Only after getting off the bus did Liziyu put the phone on the phone, and the message kept coming. Liziyu leafed through it one by one, only to see that someone at the villa sent a text message telling him that Meng Xin was staying at the villa tonight.

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☆, 96 divorce agreement (finally to the first clip, hehe)
A meal Liziyu ate a little absent-minded because of that Meng Xin staying at the villa for a short message.
Liziyu felt that some anxious to return felt that he really wanted to appear in the villa now, but when they arrived, there were four or five men and women.
In order not to let Yue all succeed, Zhao Xing compared several colleagues with him early and sent text messages. In the name of Li Ziyu, they invited them to have dinner together, and they naturally readily agreed.
Yue’s face became extremely ugly when he entered the room. Li Ziyu was nothing. Zhao Xing invited these workers with outstanding ability. He also planned to invite these people to dinner when he came back. It was never thought that he would let them come over on the first day when he came back in such a hurry.
Li Ziyu drank some wine more or less because of many people, and when the dinner ended, Yue went out to sing again. The project was negotiated, and the company’s profits increased, and all employees had benefits. It didn’t matter if they ran ahead and had one more benefit.
This time, it was really hard work, and Yue Gong did a good job. Without her, the talks would not have been so smooth this time, and Li Ziyu agreed to all her requirements and accompanied her.
When it was all over, it was already early in the morning when Li Ziyu was sent to blue lagoon fairyland by Zhao Xing.
I don’t want Meng Xin to go back to her room to sleep so late. Li Ziyu didn’t want to disturb her, so she quietly went to the guest room to take a shower and then spent the night in the guest room.
In fact, Meng Xin didn’t sleep at this time. She turned off the light and lay in bed for a long time. She didn’t fall asleep and didn’t know what she was thinking. She kept wondering if this sudden child could change them.
When Liziyu came back, she heard the noise outside the door, and she was able to enter this house at this time, so she was actually a little excited.
After waiting for half an hour, she didn’t wait for the door to turn the sound and then it became quiet outside.
At that moment, she didn’t know what was going on, and suddenly she was disheartened.
Turn on the room light, get out of bed, find out two pieces of a4 paper, hand-write two divorce papers directly, and sign your own name.
Then go back to bed and sleep peacefully.
Liziyu got up at seven o’clock the next day, and the servant made breakfast for Liziyu. He didn’t disturb Meng Xin, but went upstairs to have breakfast directly.
When Meng Xin got up, she saw Li Ziyu sitting at the table for breakfast. She walked towards him with the divorce agreement in her hand.
Li Ziyu ate breakfast while watching the news on his mobile phone. Suddenly, an a4 paper suddenly appeared on his right hand side, and Meng Xin spoke before he could react.
"This is a divorce agreement, please sign it," she said, and her insides were shaking.
Meng Xin didn’t even dare to look at Li Ziyu’s expression, and she didn’t pay attention to Li Ziyu’s expression at this moment. She kept saying that she was, and he said that she could ask him for a divorce.
And now she wants a divorce.
"… someone?" He put chopsticks and looked at her calmly and asked the eyebrow eye, which was almost invisible.
I don’t know if grandma couldn’t wait to get a message from the old man before he booked the ticket yesterday, asking him to get rid of Meng Xin early.
Because of Qi Xinglin’s restriction, Meng Xin has rejected the old man several times, and grandpa told him that his health seems to be not very good. He knew that although his grandfather had forced him on his personal problems, his old man would never make fun of his body.
That is to say, grandpa is really old, and it’s no use telling him this. He hopes to see him get married and have a family in his lifetime, and it’s best to have a child.
When Li Ziyu was lying in bed last night, she was wondering if she could discuss with Meng Xin to make their marriage public and not to continue the hidden marriage.
As a result, he saw Meng Xin’s divorce agreement before he came to the mouth.
Her handwriting is small, beautiful, very aura and particularly beautiful.
Then there should be no chance for him to say these thoughts, mainly depending on whether Meng Xin admits or denies her heart. In fact, I still hope she can deny and withdraw the agreement and tell him that she is impulsive.
He won’t care.
"… well," having a child should be considered someone, because she will love her child from now on.
She won’t tell him that she is pregnant now. She doesn’t want children to tie him up.
So she has two choices: either divorce him now, raise the child by herself, and explain it when he finds out later, or give up her love, sacrifice the child, chase him again and look up to him.
Meng Xin is reluctant to part with the thought of aborting the child. She would rather sacrifice her love.
"…" Li Ziyu looked at her without talking. At that moment, he really wanted to ask who that person was? Is it really Wang Yang?
Little Wang Yang Qi Xinglin and Meng Hai Dong will not object to him, and he can see that Wang Yang really likes her.