Of course, these things Han Yueshen didn’t know.

In fact, Han Yue doesn’t know about Liu Qi and her father.
Two people made an appointment to meet in Shangri-La Cafe Box. After closing the door, Han Xiong quickly told Liu Qi about his daughter’s situation.
Liu Qi’s face was gloomy. "Han Xiong, are you telling the truth?" If former Liu Qi heard this, she would be furious.
But now it’s different. Some time ago, he had contact with Lin Feng, the head of the special department dealing with national special paranormal, and had some understanding of how much paranormal was.
"It’s true-!" Han Xiong said seriously, "Qi, you and I are good brothers. I won’t hide these things from you, but you can’t tell anyone."
"What help do you need from me?" Liu Qi asked.
"Catch Huang Da, the boss of Da Tuan, and his concubine Hu Mei" Han Xiong said, "That Hu Meigen is a Uber, and that Huang Da is mostly lost by Uber."
"Da Tuan has some influence in Tianhai City, and that Huang Da is an alternate member of the CPPCC. If there is no hard evidence, it is difficult to start work." Liu Qi expressed his doubts
"Then arrest Hu Mei-!" Han Xiong said, "There is no doubt that Hu Mei is a Uber … By the way, Xiaoyue has a mysterious master around him now. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them."
Liu Qi said, "I believe you, so I’ll go back and arrange a city-wide arrest of Hu Mei. I’ll let you know if there is any news. In addition, if Xiaoyue wakes up, let her come to me …" The original Yu Long was going to ferry Lingyuan to find her uncle.
But judging from the present situation, it seems the most appropriate to hand this matter over to the Duanmu family.
He is going to lead the people back to the real world in the evening and solve the Han Yue seal first.
Although it is still a long time, big sleep still solved it early.
Before leaving, Yu Long made an appointment with Jinfeng alone and came to the garden. Yu Long suddenly asked, "I’m really curious about who you are, Xifeng …"
"Really?" Jinfeng was a cold way, "Xiaoyu, have you ever heard anyone say that curiosity will kill a cat …"
I don’t know why a cold light flashed across Jinfeng’s face.
Yu Long was startled by her expression and gasped at the same time. She doesn’t seem to like people asking about her identity. She thinks about these Yu Long faces and continues to smirk. "Feng, you see, we have known each other for so long, so it’s better to be frank. I’m from the real world. I’m an unmarried college student in Tianhai City, but I already have a girlfriend …"
"And you have already lost your virginity" Jinfeng added.
Long Yuwen felt ashamed. "How do you know?"
Jinfeng suddenly smiled. "How can I not know … I know more about you than you think …"
"Xifeng, you don’t have any intentions for me, do you?" Yu Long deliberately said.
Jin Feng’s eyes flashed with extraordinary splendour, and she thought, "I’m trying to be right. If you don’t say anything, I almost forgot that I have an attempt on you …"
Long Yuwen secretly thought about paying for it. Did she just try to get close to me?
Thinking about this, Yu Long was scared and thought that this could be so good
Jinfeng seems Bai Longyu mind cold hum a said, "you are too look down upon me, if I were the order of the phoenix, you still have life to live to now.
Yu Long was told that the central thing was a dry smile and a joke. "Did you look at me, Xifeng?"
Jinfeng poof bursts into a smile. "You are so affectionate … but I can consider letting you be my trainee lover … in case I feel lonely and chat, you can accompany me to go outside … or I will take you home to let my brothers and sisters see you …"
Yu Long suddenly became speechless. He never dreamed that Xi Feng would say such a thing. He was stunned for a while before saying, "Xi Feng, are you kidding?"
Jinfeng yan mouth chuckled "what do you say? If you take it seriously, it’s true. If you’re joking, I’m joking. But you’ve always wanted to know the origin of my identity … so you have to be one of our own. Otherwise, it’s impossible for me to tell you or say that you can come home with me as a trainee lover. You have to think clearly. Once you go, you can’t turn back.
"What do you mean?" Yu Long looked blankly.
"You’ll know when you go in the future," Jinfeng said with a smile.
Yu Long couldn’t help lamenting, "Xifeng, to tell the truth, you give me the feeling that nothing but mystery is mysterious …"
Jinfeng looked at him and suddenly laughed. "Same to you … Although you are a human from the real world, you also hide some secrets that even I can’t see through."
Yu Long naturally knows the meaning of Jinfeng’s remarks.
He asked questioningly, "Really? People like me also have secrets?"
Jin Feng Qiao’s nose slightly wrinkled. "You can deceive others, but you can’t deceive me … Xiaoyu, if I didn’t guess wrong, you should send a powerful energy body."
After this remark, Yu Long was slightly surprised and briefly stunned, Yu Long laughed. "Xi Feng is really a joke. I don’t know what you are talking about …"
"If you dare to come home with me, I naturally have a way to prove our words …" Speaking of which, Jinfeng came over and took Yu Long’s arm and innocent girl said, "My little lover, we are out.
Yu Long felt a faint fragrance coming from the nose and touching a soft mind. After a slight swing, he secretly recited the mantra of universal kindness and pure heart. After Qing Dynasty, Yu Long said, "Xifeng, I’m sorry, I have to go back to save people from going home with you …"
"I knew you were afraid of ghosts …" Jinfeng said.
Yu Long burst into shame and opened his mouth without saying anything.
After a pause, Jin Fengfang Yu Long smiled and said, "Xiaoyu, you are my little lover from now on. Remember, I want to take you home when you come to Xuan Jing …"
In the real world, at midnight on the third day, Yu Long and his party returned to Lingze Lake without rest, and they hurried to Xuanmen’s manor in Tianhai City.
On the way they came, they had already informed people that glitz and glitz had already led people to wait at the door and went straight to Han Yue’s rest room. After that, Yu Long took out the charm given by Jinfeng and posted it on her Yin Tang according to law.
A moment later, the talisman turned a mysterious light into her body.
Then Han Yue opened his eyes.
Everything is as simple as that.
They can’t help but secretly call jinfeng means high.
Slowly open your eyes and see that Han Yue is full of people in front of him, wondering "Xiaoyu … Teacher Yukime … why are you all here? What is this place …"
"Let me tell you what’s going on." Yukime smiled and slowly told her what happened when she was born in Han Yueshen.
After the event, Yukime comforted, "It’s all right …"
"Is it true? Xiaoyu? " Yu Long is the person she is most familiar with, and she can turn her eyes to Yu Long, hoping to be confirmed.
"Well, it’s true-!" Yu Long nodded and then dialed Han Xiong’s words. Although it was midnight, Han Xiong was quickly connected. Obviously, his mobile phone is a 24-hour machine these days. Maybe he is waiting for words at the moment.
After learning from the words that the woman has recovered, Han Xiong immediately said that she would come immediately and thanked her in the words.
After hanging up, Long Yu smiled and said, "Mr. Han and Mr. Han will come soon, and then you can go home."
"Oh-!" Han Yue always feels that everything is like in a dream.
A little calmer. Han Yue recalled carefully. She remembered that she was going to Shangri-La Hotel to entertain Yu Long. She felt a headache on the way.