Hao Xuan got courage from Guan Yang. He turned his head and continued to talk to Yin Ningluo in an adult tone. "Aunt, in fact, the person who loves you the most here is my uncle. Mom told me that after you fell into the sea, my uncle spent a whole week sleepless looking for you, and all of us were behind. You are not in this world, and you are also my uncle. He came out against us and finally hoped you would come back. Why don’t you know him?"

When Hao Xuan asked these words to Yin Ningluo, he really didn’t know how to answer them. Yin Ningluo knew that children couldn’t lie, but she had no memory of Guan Yangzhen, and Yin Ningluo was doomed to give no explanation.
At this time, Ou Haoxuan’s little hand suddenly held Yin Ningluo’s hand and took her out of bed. People in the room gradually retreated aside. They pinned all their hopes on Hao Xuan and hoped that he could awaken Zhang Yuxi’s memory.
When the crowd retreated, Yin Ningluo led the little guy to the front of the photo wall. The little guy pointed at the photo woman and showed it to Yin Ningluo. "Aunt, look, this is your room. This photo woman is you."
In the midsummer season in B city, the lighting in this room is very good, but at the moment of turning around, Yin Ning’s collaterals are as cold as if they had fallen into a black abyss.
The woman in the photo has the same face as herself. Even if she doesn’t want to believe anything at the moment, she can change the fact that Yin Ningluo is Zhang Yuxi.
There is no headache, and there is no need to exclude Yin Ningluo. She is quietly taking pictures of Zhang Yuxi when everyone is not looking at her for a long time.
It was not until the footsteps behind him that Yin Ningluo moved his eyes from the photo and saw him that tears were forced out after all.
Guan Yang’s husband is also the man she once loved.
"How can you do this to me?" She asked him. "Why do you want to be with other women under the banner of loving me? You have a family. Why do you want to remind me of this? I once asked you, if one day when I think of myself as Zhang Yuxi, do you really want me to watch my husband form a family with other women and children while I watch all these painful blessings?" Yin Ningluo felt wronged. Did she come here to bring disgrace to oneself?
In front of so many people, she pattered tears like a clown.
However, in this room, everyone except Zhang Yuxi, who has amnesia, knows that Guan Yang has actually been wronged, and his heart is suffering from real words.
Since I met Zhang Yuxi again, Guan Yang has never had a chance to talk to her. Every time, Zhang Yuxi and Yin Ningluo accused him of his identity. Guan Yang can bear it silently because he knows whether it is Zhang Yuxi or Yin Ningluo. She must have suffered a lot from her husband in the past three years. He didn’t protect his wife. Just this, Guan Yang should not have reason to ask her for anything.
In this room, Zhang Yuqing wants to prove the innocence of Guan Yang, and Ou Chenyi also wants to be the only one who can understand Guan Yang. He takes his red-eyed wife into his arms and wants her to do nothing. She can’t help it. She can’t stand her brother being wronged like this. When she was about to refute Zhang Yuxi, she was reprimanded by Guan Yang.
"Xiaoya, this is my sister-in-law thing with you. Don’t worry."
However, Guan Ya doesn’t care whether Guan Yang is losing his temper with her, regardless of going to Zhang Yuxi’s face and saying coldly, "Yuxi, I know you have amnesia, but please don’t use this as an excuse to bully my brother."
Words haven’t finished yet. Guan Ya’s wrist has been held in the palm of his hand. Guan Ya lifts his eyes and frowning to see Guan Yang. Before that, she didn’t expect Guan Yang to appreciate her, but another Guan Ya didn’t expect Guan Yang to look at strangers’ eyes to see her.
If someone asks Guan Ya, Guan Yang is a good brother, then Guan Ya will definitely answer yes without hesitation.
It’s true that Guan Yang is cold, but those are foreigners. Guan Yang, her sister, is naturally spoiled and has nothing to say.
It was today that Guan Yang held Guan Ya’s wrist in pain. He didn’t care about her feelings at all and pulled her back to Zhang Yuchen.
Retreat to Zhang Yuchen and leave a cold word "take care of your wife"
At this moment, Guan Ya really wanted to cry. She asked herself, "Did she still take care of her and love her brother since she was a child?" She didn’t understand what she did wrong. Didn’t he wait for Zhang Yuxi to come back in the past three years? And Guan Han was an accident. If it wasn’t for Zhang Yuxi’s sudden death, Guan Yang was once addicted to alcohol. How could Li Jihe take the opportunity to drill?
Guan Ya believes that all this is a misunderstanding. It is necessary to explain clearly that even if Guan Yang really has something wrong, at least Zhang Yuxi will not resent him as he does now.
At this moment, Guan Ya feels that Guan Yang is so timid that he doesn’t even know how to defend himself when he is wronged, so Zhang Yuxi’s family may not necessarily get his affection.
If you put it in your usual place, Guan Ya will definitely be unbearable, and maybe she will rush out of the room and never come again. But today, she doesn’t want to stay and see for herself how Zhang Yuxi answered him.
That day, in the eyes of Guan Ya, Guan Yang was very self-respecting, and he kowtowed to Zhang Yuxi.
Facing Zhang Yuxi, Guan Yang didn’t give an explanation. He said, "I’m sorry I didn’t protect you. If time can go back, I will stay with you. If you hate me, I won’t make excuses myself. I don’t want to let you go after I love you."
Yin Ningluo felt ironic when he heard Guan Yang’s words, and answered Guan Yang in an unusually calm tone. "You should have said these words three years ago. Do you know that I don’t love you anymore when I face you again in three years? Let go, Guan Yang. I don’t belong to you anymore."
When I really faced Guan Yang, Yin Ningluo found that her tears would never be wiped away in front of this man. Her love with Guan Yang was already the end of the road. Looking at him, she was speechless. She could take a woman’s most original temper and punched Guan Yang in the chest. He didn’t move her face, and the tears became more and more. Every time she punched, she tried to test how much Guan Yang loved Zhang Yuxi. How many fists he could bear? When Guan Yang finally couldn’t bear to cough up, Yin Ningluo felt like a winner and laughed more than anyone else.
When outsiders see this scene, everyone will feel sorry for Guan Yang. Isn’t this couple Yin Ning, who is covered in injuries, winding their hearts? Actually, she hurts more than anyone else. Since he loves Zhang Yuxi so much, why not go to her and believe that she is still alive, he just can’t stick it out.
It didn’t stop until my hand hurt Yin Ning’s fist.
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112 Last minute warmth has always been with you.
A city writes a story, and the bustling city silently bears the joys and sorrows of several people.
The towering commercial building falls forward through the glass window. The handsome face of the man, the black suit, his hands in his pants pockets, are tailored to make a straight figure. A pair of dark eyes meet the sky through the glass window in the distance.
What seems to be a calm day now actually contains too many changes in a certain depth, all of which are contained in the eyes of men. Things often happen, and maybe he should have been prepared long ago.
Dayu used dredging to save the lives of one side of the people when he was controlling the water, but before that, he blocked it, or the people could be saved. As a result, the more blocked the water, the faster it became, but it formed a reaction and encouraged the flood to drown the crowd.
Junling is not Dayu. He doesn’t have a caring heart. His heart has been occupied by a woman named Yin Ningluo. It is such a woman. She wants him to do everything with all his energy, but he is still afraid that she will suddenly leave. He is chasing and guarding the pain and happiness.
From things to this step, Junling once asked himself whether it was the best decision to bring Yin Ning back here after careful consideration.
In fact, Yin Ningluo is Zhang Yuxi. City B is her home, where she grew up. More importantly, Zhang Yuxi is not an ordinary person. She is the daughter of Zhang Xiaotian, a business overlord, or an official wife. It seems that she was born to be noticed. She is so dazzling that he can’t hide her light. One day, when Yin Ningluo returns to Zhang Yuxi’s position, she will return to parallel lines and her life will never be met again.
This is that reality before Junling.
He also has his own selfishness, just as he could turn Zhang Yuxi into Yin Ningluo at the beginning, so she would live happily with him. He loves her and loves her, and he will give her whatever she wants.
He’d rather Zhang Yuxi become a devil who plunders love, and he’d also like to keep her with him so that they can be together. Nai fate saw through his plot earlier when he had this idea. After three years, it still sent Yin Ningluo back to Guan Yang.
It’s a coincidence that so many companies are engaged in tourism, so the scenic spots are waiting to be developed. Unfortunately, he looked at the land and Guan Yang met the company. He had to come to B. If he wants to come to that city, Yin Ning’s network will inevitably follow the world too small, and he will have to make friends with Guan Yang. The man will find that Yin Ning’s network is Zhang Yuxi one day.
Isn’t that what’s happening now?
Guan Yang found that Yin Ningluo was Zhang Yuxi. He was faster than he thought, and now he is working with Zhang Yuchen and his party to find ways to restore Yin Ningluo’s former memory.
He doesn’t know if it’s fair for him not to stop Guan Yangxing from doing this now, but it’s true that Yin Ning collaterals are Zhang Yuxi. Whether she is Zhang Yuxi or Yin Ning collaterals, he loves her. It is because of love that he can’t selfishly destroy the memory that belongs to her.
Jun Ling regards Yin Ning as a treasure, but Jun Ling also has his own pride. If he forcibly occupies Zhang Yuxi when she loses her memory, he will not be worthy of her by then.
Suo Junling let her go to restore her memory. If she chooses to be Zhang Yuxi, he will still let go of blessing as he did three years ago. If there is a glimmer of hope that she is willing to be Yin Ningluo, he still loves her and still marries her at the wedding to protect her generation.