Yan Mumu didn’t take the wrong medicine, did he? Why have people changed since coming back from America?

Liu Yichen blinded his eyes and Yan Mumu said "back" lightly.
This is a normal greeting, but it makes Yan Mumu’s eyes red in her ears.
Suddenly she wronged bite bite lips "well …"
The clerk brought the food in. Liu Yichen wore gloves once to peel shrimp for Sue.
Yan Mumu’s fingers tightened and it hurt. Jack almost cried out.
"The elder brother of the game Chen …"
"Call me manager Lu" Liu Yichen interrupted Yan Mumu without looking up.
Sue looked at his one eye at night, and the corners of her mouth were raised.
Finally know to avoid suspicion
Glared at Yan Mumu, Sue couldn’t wait to tear off her face smile before. She must have said something to Yi Chen’s brother behind her back, or she wouldn’t be so unfamiliar with her.
"Pain …" Jack was more than I could bear. Yan Mumu’s hand rolled up his sleeve and made it blue.
"Jack, what’s the matter with you? How can it hurt like this? " Yan Mumu exaggerated holding Jack’s arm and blowing.
Jack "…" Isn’t this your pinch?
Yan Muqing glanced at Jack’s arm and walked to the door of the bag, ordering people to bring the medicine box here.
Yan Mumu helped Jack to sit at the dining table and secretly observed Liu Yichen while blowing his wound.
She is not jealous of treating another man like this in front of him.
Sue took a glance at Yan Mumu and knew what she was paying attention to.
DuDu pointed at the fish and said, "Honey, I want to eat fish but it has thorns …"
"I’ll give you advice." Liu Yichen said that he would peel the shrimp in his hand and put it in Sue’s evening bowl. Then he took off his disposable gloves and put a piece of fish with fishbones.
"Thank you, husband." Sue leaned in late and kissed Liu Yichen in the face.
Yan Mumu couldn’t wait to lift the table and let you eat it.
But she didn’t have the guts after all. She just thought about it.
The clerk brought the medicine box and put Yan Muqing on the table to signal Yan Mumu to wipe Jack’s medicine.
Yan Mumu is not in the mood to rub medicine for Jack. Jiao Chen said, "Jack, be good and rub medicine yourself. My hand hurts."
Can your hand not hurt? You almost pinched my arm.
Jack was about to take the medicine when Yan Muqing beat him to it.
Jack hurt his arm. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to say it correctly. Everyone in this room knows how it came, and there is him. No one else in silly sister can see it.
Although jack is mywood’s boyfriend, it’s because she hurt his brother, so he can’t let others take his own medicine.
Jack was moved to look at Yan Muqing. This man is so gentle.
Yan Mumu glared at Jack and gave him a warning look.
Jack reluctantly sipped his lips and sat there with his head down, letting Yan Muqing rub his medicine.
Yan Mumu glanced at the opposite side for dinner. They smiled and asked Lu Yichen, "Manager Lu, I haven’t eaten with Jack yet. Do you mind if we eat together?"
Liu Yichen’s hand was about to refuse.
Sue put her hand on the back of his hand and looked at Yan Mumu lightly and said, "Of course, I don’t mind if your brother pays for this table and you can eat whatever you want."
Yan Muqing’s hand ached after hearing this. Jack shouted, "Brother Qing, be gentle."
Yan Muqing shook his body. How can Jack listen to this? He has goose bumps all over his body.
Glancing at Jack, maybe he thinks too much. He is a man.
After wiping the medicine, Jack sat at the dining table and looked around. He seemed very interested in every dish. Some people asked Yan Muqing if they didn’t know the name of the dish.
Yan Mumu always beats Yan Muqing to answer and doesn’t forget to kick Jack at the bottom of the table.
Jack continued to ask Yan Muqing like it didn’t hurt.
Sue always feels strange when she looks at Jack.