Ah, boss, look at that beautiful room over there. It must be the royal kitchen. Laugh. Luo Cha pointed to a gorgeous building on the left front and said that just after he finished speaking, two ladies-in-waiting in the same line immediately laughed.

Dragonfly will know that Luo Cha must have said something wrong when he looked at the ladies-in-waiting. Why is the kitchen such a beautiful place like Luo Cha, a jerk? I think it’s the emperor’s bedroom that said to Dragonfly with great confidence.
After hearing what he said, the two ladies-in-waiting stared at Lian Xiao, and the dragonfly saw that the ladies-in-waiting reflected more confidence and smiled. Luo Cha also praised the wisdom of the dragonfly.
Walking in front of the dragonfly, it is said that the more they say, the more they turn around. The little dragonfly said that dragonfly is not a bedroom. Don’t talk nonsense. It is a royal toilet.
Test what dragonfly is confused.
Alas, it was either the imperial toilet or the royal toilet. The old saying said with emphasis, Ah, what? Why is a toilet so beautiful? Alas, Longfei finally thought that the culprit that led to his misjudgment was that the toilet was too beautiful.
Have been listening to the dragonfly three dialogue carol and others this is laughing, but fortunately, the imperial room is just around the corner, and the guards in the full corridor are watching everyone stop talking and laughing. As the palace guards report to the emperor for a long time, everyone enters the imperial room.
As soon as I entered the imperial house, I knelt down and said to the emperor, "I see the position, long live my emperor, long live my emperor, and then I did it."
Looking up, the dragonfly can now see clearly the monarch of the weir country, Kyle Shulandi Kyle. He is a very young king with only four heavy eyebrows and big eyes. His facial features are not handsome, but it gives people a stable feeling. Although the black eyes can make people know that they are overworked, their eyes are still a kind of radiant dragonfly. No matter how small the country is, the monarch is also a kind of royal momentum.
Beside the emperor, there was also a little princess, Dragonfly, who looked at her for 15 years. She guessed that she might be dreaming of a handkerchief. The little princess Lanni Shulandi was very cute. She had blue hair, blue eyes and snow-white skin, as if like Xiaotian. When Dragonfly looked at her, she was also watching Dragonfly and others carefully and laughing. Luo Cha had already been blindsided, but Dragonfly was not interested in this little princess. According to his own statement, she was too young to be suitable for herself.
In the imperial room, except for a few people, there was also a woman on the steps. The girl’s rosy hair showed her enthusiasm and light leather. The brown skin told Dragonfly that she was a heroine, and her shining eyes were staring at the three people who were repairing Karen. Dragonfly probably guessed her identity, but she was already small beside Dragonfly. He said that he was Miss Sun. Now she seems to recognize us. I don’t know if she can get along and repair her worries.
Look at me, but we don’t mean any harm. Just admit it and kidnap her home if it’s a big deal. Dragonfly doesn’t say otherwise
Alas, this can be done, but it’s better to kill the true qi by other methods. Miss Sun’s blood will not be less troublesome than mine, so she sighed and said
When the dragonfly was talking lightly, the dialogue between the emperor and the ancient Japanese words was almost over. The ancient Japanese words had reported to the emperor a process of selecting and recruiting mercenaries, and now the topic of the two has turned to the dragonfly and other people.
Hehe, Gu Aiqing worked hard. I can’t believe that he is still so young to ride a mercenary. The emperor smiled at dragonfly and others and said.
Their strength is really strong. This man named Long Fei Jie Lao Si is the leader of their party. When I saw him with my own eyes, I defeated an ox and an orc, Berserker. Gu Riyan reported, Oh, really? Berserker can also defeat the emperor alone. Obviously, he knew that the nomadic mercenaries were coming and didn’t know what was happening. Now, listening to his eyes shining, not only the emperor was on the side, but the other two women were also surprised and couldn’t help but look at the dragonfly.
Nothing, that’s because I’m lucky. Dragonfly said lightly, not because Dragonfly changed his sex addiction, but because he remembered the orcs, and his words revealed a trace of sadness.
Well, it’s great to be able to speak without praise and not be arrogant. These future prospects are really limitless. What a talent! The emperor misunderstood the dragonfly and praised it greatly. Two women around him also sat up and took notice of it.
Hey, hey, dragonfly can smile awkwardly in the face of such a situation.
Have you come to our country this time to help our country resist punk? The emperor asked.
Well, it’s like saying that we’re here to help the weir country. We haven’t finished talking yet. We’re dreaming on the steps and talking nonsense. You’re not mercenaries at all.
What a dream? What did you say? Asked the emperor in great surprise.
I’m sorry for my disrespect, but they are not mercenaries, said Meng You.
You have no sin to forgive. Make it clear quickly. The emperor said earnestly that at this time, the guards have surrounded the dragonfly and others at the door, just waiting for the emperor to order them to be captured.
I don’t know the origin of the other seven people because I haven’t seen them, but those three people are the captain of the blood-killing team, one thousand people, Meng You said.
Why do they pretend to be mercenaries? The emperor can’t figure it out.
What did you just want to say about this dream? The dragonfly interrupted her.
Emperor, let me make things clear, but we really mean no harm. Please let them go first, Longfei said to the emperor
The emperor thought about it for a while and retreated the guards. All right, now you say it.
Thank you for your letter. The thing is, the dragonfly talked about it from himself to Heifengzhai that day until how did it get here. Tell the emperor carefully that the dragonfly is three inches long and straight. Tell the story vividly. When it was Heifengzhai, it was interesting to have a bloody battle. When it was taught in red, it was dangerous for Loulan to play tricks on the group leader. It was printed one by one in the hearts of all the people present, and the Chinese people became fond of the dragonfly. Every time it changed with the dragonfly’s expression, it entered the middle of the night.
Alas, after listening to the dragonfly narrative, the emperor sighed for a long time. In the face of dragonfly and others, everyone would sigh that the little princess shed tears when dragonfly said that the orcs died
In fact, your idea is right, and it is also right for the colonel to ask his granddaughter to leave the weir country, a place that is about to go to war. I think you’d better go back to your grandfather. The emperor has made the final decision
I said that if Grandpa doesn’t help, it’s because I can solve the problem, but I must protect it here. I was born here, and the water and soil have raised me. The weir country is my motherland, and I will protect my motherland even if I sacrifice my life. You don’t have to say much, so go home. Mengyou said impassioned to Dragonfly, Alas, you are such a child. Although your mouth blames Mengyou, the emperor is really moved.
Forget it. I saw you just now, so I know that there are two ways to make you go back to the blood killing regiment. We kidnap you and go back. Hehe, but now I don’t want to do it. Second, hold the weir country and then everyone will go back together.
He just finished talking, and everyone was surprised except Carlo and other nine people. You really thought it over and you might die. You are all young, and the emperor couldn’t bear to say.
Dragonfly turned to carol and others behind and said, let’s make our own decisions this time. If you don’t want to die, let’s go to hell with me.
Carol and others looked at each other, and then they all said, anti-hell is you first, and we’ll follow. No problem
It’s such a short time to write a letter, so you can already know what others mean and help him make a decision. On this night, Longfei and others decided to join the weir country camp, which is still three days before the outbreak of the Northern War.
Chapter III The Eve of World War II
That night, the emperor of Yan invited Longfei and others to stay in the palace for supper, and everyone was of course very happy to taste the palace food.