Cold to the car like a turtle speed finally parked in the cold house.

Ruan Yingqiu was sitting in the living room fidgeting when they came back. Helen’s eyes were swollen and she was breathing fire at the cold. "Why did you come back so late and let her cry her eyes swollen?"
In fact, he also wants to know why she is crying.
Still crying so sad, he didn’t do anything.
Helen pulled Ruan Yingqiu’s novel "Mom, I’m Fine"
"Nothing is good." RuanYingQiu patted Helen on the back of her hand and looked at her belly.
Make sure she’s really okay and relieved, or don’t forget to stare hard
I really want to shove him back into my stomach and have a second life. Why are you so heartless?
Helen blushed with embarrassment.
She misunderstood the cold just now, so he really abandoned her and went with that woman.
It turned out that he didn’t, which made her heart a little sweet.
Is she narcissistic and cold enough to care about her more and more?
Ruan Yingqiu rushed into the living room and said, "Bring chicken soup to your wife in the kitchen."
"Oh" cold to busy trot to the kitchen.
"Helen, I gave birth to a child. I know that he is like a naughty child, and he never grows up. It’s also my fault that Vivi has spoiled him since he was a child. But don’t worry, mom is definitely in the same country with you. If he dares to bully you, I’ll be the first to spare him."
"Thank you, Mom!"
"Silly boy!" Ruan Yingqiu touched Helen’s hair and looked at her belly with a kind smile.
Coming out of the kitchen carefully with a bowl in his hand, he almost fell down because of the cold. He actually saw kindness in his mother’s face, which is sure to be his mother yelling at him at every turn.
RuanYingQiu sitting on the sofa watching cold.
Cold to sit in front of Helen tea table darling picked up a spoon spoon spoon feed her until a bowl of chicken soup finished his mother nodded.
Then, like the queen mother’s imperial decree, she ordered "help your wife to rest."
Cold to busy put a bowl to hold Helen goes to the floor, and I don’t know if there is anything wrong with her crying tonight.
Cold caused Helen to sit on the bed carefully, then wash her hands and put the bath water away, and then helped Helen to take a bath.
Helen was flattered to stare at him, so she didn’t take the wrong medicine today, did she?
It’s rare for someone to serve Helen like this. Of course, you have to cooperate
But when the cold caused her to undress, she was not calm.
Although they now live in the same room and share the same bed, they are like partners, and they never overstep each other.
Strip like this has never happen before.
"I’ll do it myself"
"No, I’ll take it off for you." He was so cold that he didn’t look at her and concentrated on undressing her. He didn’t rest assured until he saw her sick.
Helen blushed as if she were about to bleed when she was cold.
Staring at the ceiling, I dare not look at the cold, which makes her afraid that she can’t help it. I heard that she can do that after three months of pregnancy, and now she is just three months old.
They both breathed a sigh of relief when they finally undressed.
Helen still tilted her head and dared not look at him.
Cold-induced hand carefully placed on her slightly protruding belly and smiled with a sweet face. "Little publicity today, dad didn’t make you cry. Although I don’t know why you cried, dad promised not to make you cry. Today, you lost a lot of Jin Doudou. When you come out, dad can compensate you for whatever you want."
Poof …
Helen couldn’t help laughing. This is an apology.
When I looked up from the cold, I saw the woman’s towering chest blushing. Don’t look uncomfortable and ask "What are you laughing at?"
"No … nothing." Helen smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She was already depressed, but she just couldn’t help it.
Section 374
Cold gave her a white look, crying and laughing for a while. This woman is really abnormal. Looking at her belly and worrying about him, it won’t be the same, will it?
Cold-induced feeling is worse than worry.