A pleasant mobile phone bell rang and pulled back to Tang Hao’s thoughts. Tang Hao sat up with deep eyes and searched for it. Finally, it landed not far from the balcony landing door. Because of the limited time, the mobile phone bell stopped automatically before the owner answered the phone. Tang Hao remembered that Lan helped him enter the house when he was shot last night, and his mobile phone fell.

The mobile phone bell rang again, indicating the speaker’s determination that it belonged to Nana’s bell. Tang Hao sighed and stretched out his hand to lift the quilt.
"What do you do?" Asked Tang Hao in a cold voice. Looking at the past, I saw Lan coming slowly. There was no accident. She went to the phone and bent down to pick it up. She didn’t look at it. Blue stepped to the bed and handed it to Tang Hao. She looked at Tang Hao without looking at it.
It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to know his privacy. She just helps his cell phone come over.
"Thank you" took a complicated look at the blue. Tang Hao knew that his sister was not a patient person. He took the phone and scratched the answer key with his slender fingers.
"Brother, you’re a bad guy. You don’t keep your word. I don’t care about you anymore." It’s similar to a beep in the phone after a growl, indicating that the other party has hung up.
Because she was too close, Lan also heard the sound in her hand and recognized that it belonged to Donna. It was not that she recognized Donna’s sound, but that only Donna dared to talk to Tang Hao like this in this world, and Donna would call her brother Tang Hao.
As soon as Tang Hao’s face changed, he quickly dialed back according to the phone number. The ringtone kept ringing, but no one answered.
After dialing several times, it was the same result. Tang Hao was anxious to hold his mobile phone and prepare the bed. Lan reached out and stopped him "What are you doing?"
The command words of "Let" blurted out, and Tang Hao reacted to ease the tone and explained, "I didn’t go home last night. Nana must be angry. I have to go back."
He hasn’t been back to the Tang family for two nights when calculating. Nana must be very angry. He has to go back and appease her.
"Your injury is not as important as her anger." Lan looked at Tang Hao disapprovingly. He spoiled Donna. She had heard about it, but it was not too much to spoil her regardless of her own life.
Tang Hao one leng didn’t expect this is similar to his grievances from blue mouth:
Chapter 176 You are my wife
After breakfast, Lan moved the sofa chair back to the balcony, sat on the sofa chair and looked at the sunshine in the garden. Everything recovered unconsciously. It was Tang Hao who left his back. He still left and dragged his injured body back to Tang Jia to comfort his sister.
I heard that Tang Hao was too fond of his sister, almost to the point where there was no bottom line. Now it seems that it is
"Miss, it’s time for soup." Avril Lavigne came to the balcony with a tray. Blue slowly turned to look at Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne was startled. Blue meant that she didn’t knock at the door, and her face turned white and frightened. She explained, "I knocked at the door, was it miss?"
"Don’t explain that I didn’t blame you." Blue light said that I thought how miserable the little girl was before being scared by Donna, and I was always afraid that I might accidentally do something wrong.
Miss didn’t blame her. Avril Lavigne was relieved, and her dark face bloomed with a smile. She put the tray in her hand on the coffee table and put the soup bowl out in front of the blue. "Miss Alger, the doctor told me that this soup is good for miss."
"Got it." Blue didn’t end up drinking, but said, "Leave it. I’ll drink it later."
The car rang, followed by the noise and blue eyes. "What’s the noise outside?"
"I don’t know, maybe the master came back." Avril looked at the building in confusion and saw nothing.
Avril Lavigne’s words just fell and hurried footsteps rang at the door. Blue and Avril looked at the past at the same time. Avril exclaimed and hurried over to help see Tang Hao being carried in by several people. Blue got up and leaned against the circular tea table for a long time and could not move.
After another busy time, Alger went to Lan and frowned and asked, "Why don’t you stop him when he leaves?"
"What am I doing and what should I stop him?" Lan asked faintly what he wanted to ask Tang Hao and swallowed it back.
In the face of Alger accusing Lan of sneering at Tang Hao in her heart, can she stop what she wants to do?
What’s more, Tang Hao insisted on going back to Tang Jia to comfort his sister despite his injury. She’s not Tang Hao. Who can say anything?
"You" Alger turned and walked back to the bed with a look of blue hate iron not to produce.
Blue straightened her back, but she stopped her because of bitterness, but he didn’t listen and just wanted to knock him out. Now she doesn’t have the ability
A glass of water was handed to her, and blue eyes looked up and saw a familiar face and instantly sat down on the sofa.
How dare he-how dare he show up here with his eyes open?
"Drink some water," the man said with a smile and winked at her
Lan didn’t understand what he meant. He stretched out his hand and took the cup, and found that there was a note in her hand together with the cup. He was giving her a message and holding the cup tightly without saying anything.
What else does the man want to say? Another voice intervenes in "Jack, what are you doing?"
On the balcony and in the bedroom, Jason frowned at the landing door. He looked at the blue water cup in his hand and carried his master back. Alger’s master sewed up the wound. Their two brothers didn’t leave immediately because they were worried that the master’s injury was too serious. Alger temporarily needed them to send his master to the Tangmen headquarters clinic, fearing that no one could be found then.
He wouldn’t have noticed this woman on the balcony if his brother hadn’t taken the initiative to bring her water. He never knew that his brother was so affectionate.
"Brother" Jack turned to look at Jason and said with a smile, "I think she seems to be too scared to send a glass of water, hoping that she will ease up."
"Do you know who she is?" Jason asked. His eyes flitted across the blue body and fell on his brother’s face. Blue is an international killer. It’s strange that such a small battle can scare her.
"The host woman" Jack answered and thought further, "Miss Donna came to see her once and asked me to send her a snack once."
He answered truthfully because all these things are in front of him. Anyone who asks casually will get an answer.
"Don’t do whatever Donna tells you to do," Jason ordered, looking at the blue. "The master is not badly hurt. I hope miss will pay attention."
Jason’s tone of speaking to Blue is much softer and more polite.
Blue didn’t nod or shake her head. She looked as cold as ice.
Jason is not surprised at all. Although he has carefully read this woman, he heard her talking to Alger just now. With her cold attitude, he can predict that Alger’s wishful thinking will fall.
Alger has packed up. He doesn’t want to talk to Blue. He is so angry that he yells at Jason and Jack.
Blue went back to the house and went to the bed to see Tang Hao. As soon as he saw that he was asleep, he didn’t think much about going directly back to the sofa and sitting on a water cup and putting a note on the coffee table. When he saw the writing inside, her body froze and her eyes widened in disbelief.
Gujia manor
The atmosphere is a little stiff these two days. The servants all feel that the master and his wife are not at home, and the young master and the young lady are in conflict. No one dares to persuade them just to watch the young master being dumped by the young lady several times, and the young master is not allowed to go back to his room late. They dare not persuade the young lady.
In the herb garden, Song Danfu was watering herbs with a watering device. She made two mistakes and pulled out herbs as weeds. She dared not weed casually again and watered them every day.
"Wife, I’ll hold it for you." Gu Qing made a shallow detour before Song Danfu and held out his hand to please and prepare to take over the watering device in her hand.
"No," she reached out to Song Danfu and turned to water other herbs.
"Wife, how long are you going to be angry?" Looking at Song Danfu’s back, she was very shallow.
It’s been two days since he fought with Tang Hao, and Danfu was angry for two days because he was vague about the reason for the fight. He spared no effort to coax her and tried his best to please her, but she still ignored him.
What he couldn’t bear most was that she wouldn’t let him into the room for two days in a row, and he could feel the sympathetic eyes of the servants.
Song Danfu ignored him and the old god was still watering him.
"Dan Fu" called her name softly, and she clung to her back and put her hand around her waist. She was still so slim that she couldn’t feel that she was pregnant for almost two months.
"Put" cold eyes see him Song Danfu surly because she turned her back on Gu Qing shallow Gu Qing shallow could not see her face.
"Don’t let go" Gu Qingyi said, "You are my wife, what should I let go?"
"Gu Qingqian" called his name word by word.
Listen to her gnashing her teeth and calling her name. Gu Qingyi quickly apologized. "I was wrong. My wife is wrong. I know I was wrong. Please forgive me."
"Where are you wrong?" Song Danfu asked quietly.
"Don’t worry about what’s wrong, I was wrong anyway." I didn’t turn her body and bury my head in her hair. I haven’t seen the fragrance for a long time, and I feel comfortable.
She almost won’t let him touch it these two days, which is really greedy for him.
I feel his warm arms and strong arms around her waist, her hands folded and her abdomen is full of caution. Song Danfu’s heart is softening a little.
In fact, she was not angry these two days, and it was unacceptable that he kept something from her, which made her feel very uncomfortable. She didn’t know what was wrong with herself and went to the room to check it. The results showed that it was caused by pregnancy.