"Sit down and eat!" Lu Hughes told the big guys to sit together, which was nothing in the past.

But today, when Lu Xiusi spoke, the servants took the opportunity to sit down one after another.
Shen Nuo was very anxious. When she finished eating, Lu Xiusi stopped her.
"Have you finished eating?" Lu Xiusi asked
"Of course, after eating, look how clean my bowl is! There is nothing left!" Shen Nuo came back and showed Lu Xiusi his clean bowl.
"Drink the soup!" Lu Hugh thought looked at Shen Nuo side has been filled with soup bowl ordered to Shen Nuo.
"What do you want to drink soup? I have already eaten much better. I can’t eat it! I’m going to find Lu Fei! " Shen Nuo told Lu Xiusi that the order was very angry.
"Living" is very bad for Lu Xiusi to sit in the seat. "You know, I’m going with you. If you go against my meaning, I’ll think about whether I can let you out!"
Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi and was very angry. "Lu Xiusi thinks that you might as well be less angry with me if you let me eat to replenish my body!"
"Anyway, I have said what you do with you! Aunt Li, bring the soup your wife wants! " Lu Xiusi is a noble spirit.
"Good young master!" Great aunt Li heard Lu Xiusi’s words and ran to the kitchen to bring Shen Nuo soup.
Shen Nuo watched Aunt Li bring three bowls of soup and unconsciously stepped back a few steps.
"What is this for?" Shen Nuo looked at Hugh Lu with some surprise.
"Madam, this is the soup that the young master specially ordered me to cook for you. This is a big supplement!" Great aunt Li put the soup on the table and patiently said to Shen Nuo
"No, no,no. If I drink all this soup, I think my stomach will explode!" Shen Nuo looked at the soup and swallowed nervously.
"Shen Nuo" Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo. "It’s not impossible for me to let you go. I will take you to the Chen family immediately if you drink this soup honestly!"
Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi and couldn’t wait to skin him. Then he looked at the three bowls of soup in front of him. Actually, Shen Nuo didn’t eat enough. Now it’s not a problem to drink them.
"I can’t drink it …" Glared at Shen Nuo. "You keep your word!"
"Of course, count when I have broken my word when I have spoken to Lu Xiusi!" Lu Hugh stopped thinking and sat in a chair looking at Shen Nuo.
Shen Nuo got Lu Xiusi’s promise, picked up the bowl and drank it.
Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo specially prepared to fill the body soup and was drunk by Shen Nuo in his stomach. He was always worried about Shen Nuo’s heart and put it down.
Shen Nuo drank three bowls of soup in one gulp, and when Shen Nuo wanted to swallow his last bite and give Lu Xiusi some color to see, Shen Nuo’s stomach rolled again.
Shen Nuo didn’t say much and ran to wash his hands.
"What’s the matter with you?" Lu Xiusi was once again very worried about Shen Nuo at the door of washing his hands.
Aunt Li was worried about Shen Nuo beside Lu Xiusi, but Aunt Li remembered that Lu Xiusi did not know that Shen Nuo was pregnant, so Aunt Li did not spill the beans.
"Madam, is it uncomfortable to bump all the way?" Aunt Li listened to the heavy vomiting inside and deliberately changed the subject.
Soon Shen Nuo vomited dry and came out quietly. He looked very worried. Instead, he stared at him. "It’s all your fault that you asked me to drink some soup. When I got home, I fainted. I spit it out!"
"Shen Nuo is going to the hospital with me now!" Lu Xiusi tugged at Shen Nuo’s arm and pulled him.
"Wait, you promised to take me to Haoxuan’s house. Why don’t you keep your word!" Shen Nuo was very angry about Lu Xiusi’s sudden change of heart.
"How can you go now?" Lu Xiusi was very angry at constantly resisting Shen Nuo.
"If you don’t keep your word, I’m airsick. Ask Aunt Li about me!" Shen Nuo suddenly looked at Aunt Li and wanted to ask her for help.
Aunt Li naturally understood Shen Nuo’s meaning as soon as she got there, so she said to Lu Xiusi, "Young Master, this situation is not serious. It’s just because of running around. I have studied some medical masters before. You should believe me!"
Shen Nuo clapped her hands at the bottom of my heart when Aunt Li said this. Now it’s up to Lu Xiusi to believe it or not.
"Aunt Li, don’t lie to me. Are you serious? Shen Nuo he this is not … pregnant? " Lu Xiusi directly asked Shen Nuo to know that this is what Lu Xiusi wanted to know.
"Don’t worry if you see that your wife is not pregnant now. Besides, if your wife is happy, she will tell the young master at the first time. How can you come to us!" Aunt Li said that she was right and believed the truth.
"Well," Lu Xiusi glanced at Shen Nuo with some naivety. "I was too reckless. I apologize to you. Let’s go to the Chen family now!"
After Lu Xiusi finished speaking, she took the lead in going to the outside room. Aunt Li quietly approached Shen Nuo and said, "Madam, are you reacting so violently now?"
Section 13
Shen Nuo was very anxious and said to Aunt Li, "Yes, I did something bad to my baby before, so now I react like I’m getting revenge. I’m really afraid that he will find out!"