Hehe, so you admit to spying on me

Mujing spoiled her forehead a little. The bad guy wanted to hug her in his arms, but it hurt a lot. After all, the two guys were not far away. I guess he did something wrong in his previous life. Only in this life can the two guys become brothers.
MuJingSu son still keep a certain distance to a guy or two.
Mujingxian asked why he came here so early.
Sue also wondered how two people didn’t seem to go to bed early last night, so they were still fresh so early.
Mu Jing asked a certain two people to be silent at the same time.
One is embarrassed and I don’t know what to answer. The other is to look at the place with a snort of arrogance.
Anyway, two people must have done something again.
It’s not pure to do nothing.
MuJingSu son looked at each other worried, worried about whether pure white first snow will bring bad to some guy. Section 135 Love is the most dazzling person. 4
At this moment, a little eunuch rushed in and saw some masters salute quickly, saying that Empress Dowager listened to them go to the Millennium Palace for breakfast, but Arlo went to retreat at the little eunuch with a sullen face. Isn’t Wang calling for someone? You have to call out again.
So he just came to shout, not to sabotage.
After hearing the first snow, the expression was strange. She glanced quietly at Arlo’s eyes with admiration.
The little eunuch hurried back.
Sue can’t help laughing. Look, they seem to be in a good mood. You go first, and I’ll go to myself later. Let’s get dressed.
She gracefully turned and walked to the house. Xiao Rong Koharu’s son had been waiting on the side.
The three brothers stood together and looked at her leisurely figure.
I was dazed when I waited for Suer’s good instrument to step on the threshold.
At present how or three guys waiting for her?
She smiled and asked me softly, didn’t I let you go first?
As soon as the first snow blushed and stole a glance at Arlo, Arlo glanced at Mujing and quickly swept aside to look at the sky, while Mujing looked like a nai and cried at will.
Not to mention, she must have missed a wonderful performance.
She pursed her lips, trying to laugh, trying not to laugh.
Mu Jinggang just wanted to order shattered glass flavor. We are waiting for you.
Yes, I did, and I was waiting for you not to go with me. Alo also spoke wryly, but he walked out while Suer didn’t pay attention to a small hand that grabbed her. While he was pulling people, he arrogantly shouted that the first snow had gone, and if he didn’t leave, the woman had to wait too long and send someone to urge him.
Mujing gritted his teeth and stared at Arlo, but the first snow was on the side and cried out, Brother, don’t be angry. Look, it looks like Arlo deliberately stayed to pick up the pieces.
What is the situation now?
Arlo leads Suer in the front and Mujingchu Snow walks side by side in the back. Section 136 Love is the most dazzling person. 5
Arlo leads Suer in the front while Mujingchu Snow walks side by side in the back.
When I was a child, I looked back from time to time and smiled rather naively. When I looked at Mu Jingshi, it was really rare and rare that a man who was uneasy and wanted to be furious was so warm that he decided to spare Arlo this time.
Alo walked ahead. Although she saw Sue looking back, she couldn’t see her eyes. Fortunately, she couldn’t see them. If she saw them, she would be angry.
But at the same time, the first snow behind him was clearly seen. He gathered his eyes and hung his head and whispered, Brother, should we go quickly and walk side by side?
No, it’s good. Mu Jing sipped his thin lips and chuckled at the sight of someone, and his heart was pounding at the first time. Once, someone said that the beauty looked back and fell in love with the United States, and that person had a little bit of guilt and worry, but the guilt and worry were his own, and his heart actually said that it was not sweet.
Some distance is really necessary.
The first snow quietly glanced at Mujing’s side face with a perfect radian and a faint smile on his mouth, so that his brother would rarely see it. It’s really rare to see that his brother is doing well. Yes, he should feel happy when he sees his loved ones happy. No one will treat him better than his brother in this world.
He knows better than anyone, although he never says it.
Four people soon arrived at the Millennium Palace.
Empress Dowager Tai has been waiting in front of the door for a long time. A look at Arlo grabbed Suer’s little hand and smiled stiffly.
The mother’s three children are all her children, and whoever chooses will hurt the other two. The first snow has come back without arguing or saying what the fundus occasionally leaks to grieve. The mother can also see it, and Alo Suer seems to be entangled, and she admits that she owes Alo too much to blame no matter what he does.
Even if he is now occupying his own wife, she can bite her teeth in front of her. Besides, the two people behind her seem to have no opinion. It should not be a big problem for the family to get together for breakfast. Section 137 Love is the most dazzling person. 6
It is said that the family had a quiet breakfast.
If someone doesn’t sit next to Suer, if someone doesn’t always put vegetables in Suer’s bowl, if someone veteran Mu Jing doesn’t put them in Suer’s bowl and eat them, the atmosphere will be quite good.
The worst thing you did to that handsome guy was
Every MuJingGang put the food in front of Suer, but he always sent his own bowl first, making MuJing move in half, and that guy still stared at MuJing arrogantly, as if to say whether to put it in my bowl or not. Is it too much to put food in my bowl?
Two identical handsome faces, one staring at the other.
I cann’t believe they all look like big kids
Is it Mujing or putting the food in Sima Luo’s bowl at the end of the fight?
A handsome guy won the arrogance and dumped Mujing and ate it at a glance.