At the beginning, the long-yin-star sea tactics sacrificed a lot of low-order immortals to hit the long-yin-star, and after it was determined that Chen Han was not on this planet, the net was overwhelming and the star field was scattered throughout the day.

According to the known Chen cold realm and Xian Jun realm, but the number of forces sent to the corresponding planet by Chinese Xuanxian was completely blocked, an impenetrable search was conducted for Chinese Xuanxian and Xian Jun two-level planets.
Of course, this doubt is an extremely difficult process.
If we know which planet he is on, he will be invisible even if his magical powers are monstrous. There are hundreds of millions of planets around the star domain, even if they correspond to the Chinese and Western immortals and Xianjun planets, most of them are uninhabited original ecological planets.
Only the corresponding practitioners can enter it, which directly causes the forces of all parties to be madly hunted by the planet’s fierce beasts because the personnel are too scattered. Hundreds of millions of immortals and fierce beasts died in the battle …
The 647th chapter blustery
Does it matter?
These temporary signs come from the immortal or the subordinate forces with weak strength. For those who are high above the super power, they will not feel bad about how much they die. The real elite will always be in their hands. The immortal is the ultimate master of the celestial world. Are these dead not their masters?
If you can find Chen Han and get his memory, it’s worth it even if your master suffers heavy casualties!
The whole celestial punishment star domain is completely blocked by several immortals, even if a fly doesn’t want to fly out, the next thing to do is to search without pulling.
If you want to do this, you must kill all the marginal areas of the planet, hundreds of millions of wild beasts, or it will be easy for such a big planet to hide two people, but the fierce beasts will be banned from disappearing naturally. Any fairy statue is a fairy emperor, and the fairy knowledge can be hidden by Chen Han.
There is no doubt that this is an extremely difficult task, and a large number of sects and wild immortals have formed the first wave of cannon fodder corps rushing ahead.
Search one by one. God knows how many years to search. Many planets can search together, which directly leads to the dispersion of forces, which makes the sea tactics. Of course, the immortals occupy far more territory than the fierce beasts, and the number of immortals also exceeds the number of fierce beasts, which still occupies an absolute advantage.
Heaven punishes an unnamed planet in a corner of the star field.
Millions of Chinese immortals flew out from a star boat, and these wild immortals had already been forcibly controlled. Yuan Shen was driven by several immortals and rushed into the atmosphere of the planet.
Dense immortals roared in, and just after it was sweeping, it formed a magnificent battle. When they saw all the fierce beasts, they were beheaded on the spot. When they faced the sudden immortal army, those fierce beasts who were not ready to disperse were killed by hundreds of thousands in less than half an hour.
However, after half an hour, they could no longer find the trace of the fierce beast, and a moment later, hundreds of millions of fierce beasts rushed in from all directions.
Booming …
Although fierce beasts can’t form a battle array to form an increase on the basis of the original combat power, the number of terrorists is hundreds of times higher than that of the other side, and it has dropped by millions of immortals in just a few minutes.
There are a lot of fierce beasts here, and at the same time, more star boats carry a lot of immortals and land in different parts of the planet.
Whenever a large number of immortals suddenly land in a corresponding area, the roots of fierce beasts can’t react. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of fierce beasts will be killed, and they will not be given the opportunity to evacuate or escape. The number of fierce beasts far exceeds their own, including the realm that is a big realm higher than theirs. The leader of fierce beasts will be killed in a very short time.
The advantage of the immortal lies in the number of fierce beasts, while the advantage lies in the familiarity with the environment and the rapid reinforcement of troops in the land war
In addition, the highest number of fierce beasts can enter the planet, but they can reach the realm of the late Xianjun. Although the strength of the Xianjun is relatively small, the number of fierce beasts is still a huge number, which is enough to cause a devastating blow to the immortals.
This is a protracted war, like astronomical figures, where fierce beasts have been beheaded, and gradually some planet fierce beasts have died out, and the rules of heaven have been banned.
There are also a surprising number of immortals, which have turned into wild and fierce beasts. All forces are frantically collecting people in their own territory and then transporting them to the distant heaven to punish the star field. In this process, although they have no loss of strength, the resources consumed by a large number of troops traveling long distances are absolutely amazing.
It’s all worthwhile to record the mysterious secret method of the witch tribe in order to shake the sky!
The Heavenly Sword Sect knows this terrible news. Duanmu Yunhai knows that Bing Pupil, Qi Xianer, Ying Zheng, Yu Yunfeng and Qu Zhe all know that the whole celestial world has gone too far to make a chicken fly a dog to jump to Yunfeng. Almost no one knows the name, which also includes people who are scattered all over the celestial world and have a great relationship with Chen Han.
Of course, the super powers of all parties keep warning that the massive resources of the troops are constantly consuming, and the massive army is rushing to the celestial punishment star field, which also shows that they still haven’t found the target yet.
In fact, even if they know it, they can do it. They are so weak relative to the whole celestial world that the power root can’t change things.
However, when all people pay attention to the punishment of other places in the star field, when the management is extremely loose, there is no gossip from different places, which is of fundamental importance to the person in charge and has not attracted people’s attention
For example, the news from Youquanmen is whether Duanmu’s family has it? Do you have a knife? Immediately come to Duanmu Tingsun to watch the nuclear weapons show. Anyone who knows the news will be rewarded with a reward of 100,000 cents
This bounty is not high in the celestial world, that is, it is just for someone to offer a reward, but it is still a very considerable amount for low-ranking immortals. At the same time, it is reported that some people know what it means to be white when performing nuclear weapons, especially when there is earth high technology.
Another example is that Yu Changfeng also released a gossip with the help of the powerful latent power of the Imperial Palace. Xiang Yu burned Epang Palace and Qin Huang unified Kyushu. Friends who knew about this quickly came to contact …
Sending out gossip as an ice pupil is even more famous. Sister Ning Xue, do you like Chinese weddings or western weddings? Contact as soon as you receive the news.
Chen Han and Ying Zheng formed the Juxian League and Qi Youfeng, respectively, and the Qingtian Sword Sect is now controlled by a small force. Shuiyunlou took the opportunity to give out bounty, which is not terrible, but it is still a huge bounty for low-ranking immortals. All kinds of people can understand the news. When the super powers are negligent, they simply don’t care about the situation. The amazing speed quickly swept the whole celestial world.
Not to mention that Chen Han was planted everywhere, dark chess took the opportunity to desperately publish news and tried to get Chen Han’s lost relatives back.
Nor is it confronting hundreds of millions of wild beasts with the help of the spell of changing the day to rise to Chen Han and Chen Yan.
It is said that as a large number of immortals are sent to the outermost periphery of the heavenly punishment star domain, those planets that correspond to Chinese, Chinese, Xuanxian and Xianjun can enter, and in the crazy killing with their own advantages, after a large number of people are filled in, more and more natural bans on planets disappear from the category of heavenly punishment star domain.