The friar was about to pull him forward when she suddenly saw a huge palm coming and the friar could hide.

But the huge palm is not directed at her, but at Huaixiao.
Huaixiao was carried by the giant palm, and it was going backwards. At the same time, the huge palm was getting smaller and straight, and it became a normal palm. But when you look at the moment when Huaixiao was in the palm, it has disappeared in your hand.
Female monk see palm master not surprised way
"Brother Yang!"
Not bad. It’s Yang Xiu
When Yang Xiu arrived at night, he made the soil escape technique come to check and confirm whether a female monk was really born with purple spirit.
However, outside the female monk’s room, it was blocked by the female monk’s arrangement law, and the arrangement law was still a high-order law. Yang Xiu was not good at disposal, but Yang Xiu couldn’t think of any other way except to break the array, but if the storm broke out, it would be obviously not possible for other monks.
Just as Yang Xiu was going to give up and come again, now there was a man in white sneaking outside the house.
Yang Xiu recognized that it was Yang Xiu who had been thinking about sneaking around and smiling.
Yang Xiu saw that Huaixiao was also a sneaky one, so he carefully hid himself to see what he wanted to do.
See bosom smile took out ten golden red triangle flag to decorate law around the house Yang Xiu first step into the law.
After the smile, the purple jade gourd broke the array, and then to the female monk Yin Leizhu sneak attack, and then to the smile and a dialogue with the female monk. Yang Xiu saw it in his eyes and heard it in his ears
Just Yang Xiu heard that the friar was really born with purple spirit, and she couldn’t help but get excited.
I’m planning to come to a hero to save the beauty so that the female friar can act with gratitude and convenience, but I don’t want the two of them to talk more and more speculatively. If it weren’t for the female friar’s aunt (Yang Xiu guessed that the female friar’s aunt should be Ji Yan), the female friar really eloped with Huaixiao.
But in the end, I saw that the two men were more and more incongruous. Yang Xiucai put his heart to it and immediately carefully sacrificed the soft fingers and planned to stop smiling first.
Although the fingers are soft and slender, Yang Xiu controls the finger-soft soil evasion, so it is difficult to show some flaws and stealth will not be so perfect.
But fortunately, it may be that I am full of confidence in the ten-pole golden red flag that I don’t know outside, and I am smiling. I should focus on the female monk’s body and there is nothing unusual in the field.
So that Yang Xiu successfully distributed his fingers around his smiling body in a circle.
Then, when Huaixiao was called to catch the female monk, the silk thread was tightly wrapped around Huaixiao.
At the same time, the silk thread stabbed Huaixiao Avenue and locked his spiritual force, making him temporarily unable to move.
Finally, make Gankun put Huaixiao in his hand.
Because Yang Xiu has seen a magic weapon like a ten-pole golden red triangle flag, purple jade gourd and protective jade brand, Yang Xiu dare not be careless
A train of moving Yang Xiu had been calculated carefully in advance and rehearsed several times in his mind. Finally, in the thunder and lightning, he had already finished the work, so that Huaixiaogen would not move the protective jade card again.
Chapter 54 says
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"Brother Yang, why are you here?" Female monk asked in surprise.
"Ji Yan is your aunt, right?" Yang Xiu did not answer the rhetorical question.
Female monk smell speech in the heart is even more panic. Obviously, Yang Xiu has heard the conversation with her just now, knowing that she and Huaixiao are pregnant with congenital purple spirit and congenital chaos.
Therefore, at the moment, I heard Yang Xiu’s question, and the female monk was somewhat overwhelmed and replied.
"What’s your name?" Yang Xiu asked again.
"Jiman" Jiman small replied.
"Just now, I saw a figure sneaking into the courtyard and finally came to your room to see him and tried to stop him. Are you all right?"
Yang Xiu’s question just now put pressure on Jiman. Now Yang Xiu says this just to see how Jiman reacts. If she conveniently pretends that she doesn’t know Yang Xiu, in addition to secretly giving her a ban, she dare not talk nonsense at will.
Yang Xiu doesn’t want to go too far now. If she asks Yang Xiu again, she will pick the words.
But don’t want to Jiman has recovered at this moment no longer panic calm way
"Brother Yang already knows about me and Huaixiao, so don’t beat around the bush. What’s your plan? Just say it!"
Yang Xiu saw that she recovered her composure. Although it was a pity, it was not unexpected. She had just seen her smiling and talking with ease.
"How much do you know about Huaixiao?" Yang Xiu asked calmly.
It is really surprising that Yang Xiu suddenly asked such a thing.
See jiman surprised Yang Xiu also ignore some said.
"In fact, many people know that Huaixiao is a congenital chaotic body. Do you know what it is at this time?"
Yang Xiu this time don’t stay Ziman answer and then said
"Huaixiao is a registered brother of Huanxi Sect, but he has been practicing with Huanxi Sect’s great ancestor, Blissful Venerable Master. Do you know what this is?"
"This is because Ji Yuxin, a monk in the ivory tower fitting period, and the Blissful Venerable reached a consensus, because most of the high-ranking monks in the fix-up world know that both congenital chaos and congenital purple spirit can help the monk break through a bottleneck. In the future, the Blissful Venerable asked Huai Xiao and Ji Yuxin to help Ji Yuxin break through the fitting period, but Ji Yuxin had to promise a request from the Blissful Venerable, so he kept Huai Xiao with him all the time. One is that Huai Xiao is far from fitting now, and Ji Yuxin has not yet reached the later stage of fitting. The other is that the Blissful Venerable ensures that he can always control
"Otherwise, Huaixiao’s qualification is not outstanding. It’s another man. Although he has congenital chaos, there is nothing for the Blissful Honour Person. What makes Huaixiao stay around for practice? Also count the panacea to help Huaixiao practice? "
"Do you still recognize bosom smile really can run to take off the bliss honour person and JiYuXin control? If you really followed Huaixiao just now, you will eventually be controlled by Huanxiao Sect. Like Huaixiao, you should expect to be able to practice at an advanced level in the future! "
These are not Yang Xiu’s nonsense. Yang Xiuyin has been thinking about Huaixiao’s congenital chaos in order to practice and improve Gankun’s hand, so he deliberately inquired about Huaixiao’s things.
Moreover, it is not a secret that Huaixiao is widely known among high-ranking monks. It took a few Lingshi to get this information, otherwise Yang Xiu would not have heard the news of Huaixiao from two little girls at the auction.
Jiman listened to Yang Xiu and his face was a little pale. Yang Xiu felt that her breathing was shortness of breath.
But Ziman also hide very well instead to Yang Xiu asked.