"They are all masters of knives. It doesn’t matter if they want to learn from each other." Fan Chou said behind Ding Tao.

That’s right! Li she can rest assured.
Two people stand quietly looking for each other’s breakthrough point in the eyes of war.
I don’t know who is stronger. Li She is also a little curious. The force value of Le Jin is 95 () and the force value of Zhou Cang is 94 (), which needs to be suppressed by 5% of Le Jin, but the force of Zhou Cang 124 can break out 117 times higher than that of Le Jin. To this extent, even a hundred forces can be ignored by military commanders. What’s more, it’s these twenty points, so it’s hard to say whether it will be won or lost.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen’ gas’
The wind of flowers and plants in the courtyard is automatic, and Li She and others feel the strong wind blowing on their faces. There is a kind of momentum around Zhou Cang Lejin, as if they were talking about a duel. The two men stared at each other carefully.
Li She has analyzed the characters in this world. If we want to compare the people here with those in fantasy, the counselors are like monks. They are good at using the power of heaven and earth, but the counselors will be weak.
Military commanders are like martial practitioners. They focus on their own abilities and pay attention to attracting heaven and earth to exercise their flesh and blood. When the force value breaks through to 9, there will be a kind of strength in the body, which can protect the sword from injury, except of course the magic weapon.
Qin saw that two people were at loggerheads, and the short and strong man was even with Zhou Cang’s momentum. It was not an ordinary generation who asked Li She, "Who is the elder brother involved?" Actually so strong. "
Qin is very appreciative of Zhou Cang, especially in the past two months, when we get along, we feel more and more to our liking, and our combat power is still very strong. Except for those famous military commanders, Qin does not believe that anyone will be stronger than Zhou Cang.
Li She hasn’t answered Zhou Cang’s words in the field, such as Hong Zhong’s "Zhou Cang is blessed!"
The momentum of Lejin is not bad at all. "Lejin is modest!"
Lejin? Qin always feels a little familiar, but he can’t remember the question. "Who is this music?" Is it famous? "
"Five him! You don’t even know who told you to be busy making money and not studying hard! " Ding Tao a supercilious look sarcastically.
"I’ll go! I said how I am so familiar with it. It turned out to be Cao Wei’s five good generals! " Qin suddenly realized that there was something to eat and looked at Li She and said, "Brother She, your dumb luck is amazing!"
Li Sheyi smiled smugly. "If you can fall off a cliff and not die, you can do it."
"Forget it," Qin said angrily.
Zhou Cang Lejin didn’t fight after all. It was a strong exchange. He knew that the other party was half a catty. If he accidentally hit it dark, there would be no result. The two simply gave up.
Le Jin’s battle is fierce, and Zhou Cang is also heroic and double-edged. Both of them are determined by great courage. They feel like brothers when they meet at first sight, and they hate to go aside and exchange experiences late.
Jiaoer went back to her room when she saw that all the men were talking about the sky.
When Li She saw this situation, she always felt that she had nothing to do. After a while, she finally remembered and said to Qin Ding Tao, "Do you have money?"
"I have twelve taels of silver." Ding Tao is simply too barren. Ding Tao Town is really not rich, and it is a little difficult to maintain the town’s luck. Where can I get extra money?
"Hey hey! Qin take out your money. "Li Sheyin laughs. Li Sheknows that Qin must be rich.
Qin also said simply and boldly, "How much is it?"
"No more, no more, 200 taels of silver."
"what! Brother, you went to rob! " Qin was shocked. This is almost all his travelling expenses.
Then Li she fell off a cliff and was rescued by Cai Yan’s father and daughter, and then came in for fun. Luoyang was paralyzed by Yuan Shao’s calculation and became a jade bracelet in the inn. They were surprised to hear that. This can be a novel!
"Elder brother! Don’t say anything, you can take this money! " Immediately, I took out my wallet from my arms and handed it to Li Sheqi. "Brother Shege, how can you get along with such a big man as Yuan Shao?"
"Oh, I am also very upset!" Li sighed and then talked about the rise of music in Zhou Cang in the distance and shouted, "Wen Qian gives you this money!"
Lejin Zhou Cang came with a big smile. It seems that they are all satisfied with their new friends. Lejin took over the wallet thrown by Li She and slightly stunned. "This?"
"Still leng why! Go to the pawnshop! " Li she laughed
Lejin reacted excitedly and said, "Ha ha! Great! " Ran quickly to the pawnshop.
Le Jin once thought about robbing to get money, and he also thought about going directly to the pawnshop to ask for it or not, but he finally gave up, because even if he got it, he didn’t want Jiao Er’s heart, so he didn’t have the money to get it back. This time, he finally got it back. Think again, Jiao Er’s heart looks unhappy after getting the jade bracelet!
It was at this time that a group of people entered the courtyard, and Li She could not leave the line of sight at random. Le Jin was also surprised at the temperament of this group, but he hurried away when he thought that the bracelet was still waiting for him in the pawnshop.
There are eleven people in this gang. They are equipped with dark armor. The main body is refined armor. In the skirt, there is a black tights. The hands are all feet and long guns. The gun body is as black as ink. If the only part of the equipment is not black, it may be the white gun tip.
But there is one exception, that is, the leader has his equipment, which is not painted black, but also bright silver, which is very conspicuous. If Li She didn’t know that he was a player, Li She would almost be Zhao Long. At this time, he was led by the housekeeper to accept their room.
The silver armor man also looks like Li She. They cast a glance and smiled. It’s a greeting. Li She also smiled politely.
The housekeeper casually explained as soon as she received Li She and others, and they left, and the door never rang again, which gave Li She a feeling like meeting an instructor during military training in a university. They were also so silent and always quiet, but they always exuded an atmosphere that could not be ignored.
"This person has a spirit!" Zhou Cang suddenly said that he was promoted and Fan Chou nodded and approved Zhou Cang’s statement.
"gas?" Not only Li She doesn’t even know Ding Taoqin.
"This kind of thing is very mysterious, but it can be produced after a long period of time, or it can suddenly appear with an epiphany to see the opportunity." Zhou Cang is a man with thick lines. He can’t explain the problem well at all, or he will be promoted by Gao Sheng. Then he said, "After having Qi, you can not only prolong your life, but also seek martial arts. Otherwise, you will never enter the ranks of fighters. Just like me, you have the honor to have Qi before you have the present strength."
What does Li Shebai Gaosheng mean is very clear, that is to say, only when you have’ Qi’ can you break through the 9-force value card, otherwise a generation will not be able to Daya Gallery.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Chen Wu
The mystery of’ Qi’ is abnormal. Only a few people or people with great perseverance can understand it. Li She and others certainly didn’t understand it, but Li She knew that one of the players must have understood it. That is Li Qiang, the man selected by the wolf, and this man in bright silver armor is another player who can’t be underestimated!
Li She didn’t know that the reality was shattered. She casually said, "Now the quality of players is getting higher and higher. There are no more people who make troubles and have nothing to do."
"Now who will dare to quiet! Who is not afraid of death! " Qin responded.
Li She didn’t react for a moment. "What do you mean?"
Qin Dingtao glanced at him and asked doubtfully, "You don’t know about that big event, do you?"
"What’s the big deal?" Li she is also in the fog.
Finally, Qin seriously explained what happened in reality and emphasized that there is no difference between players np.
"Anyway, whether reality destroys me or not, Qin has nothing to worry about, and the person concerned has died in reality. This is good to be with me," Qin said.
This is the same for Li She, whose parents have been in the game with themselves. In reality, he has long been there. I think of the tragic situation in reality, and Li She will be a little sighing. "Alas, I don’t know how many wives are separated and deeply grieved!" Are they alive again in this world? "
"Yes! Those players who have just entered the game are really miserable, and nothing will starve to death. "Ding Tao’s impression is that among the three people, the deepest west is cool and barren, and people who live by themselves will not have enough to eat, just like having food for these players who suddenly appear."
"We can barely support Jingzhou better," Qin said. "This is the only thing we can do to give them a harbor to rely on, but we still need to see themselves if we want to live a wonderful life."
"Well, that’s right," Li She agreed. "No wonder those leaderboards have disappeared recently. It turned out that this happened. It was decided that the player np was not different and was cancelled directly!"
"Almost" Qin nodded his head.
A few people talked about it together. Did an hour pass quickly? Le Jin had already come back. She changed her jade bracelet and smiled with joy.
At noon, since someone brought the food, the group of people were still in the room, eating and drinking in the room without much noise.
On the contrary, Li She and others are noisy in the courtyard. After all, it is a reunion after a long separation, especially after Li She’s death.
"general! Do you want me to teach them a lesson? " One person in the room really can’t stand the noise in the courtyard and said impatiently
"How many times have I told you? Don’t call me General. It’s not real here anymore. Just call me Brother Chen," said the man in bright silver armor.
Li She feels that there is nothing wrong with them. They are a group of soldiers, and the man in bright silver armor is even more a major general.
"I know, brother Chen, I’ll teach them a lesson." Shun said that he would go out.
"Come back!" The elder brother Chen immediately shouted, "Do you know who they are? Did you hit them? "
Shun seems to be angered. "I don’t care who they are. I don’t believe that I have been a special soldier for seven years and I am not their opponent!"