All the forces behind the Green Ghost Palace made Aoleiyou emboldened. Looking at Qing Ye and Nuwa coldly, he said, "Zi Long Temple sent you? How dare you! But can the old Zi Long ghost foolishly destroy our Qingming Palace with you people? "

"Zi Long Hall?" Qing Ye Zheng immediately laughed. "We don’t know what Zi Long old ghost is, but we know your brother Ozzie."
Brother Ozzie? Aolei’s face changed greatly, and there was a bad feeling in his heart. His voice sank and he said, "Are you the more than 100 gods they said in the morning?"
Ye Qing smiled without a word.
They’re not dead? My brother took two thousand gods to kill them, but now? Aolei’s face was cold and malicious. "What happened to my brother? ! What about my brother? "
Then the dragon nine deep and remote "your brother? If you want to see your brother, unless
"Unless what? !” The heavier Aolei’s face is.
"Unless you are dead! Go to the underworld to see your brother naturally, "said Long Jiu You Hey.
Before Ozzie’s death, Qing Ye learned from his mind that besides destroying the endless stream of abode of fairies and immortals, he and his party had to kill their place. After Ozzie’s death, Qing Ye took all the people to the Green Ghost Palace.
On the road, Qing Ye also told the people the meaning of Qingming Palace.
In the eyes of Long Jiuyou, Aolei is already a dead man!
Brother Ozzie is dead! Dead! After I came to hell with myself, I killed for thousands of years, and now my brother is dead!
"You killed my brother!" Aolei’s eyes are full of murder!
"death!" Aolei’s eyes are red and his face is red, and he hates it. "Kill them for me!"
As Aoleiyi saw the guards standing behind him, Qing Ming Palace launched a soul attack.
There are more than 3,000 gods and more than 5,000 middle gods, and the soul attacks are overwhelming, and they are flooded by Qing Ye and others through energy fluctuations.
Looking at nearly ten thousand guards in the Green Ghost Palace, Qing Ye and others launched a soul attack, but nothing happened there like turning a blind eye.
These people are scared silly? ! When Aolei saw his face full of joy and showed a big enemy, he laughed with ferocious pleasure. "Ha, ha, ha, you all go to bury my brother!"
However, he froze in his laughter and was surprised to see Qing Ye’s eyes flashing with his left eye and right eye. In front of him, two miles-long storms and a roll of those souls’ attack energy disappeared.
Unexpectedly, more than 3,000 gods and more than 5,000 median gods in the Green Ghost Palace were broken in this way.
Aolei turned to look at all the guards in Qingming Palace. Didn’t they just attack? Was that an illusion? Yes, it must be such an illusion!
How can the fact that he saw it with his own eyes be an illusion? He doesn’t want to believe it or can’t believe it!
"You stay there one by one do fart! I told you to attack your body and soul. Attack your soul. Do you hear me? !” Aolei growled at the Green Ghost Palace guards.
Facing a face of murderous look and ferocious face, Aurelio roared, and all the guards in Qingming Palace were wronged in their hearts, but they were afraid to disobey, and then they once again sent a body and soul attack to Qing Ye and his party.
Again? Qing Ye sneer at this time is absolutely "hum" a will those soul attack energy washed away.
When the former Pangu star domain sealed the gods in World War I, the two generals, Hum and Ha, showed their great power by enjoying the two sounds. This is magic luck.
Aolei finally believes that it was not an illusion after verification this time.
Ignoring the panic of the guards in the Green Ghost Palace, Qing Ye looked at Aoleidan and smiled. "It’s my turn to attack this time!"
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Hell shura
The sea floor is full of destructive power.
Qing Ye’s hands pointed to this rare flame and instantly left Qing Ye’s fingers, and then swished across the sea like a rocket off the ground to lightning Austria.
Have come to consider this rare flame hasn’t hit around Aoleijiao, and the sea water has actually taken up hot blisters for miles.
What is this fire law? Aolei panicked and retreated, and at the same time, she could not hide it any more. She took out the nine-hole sword and stabbed it with a water wave. The nine-hole blare screamed at the rare flame.
However, the rare flame passed through the water wave like a bullet and then enlarged in his eyes.
Aolei can’t help but despair for thousands of years. He has never tried to fail since he founded the Qingming Palace, but now he smells death.
Are you going to die? Aolei was in a state of panic.
Consciously put the nine-hole sword in his hand into a block. Suddenly, when this rare flame was about to sweep him, a horrible and destructive black airflow of the nine-hole sword rotated and blocked the rare flame.
The rumbling water waves shook the sea and set off huge waves.
"Yi" Qing Ye saw that Aolei had blocked his blow and couldn’t help but make a surprise. Yi sound pleasing to the eye and looked at Aolei’s nine-hole sword.
Aoleishou’s nine-hole sword reminds Qing Ye of his third brother Shi Fan’s exquisite sword with different rings, but this nine-hole sword has the same nine holes, and the exquisite sword with rings is cast by the innate soil spirit. This nine-hole sword has no soil spirit atmosphere, but a strong dark and destructive atmosphere.
Aolei saw that the nine-hole sword in his hand blocked Qing Ye’s blow, and it was not a big surprise that the nine-hole sword was a high-god component.
Ha ha ha ha Aolei couldn’t help looking at Qing Ye with laughter. "You can’t kill me! If you can’t kill me, come and kill me! " Anger and murder before the triumph made Aolei cry wildly.
Qing Ye looked at the female milk indifferently and said, "Husband, it seems that this is what the cave owner said was dedicated to the high god of Qing Ming Palace, and the length of the hole was shaved."
Ye Qingxiao smiled and nodded, then looked at Aolei and said, "It seems that the nine-hole sword condensed by this high god power just saved you."
The morning actually told the news to this group of people, and the murder in Aolei’s heart became more intense.
Hear Qing Ye aurelio hey hey a malicious way "yes, this is a high god nine hole sword ha ha high god is high! It’s my turn to kill you if you can’t kill me with it! "
In Aolei’s view, there are also Qing Ye in this line of people who are fierce. To solve Qing Ye, then this line of people can easily kill.
If the other party is not the Lord God, then with this nine-hole long evil, he is sure to kill the other party.
Kill! Kill him!
Aolei looked at Qing Ye with red eyes and then flew to kill Qing Ye. A nine-hole sword in his hand was concise, and a black hairy stream penetrated and instantly stabbed Qing Ye.
Qing Ye knows that this high god’s divine power has condensed into the Pangu Star Domain, and Lingbao has a sword spirit the day after tomorrow. The sword spirit will automatically protect the Lord when the bearer is in danger.
Looking at Aoleishan sword contains destructive power Qing Ye corners of the mouth evoked a sneer at "high god is high? Then let’s see if I can kill you. "
See Qing Ye right hand raised not only didn’t return the palm, but brought it to the tip of the nine-hole sword.
Qing Ye’s move made Aoleizheng immediately look grim and smiled. "Is your hand stronger than the high god’s divine power to condense artifacts?"
When the nine-hole sword stabbed Qing Ye’s palm, Qing Ye’s right hand sent out a white air mass and wrapped the tip of the nine-hole sword.
Aurelio’s stab was even more terrifying when he felt powerless. After a stab, he seemed to be stuck by something, and he couldn’t go in any more. His face changed and his divine power was violently injected. When he tried to pull out the nine-hole sword, he was as motionless as shaking the 10,000-meter peak.
How is this possible with his hands? Then, in Aurelio’s frightened eyes, Qing Ye took advantage of the opportunity to win a shock, and the nine-hole sword fell into the hands of Qing Ye, while Aurelio was knocked back by a heavy blow for dozens of miles and hit several rocks at the bottom of the sea.
Half ring aurelio struggled to get up and looked at Qing Ye in horror.