David Tang-the fierce collision caused a violent fluctuation around.

The powerful impact made Liang Yi’s body quickly retreat for dozens of feet before he could stabilize.
After the blow, Liang Yi looked at the conjoined weirdo across the street, his abdomen kept fluctuating violently, and his face flushed.
Liang Yiti’s five Yuan Babies, each of which is the initial strength of Yuan Babies, are much more vigorous than ordinary Yuan Babies’ friars’ mana. Generally speaking, the mid-Yuan Babies’ friars’ mana is almost twice that of Yuan Babies’ friars, while the later ones are almost equivalent to four Yuan Babies’ friars’ mana.
Of course, this is generally speaking. After all, monks have different cultivation techniques and physical qualifications. There are naturally differences in the same order of mana, and there are also great differences in the late and late peaks of Yuan Ying, but there is a boundary between all this.
Of course, mana is not equal to combat power. Let’s say that a monk in the middle of Yuan’s baby is equivalent to two early monks, but in general, a monk in the middle of Yuan’s baby can defeat four or five early monks at the same time, and the big monk in the late Yuan’s baby is even more horrible.
The five Yuan Babies definitely combined their mana with a lot more than the Big Friar in the later period of Yuan Babies, and Liang Yi’s physical body also advanced to the Tianwu realm, and the strength rose even more.
I didn’t expect that this conjoined monster almost suffered a big loss in front of me.
"Nice tut-tut. It’s incredible." Compared with Liang Yi’s surprise, the conjoined weirdo is somewhat shocked. "You should be proud that you can stop me from hitting without getting hurt. Generally, monks in the later period of Yuanying may not be able to stop our brothers from hitting together."
"But it’s time for you to end." The conjoined weirdo shook hands gently, and there was a trace of unbearable color in the eyes of the thunder hammer. "You shouldn’t be our enemy."
"Really?" Liang Yi’s face suddenly flashed a trace of sarcasm.
A longan-sized red Dan medicine appeared in Liang Yi’s hand.
Call God Dan Liang Yi to save his life. In those days, Sirius and Tianyuan fought, and Tuoba Ye, the great monk in the late Yuan baby, relied on this Dan to raise his martial arts realm from the early Yuan baby to the late Yuan baby, and shot a great monk in Tianyuan instantly with the help of Wolf Rongbao’s seven-star moon bow.
This Dan medicine is from Liang Yi’s hand and Liang Yi secretly intercepted one.
"Dan medicine? Ha ha "conjoined weirdo couldn’t help laughing as if laughing at Liang Yi. I don’t know the so-called" I admit that few people in Dandao can match you, but it is wishful thinking to use Dan medicine to deal with our brothers. "
When Dan medicine entered the abdomen, Liang Yi’s breath suddenly soared, and the siamese weirdo’s laughter came to an abrupt end.
"Call god Dan? Are you Wu Xiu? " The conjoined weirdo’s mind seems to be a little simple after fusion.
"Try again." Liang Yi binged drinking. One, holding a mixed-yuan Tulingjian, pointing to the conjoined weirdo.
"Good" conjoined weirdo hands thunder fire hammer to meet without hesitation.
Boom-a 30-foot-long crack in a violent gas explosion suddenly forms and then disappears into shape.
Two people figure back at the same time.
A blood line involuntarily flowed out from Liang Yi’s mouth. On the other side, the conjoined weirdo was even more unbearable, and a blood clot was ejected from both skulls.
"Ha ha, come again". The injured conjoined weirdo rushed again like crazy.
"Very good" Liang Yi secretly thought that the two of them have similar mana at the moment, and Liang Yi still faintly surpassed the double-headed weirdo. This kind of play is most beneficial to Liang Yi. If the double-headed weirdo changes his play, the magical power of the realm, and Liang Yi may not be able to win. After all, he is the initial realm.
The collision between the boom and the crash made the force of the surrounding heaven and earth chaotic, and the fluctuation of the force could be clearly felt hundreds of miles away.
The crazy collision aroused the fierceness in the hearts of both sides, and on the other side, Bishu, who followed quickly, also noticed where they were.
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter 234 can’t be separated!
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter 234 can’t be separated!
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter DiErSanSi can’t be divided.
"No, why is this weirdo getting stronger and stronger?" Feel each other’s mana is becoming more and more vigorous, and Liang Yi Gujing is not in a state of mind, and there is a little bit of indecision.
Although the attack by the conjoined weirdo was fierce, its breath was fluctuating, as if it might collapse at any time. Now this violent breath has become more and more calm and longer.
Not to mention Liang Yi’s amazing Tuoba Xuan, the two brothers are also amazing at this time. This kind of smooth integration feels that they have not felt it for nearly a thousand years. To be exact, since the two brothers’ posture was decomposed by Sirius Saint, there has been no such feeling.
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter? We really yuan what will be integrated to this extent, yuan baby, yuan god "through mind induction Tuoba Han can feel his brother’s heart that deep anxiety.
"Add the handle to put out this little first" TaBaHan refuse to think of.
Boom-mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian collided with the thunder and fire hammer again. Liang Yi’s body couldn’t stop blasting out of more than ten feet, and his chest was violently fluctuating.
Opposite siamese weirdo looked at his eyes and flashed a cruel color.
Just then, a bright blue dun light came from a distance and missed stopping behind Liang Yi.
"This, this monster is-"Zha see conjoined weirdo Bishu face can’t help some bad cold.
"Let’s kill this monster together." Seeing the arrival of Bishu, Liang Yi’s face is dignified and his color has slowed down a lot
"It’s another big monk in the later period, and the means of the elders of the stars are really extraordinary." Tuoba Han screamed, "I’ll stop here today and see you later."
The conjoined weirdo finished and turned into a mixture of green and red.
See conjoined weirdo retreating Liang Yi endure endure, didn’t recover after all.
Brother Mop’s converging attack is so weird, and the efficacy of Liang Yi’s calling Shen Dan is about to disappear.
"What’s the matter with that weirdo?" asked Bishu, looking at several cracks in the bucket field in amazement.
"I don’t know. I’ve never seen such a strange converging attack." Liang Yi shook his head with a pale face. "I guess it’s their first time."
"Are you okay? Where is the dragon? " Bishu asked some earnestly.
"I’m okay. It’s time to call God Dan to retreat for a while." Liang Yinai shook his head.
Peter said that the conjoined weirdo on the other side was relieved to see that Liang Yi had not chased him after thousands of miles.
When the conjoined weirdo no longer cares about what fell in a deserted hill.
"Eldest brother, we are Yuan Ying", a huge body, Tuoba Tuo’s head kept screaming, and Tuoba Han’s head was also a face of fear.
At the moment, the two purple houses in the conjoined weirdo’s body, which were not far apart, have gradually merged together, and two statues, one red and one basket of Yuan babies are far away.
The huge purple mansion, one red and one basket, and two true elements are constantly merging to form a pure white true element bond in the middle zone. The bond is more and more vigorous, and gradually connects the two yuan babies together, just like the baby umbilical cord, connecting the twisted belt and shrinking, and the two true elements are continuously flowing through the umbilical cord bridge to connect the two yuan babies together to form a true element cycle.
The colors of red and blue baby are constantly neutralizing and fading.