. Li Chongjiu has heard that.
At present, the situation in Liyang City is very delicate. Wang Bo of Li Shentong attacked Liyang from the east and west, and Wang Bo’s 20,000 troops were stationed in Liyang Cangyi River across Baimajin Li Shentong and 20,000 Tang Jun were stationed in Yanjin.
When Li Chongjiu saw the scene, he couldn’t help but think of Baimawei in the Three Kingdoms. When Yuan Shao sent troops from Yecheng to attack Cao Cao, Yuan Shao’s army was stationed in Liyang City, and the general Yan Liang Pioneer crossed the Yellow River and attacked Baimajin after landing.
After Cao Cao heard that the white horse was in an emergency, he marched from Xuchang to Yanjin Ferry and pretended to cross the river to attack Lombardi’s rear, forcing Lombardi to divide his army. After that, Cao Cao led the army to attack the white horse, and Yuan Shaojun was caught off guard and killed Yan Liang in the army.
Yanjin Baimajin is an important ferry crossing of the Yellow River. Li Shentong Wang Bo led an army to station troops here. Obviously, it is necessary to pose an attack on Liyang.
Relatively speaking, Li Chong has deployed 10,000 troops in Li Yangcheng, which is somewhat insufficient. In addition to attacking 10,000 troops in Li Yangcheng, Li Chong has 20,000 troops led by Wang Mahan and Zhang Xuansu, who are stationed in Daming, Liu Heita, and the main force is also facing each other across the river.
At that time, the situation near Mingzhou was somewhat complicated. Zhao Jun, Wang Bo, Li Shentong and Liu Heita confronted each other at the same time.
Li Shentong’s meaning is very white. You can’t let yourself take Hebei to Liyangcang in one fell swoop. It’s holding you back. Wang Bo, on the other hand, has been ordered by Yu Culture to wait and see and take advantage of it.
It has become a new problem for Li Chongjiu to cope with these people.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-six Calm the hearts and minds
The change of weather in Liyang City has become a common practice for local people.
In Daye years, Yang Xuangan rebelled against Yang Guang’s second expedition to Goguryeo.
After Shi Mi Xu Shiji captured this city, Liyang City became a wagang army camp in Hebei Province, and Houyu Culture in the North wanted to seize Li Yang Cang and Shi Mi.
The people went through another period of fear. Although Yu Culture didn’t attack Liyang, the people were already displaced.
However, two years later, Shi Mi fell to Tang Liyang City, where Yu culture was based, and the Yuwen Army, which was originally composed of Xiao Guo Army, had poor military discipline.
The people in Liyang city are miserable.
Now, according to the transformation of the capital of Liyang City, the people of Dawang Banner are somewhat scared, but they have always heard that Zhao Jun has a good military discipline. After Zhao Jun entered the city, he did not disturb the soldiers and the people.
The people are glad that the suffering day has finally passed when they see the strict discipline of the Zhao army. But at this time, news came out that Li Shentong Wang Bo’s army had been outflanked from left to right, and Liyang City was facing another big war.
This time, the people are all in a panic, not only the ordinary people in Dalian, but also flocking to the gate.