Aoqing eyebrows instantly wrinkled into a word "Sichuan" with an unbelievable face. Obviously, something incredible happened.

She raised my hand to hold the way "no! He was already a fairyland at that time, and now 50 years later, if he is still alive, he should have become an immortal and ascended to the celestial realm with his qualifications. How can he still stay? "
Chu Xingyu jumped into his heart and blurted out, "How old was he fifty years ago?"
"Look at the bone age should be thirty-seven!" Aoqing thought for a moment and high-five confirmed, "Yes, it’s really thirty-seven. He was the first person to give me delicious food. I was very sorry that such a good bone was dying."
Chapter 57 Born into WTO (1)
A man who was going to die fifty years ago is well in front of her today, and two swords have forced her out of Li Chu-xing’s meteorite, and doubts are getting deeper and deeper.
She knows that a person who has lived in Aoqing for thousands of years, although his personality is naughty, but his eyes are very vicious, can be praised by him. He is definitely a real genius. Even her master who has always claimed to be a genius has only two words in Aoqing’s mouth-mediocrity!
There is something strange about a man who should be a genius but still stays in the world after 50 years and has not yet soared.
"He is repairing now?" Aoqing obviously had an excellent impression on Xie Suixin and asked a few more words.
"It should be … a fairy!" Chu Xing meteorite thought for a moment and answered with some uncertainty. After all, she and Xie went through two moves at will, and the other party finally accepted the force. Now she is not immortal, so she can’t fully understand each other’s strength. She can guess about one with reference to Master Xiu.
"Small into? !” Aoqing instantly jumped three feet high but forgot that she was sitting on the bed when she heard "bang". As soon as her head was firmly hit on the top of the bed, she cried out in pain and fell back to the bed. She rubbed her head with her hands and twisted her teeth and cried out pain.
Chuxing meteorite was also shaken by the huge sound, and his face instantly revealed his regret. At that time, his feelings were so loud that as one pleases knew that it was really a bump. Even when she was watching it, she felt pain. Otherwise, Aoqing’s skull was strong enough. Otherwise, ordinary people would have fainted.
She is nai and sighed sympathetically, shook her head and walked past, rubbing and cursing with help. "What are you doing all day long in Mao Mao?" Patients should be sick, you know! "
Aoqing shook his head in pain and cried, "I’m not a patient! And how can that Xie Suixin be a small success! When I met him, he was already a child. Maybe he hasn’t practiced for fifty years? "
Fifty years ago, it was a fairy …
Chuxing meteorite not froze.
It is necessary to know that there are five stages from the fairy to the fairy: the fairy is first born, the fairy is small, the fairy is big, the fairy is step by step, and the fairy is half step. Finally, Du Jie is successfully promoted to the fairy
It is not too strange that a young adult who can become a fairy at the age of 37 should be stagnant at the age of 50.
"What the hell is this?" AoQing obviously also thought of this layer, but she is more surprised than hate iron not to produce. Immediately, she was lifted and asked for a bed. "Little Chu, where is he now? You take me there quickly. I’ll teach him a lesson! No enterprising guy! It’ s so ruined for 50 years that he’ s lost his good bones! "
"Ahem!" Chu Xingyu coughed a few times and put her back on the bed. "He was gone when I left. Where do you want me to find him now?"
"It’s okay, my nose is sharp." Aoqing was eager to sit up again, but after touching her best friend’s murderous eyes, she finally obediently lay back and muttered, "Don’t go or not …"
ChuXing meteorite "hum" two is obedient to her answer, but looking at her with a face of heart unwilling appearance or tell her "I have an appointment with Rico to take you to visit Pan Hui, and then you can have a good look around. Anyway, that Xie Suixin seems to care about Du Ruo’s safety, so it shouldn’t be too far away, otherwise he won’t appear so soon when I make moves to Du Ruo just now."
"Well," Aoqing took a sniffle and reluctantly agreed to the arrangement of girlfriends, but she continued to ask, "Can’t you really go today?"
"no! You give me a good rest! " ChuXing meteorite eyes a horizontal directly put her last glimmer of hope flame out in the bud.
Aoqing’s flat mouth can’t protest. She can look at her best friend piteously and say, "Xiao Chu, I’m hungry …"
Chu Xingyu rolled his eyes with his hand. "When I came back, I already told Xiao Er to prepare breakfast for you. It should be delivered soon. Wait!"
Aoqing winked and smiled, and immediately put the unpleasant department behind him and said, "Xiao Chu is the best!"
"Ha ha ….." ChuXing meteorite can be a crack in the corners of the mouth pulled out with a quick laugh.
Fortunately, this is a knocking at the door outside the house, which saved her. She wanted to hit people and was troubled by Chu Xing meteorite. She turned to the door, but she didn’t expect that it would be the wife of shop-owner who personally sent breakfast to the floor and hurriedly made a pass.
Aoqing jumped up at the sight of the food, even ignoring the coat, and rushed to the front of the round table to wait for the breakfast table
Chuxing meteorite nai shook his head and resigned himself to the clothes rack and took her coat to help her put it on and sat down at the table
The proprietress put all the dishes in the tray on the table before sitting down and asking, "Miss Chu doesn’t know how Miss Pan is poisoned?"
Naturally, she knew where Chu Xing meteorite went out early in the morning, and she just took the opportunity to send breakfast to ask about the situation in person. After all, the poison was in her inn and she had to take responsibility.
Aoqing, who was already hungry and stuck his chest on his back, quickly put his chopsticks in his hand and looked at his best friend. Even the delicious breakfast no longer attracted her.
Chuxing meteorite slowly shook his head and his face was very bad.
Listen to Du Ruo today. If you can’t find a detoxification method in three days, I’m afraid Pan Hui’s life will be in jeopardy.
"How?" The proprietress worried, "There is a younger sister in our school who likes to study medicine and pharmacology since childhood. I have flown thousands of miles and she hopes to catch up."
Chu Xingyu was delighted when he heard this, but immediately frowned and said, "Are you going to make it to Younger in two days?"
"How can there be two days left? When I took Pan Hui yesterday, that Du Ruo told me that I could keep it for six days! " Aoqing called to get up
Chu Xing meteorite said, "This time is different. Last night, Pan Hui coughed up blood again. If she coughed up blood again tonight, she would be worried about her life."
AoQing immediately was so angry that she jumped up and clapped her hands on the table, scurrying around the room and cursing "quack! This quack! You lied to me about six days! I’m going to tear down her medicine cabinet now! "
Wife of shop-owner is silent.
Since yesterday, she has felt that there must be a conspiracy involved in this matter, which has not been sorted out yet.
Chapter 5 Born into WTO (2)
Ao Qing and Chu Xing are different. The proprietress has been in the WTO for many years. She knows that human nature is sinister. There are many good people and unscrupulous people. Just say that she has worked hard to run the inn over the years. There are many people who are jealous, provocative, behind-the-scenes and extortion. If she didn’t rely on her kung fu and give gifts everywhere, she would have been unable to get around in the world.
"What is poison? It would be so dangerous! " The wife of shop-owner asked her if she still didn’t know that the Dragon’s Blood was not in the same direction as Chuxing’s meteorite guess.
"No matter what poison it is, I’ll give Pan Hui a hundred-year adoption life and then slowly find someone to treat it! I’m going to tear down the mediocrity first! " Aoqing rolled his sleeves regardless of his coat, so he rushed out the door and was stopped by Chu Xing meteorite dragging his belt. "Xiao Chu …"
Before the words were finished, they were interrupted by Chu Xing meteorite. "Don’t be impulsive. Things are not as simple as you think. Du Ruo told me that Pan Hui was poisoned, even though it was specially developed to deal with the poison of our immortals. Fortunately, her teacher inherited a few acres of medicine fields from her master, but when I left, she told me that she would try to find out all the toxins in the poison today."
"Specially deal with the poison of cultivating immortals …" The proprietress slowly repeated this sentence slowly, and suddenly there was a hint of enlightenment in her heart. "Is it …"
"What? !” Aoqingchu star meteor instantaneous surrounded by waiting for her answer.
"Actually, I’m not sure that it’s been quite a long time after all." The proprietress recalled that Lin Ling had offended the royal family. "At that time, the Emperor of Song gave me a bunch of good things, even the gold plaque in my lobby on the first floor. I think things should have passed, and I have to go to branches around the country to check accounts every year, and I didn’t take it to heart. Now I think it’s the Emperor of Song who will settle accounts after the autumn?"
Aoqing listened and went on the rampage directly. "I went to the emperor of Song! The second guessed unexpectedly dare to calculate to the old niang! If I hadn’t guarded the ice sheet for many years, I don’t know how many times the whole continent of Zhongzhou had been attacked by the tide of beasts, where would I get his current Weifu! Hum, I will call a group of fierce beasts to level his palace tomorrow! "
A white light flashed through Aoqing’s eyes. At this time, his face was full of fierceness, and his cheeks were covered with semi-transparent silver scales. A provocative dress was to go out immediately to get a posture.
ChuXing meteorite hurriedly grabbed her arm and dragged it back to drink a way "you sit for me first! Have you forgotten the iron law that people who cultivate immortals should not do harm to the world? Once a fierce beast kills a city, heaven will punish it! You want to get rid of your anger for a while and end up with both form and spirit! "
"I’m not a cultivator. I’m from the celestial world. Where can I get the iron law of the human world? Besides, why can’t I punish that dog emperor because he can seduce people at will? And that Rush poison, once he finds out, won’t be used to poison all those who can’t cultivate immortality! " Aoqing argued vigorously.