Fan Tao several people immediately with black lines. Who are these people who actually like this way of life? Csl City is really a strange Csl person.

It seems that I saw that everyone was surprised by Csl. Xiang Ye was embarrassed. Csl smiled and said, Hehe, Zosd is a joke. Don’t take it seriously.
Don’t tell Zosd that this is how you rob Csl of the spiritual stone in Kun’s ring now. Then ask Csl, who is suspicious and confused.
Are you so powerful? Come on, Xiang Ye curled his lips and said.
They didn’t let him go at this moment and continued to walk towards the outside of the wasteland. They were more curious about Ye Xiang.
Fortunately, when I went back to Csl Road, I didn’t meet the monster beast again. It was better luck for some Xiang Ye to walk beside Fan Tao Csl directly at this moment. From time to time, Csl asked some almost well-known Csl questions, and several people often looked at him like monsters.
Have you never been out? Zosd suspects that this is your first time to become a monk, isn’t it? Fan Tao finally can’t stand Ye Xiang Csl’s problems and said.
Xiang Ye didn’t say anything about a smile at this moment. If he said his Csl experience, I’m afraid a few people would be surprised to death. Those Csl life and death experiences are hard to bite their teeth every time. Now several people actually think that he has never been out of the house. Csl has a small head. He really laughed in his heart, but he didn’t explain anything.
A group of people is not slow. Csl will soon be out of the wilderness. At this time, Csl’s mind has been exploring or feeling something faint. Csl has discovered some strange things about Csl, so his Csl face has already emerged a kind of color that he can’t believe Csl God.
What happened to the green husk? Come on, Fan Tao naturally found out that the green husk Csl was wrong, so he was nervous. Csl asked, after all, the green husk’ exposed’ such a Csl expression, which means that they are likely to be in danger
Just hurry up. Is there any danger coming? Don’t ink. Zosd Csl died, but when you are thin and dry, you are also urging.
Don’t worry, everyone. Zosd felt that there was something abnormal in Csl, which was not a threat to Zosd. Csl was green and green, and his face’ color’ had returned to normal, he said
It’s no danger to be scared to death. Why did you look so Csl just now? It made Zosd people scared and Csl was thin and dry, then complained.
Chapter two hundred and ninety taxiing monster beast
It’s strange that you didn’t say that there was danger coming, but you were willing to ask. Green husk glanced at him and said
Tell me about it. What’s the matter? Green Peel just looked at your face. It seems that something happened in it. Fan Tao still knows more about green husk. Seeing what he looked like just now is definitely a discovery.
Green husk then cleared his throat and took a look at several people around him before he was ready to say what he felt just now.
The lost wasteland is about to have a big event. Recently, we still don’t want to come back. We feel that it is full of unprecedented dangers. The root is not that we, the little monks, can resist the green husk, and then slowly said
After listening to his words, everyone was surprised. They didn’t know what happened, but they knew from the expression on the green husk that it should be a serious matter.
Do you feel clear about what it is? Fan Tao continued to ask, after all, it’s hard for a group of them to get enough lingshi to practice by hunting monster beasts in and out of the wasteland. Now the green husk actually says not to go in recently, which makes them hard to accept.
The specific opP is not clear. It seems that some problems are lost in the depths of the wasteland, but zuBD feels that there has always been no mistake. You also know that Qingpi thought for a while and said.
At this moment, a few people finally thought seriously. After all, it is also mysterious to be lost in the depths of the wasteland. Seeing that Xiang Ye was suspicious and confused at this time, the demon’ Yan’ knew that he had never heard of things lost in the depths of the wasteland, so he took the initiative to lean over and tell Xiang Ye.
It turns out that there is also a city in the deepest part of the lost wasteland. This kind of urban life is not human, but a monster beast. After the monster beast becomes a seven-level realm, it will be separated from the animal body and cultivated into a human type. The cultivation speed is also greatly accelerated, and the spiritual wisdom is slowly growing. Some taxiing monsters are almost no different from humans.
The Beast Imperial City is the largest and only city in the lost wasteland. It is said that the residential area is a seven-level monster beast. They are all human beings, and even some buildings in it are completely copied from the human way of life.
At this time, in the largest building of the Beast Emperor City, there is sitting a dragon robe with a gold thread, a silver ring and a purple crown and a jade face. Zhu’s lips can’t be said. At this time, the young people are playing with a round pearl and a jade demon core. If a human monk sees this demon core here, he will be surprised from ear to ear. Because of this, he only plays with toys and turns out to be a level demon core.
It is said that the seven-level demon core is the extremely refined material, and the seven-level demon core is not used to refine the spirit. If the five-level demon core were not a waste soul refiner, it would be able to refine the six-spirit device. Now this level demon core is in the hands of others as a small toy.
Your command to respect the Beast Emperor has sent someone to check it. It is estimated that there will be a result soon. Please wait at ease for the Beast Emperor’s adult. At this moment, a middle-aged monk respectfully said to the young man sitting high in the middle of the hall
The young man then looked around the hall for a week and looked at himself. There was a slight sense of pride in these hands, and the old man saw that no veteran was as good as you, and the old palace was bigger than you.
Now that this matter has been completed, I’m relieved. By the way, are you feeling any danger today? It’s a kind of blood pressure. I feel some young people slightly, and then I turn my eyebrows and say,
After listening to the young people, several people agreed.
You will feel this way if the Beast Emperor doesn’t understand anything. You should know that you are alone in a golden dragon. What kind of body will he be? One of them has horns but a head, said the young man.
I’m not sure. Although I just felt that the coercion was fleeting, I did say that his blood should be more than zuBD’s, said the Beast Emperor.
Suddenly, all the people in the hall talked about it again, and each of them felt some coercion. Now they are also very curious about what kind of monster beast this is and what they didn’t feel originally.
A few people in Xiang Ye have walked out of more than half the distance. It is estimated that we can return to the wasteland city in another hour. That’s a few people, even if it is safe.
Hehe, today’s luck is really good. Not only did I get 20,000 Lingshi, but I also finished the thin work on the second floor by mistake. At this moment, * * said with a smile
Hehe, did you have the money to spend it on that little widow again? Have you given all your spiritual stones to her recently? What a spoony man! Zhao Sheng looked at the same "slutty" smile and said.
I’m happy. What’s the matter? Unlike some people, there is no thief who dares to think about it and suffocate. Forget it, thin and dry, and retorted.
These two people are really going to pinch each other once they are free, and it is indeed an accident. Whenever two people quarrel, something always happens.
At this time, there was a big figure in front of them. This person was bigger than the huge Fan Tao. At this time, he was looking at several people in doubt.
His eyes turned out to be green’ color’, which looked quite strange and made people feel cold, as if there was no room for striking back in front of this person.
There is also the fact that this person actually appeared by several people, and no one noticed him until this person appeared in front of several people, and they found out that this person was there.
The bickering, thin and dry, and Zhao Cheng’s words, which were still in their mouths at this moment, immediately stopped and choked on themselves.
I don’t know what can I do for you? If you can help me, I don’t hesitate to ask Fan Tao before crustily skin of head. After all, from now on, it seems that people are here to stop several people.
In the previous process, Fan Tao glanced at the green husk and wanted to ask what the origin of this person was, but he found that the green husk was actually holding his head tightly with his hands and enduring the pain there, as if he had been hurt by something.
Oh, some of you need breath. Let’s have a good look. If you don’t have words, I’ll let you go today. I don’t care. Today, you killed the five-level minotaur, a strong young man, and then said calmly
Fan Tao several people immediately became frightened after he said this sentence. This person actually knew that they had killed a minotaur. They must have observed them for a long time, but several of them didn’t find out how horrible this person was.
Metamorphic monster!
The idea came to mind at the same time.
Yes, from the tone just now, they have heard that this burly guy should be a taxiing monster beast, but that’s the lowest seven-level monster beast. Now several of them have stopped themselves from coming. Today, several of them have no good games. They just killed a five-level monster beast and now they have ushered in a seven-level taxiing monster beast.
At this time, everyone was sweating, especially when the big man’s green’ color’ eyes swept over their bodies. They all felt that they had been seen through and there was no hidden’ private’ to hide. At this time, Gan Ying’s unchangeable appearance finally became nervous. He took a step closer to Bing Mei, and his body was blocked in front of Bing Mei, but he was still uneasy. After all, the strength of the taxiing monster beast was not what they could imagine.
After a week’s scanning, the big fellow’s eyes rested on Ye Xiangshen’s suspicious’ confused’ mumbling. How could he not find the breath that came from here just now? Now there is no way to feel it.
Although he didn’t notice Ye Xiangshen’s breath, he vaguely felt that Ye Xiangshen still had some secrets, and he couldn’t see through them.
Well, you can leave several other people today, but you can leave the strong Han. At this moment, he said to several people that he had locked Xiang Ye at this time, and it was like letting Xiang Ye stay.
After listening to his words, Zhao Sheng’s face suddenly showed his joy. Knowing that today is another day of death, he immediately turned away. But when he turned to look at his companions, he found that none of them actually moved. Are you stupid? This young couple has nothing. If you don’t want him, he will die.
Hum, leave yourself if you want. No one stopped you. Fan Tao said coldly at this moment
Several other people looked at him with contempt, as if they saw his true face.
They wouldn’t have thrown Xiang Ye at this moment. If Xiang Ye hadn’t’ stood up’ and shot one of them, I’m afraid they would have died. Now that Xiang Ye is in danger, how could they have left?