Watching the fighters cross the sea and say that blood spraying has made the heroes of the ages cast the hegemony of everything.

Iron rider, iron blood, this is a man
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Everyone went to pay tribute, and there were tickets smashed, but no tickets clicked. Thank you!
Tantric sects are divided into two factions, which is well known. The Dalai Lama has set up an exiled "government" for treason and has been actively seeking political asylum and asylum on the international stage, and the National Security Bureau has been paying close attention to it.
Although the Panchen Lama is in charge of Tibetan Buddhism in Potala Palace, his influence in Tibetan Buddhism is not as great as that of the Dalai Lama’s practice and conduct, and there is no hidden instability factor of the Dalai Lama’s Gaomi Sect. The Panchen Lama knows better than anyone whether he can live safely in Potala Palace without a tantric elder like Elder Wangren.
Of course, Zong Ming, such an important information, has long been in his mind. What he will let everyone analyze and discuss together is based on the starting point that all lamas cannot be regarded as faithful followers of the Dalai Lama.
The lamas who appeared in Chengdu didn’t act too furtively. They listened to Zong Ming by innuendo. There were people and things in Tibet, and the customs and feelings were extremely different. The degree of information isolation and the hinterland were not much different. The Potala Lama didn’t care about news and current affairs. The Panchen Lama had no idea how famous Zong Ming, the spokesman of buddha magic, was in China now.
In the Panchen Lama, Zongming is collecting all kinds of information, and Zongming is also considering finding a suitable time to visit Potala Palace.
Blood spirit and disambiguation don’t understand Zong Ming’s withdrawal from the United States so lightly. Since Zong Ming made a scene in Washington to bomb Florida, why didn’t he make some noise in new york, Chicago, Las Vegas and other cities, but anticlimactic and quietly returned to China with members of the Nulong Group?
Zong Ming’s explanation is very simple. The United States has never been his main target now. For the world’s number one hegemonic country, it will be bruised if it doesn’t move. Before China’s military strength was insufficient, Zong Ming didn’t intend to directly fight with the Americans to kill ia. It was Zong Ming’s temporary idea to live in Chengdu. His family was both a weakness and a lamella for Zong Ming. If someone touched this scale, it would make him mad and angry. He meant to teach Nicholson and the United States a lesson. However, Zong Ming was surprised by the powerful fighting capacity of the Nulong Group. He was motivated to steal, trying to test their limit. Without the data and information of the Dragon Slayer, Zong Ming got the location and coordinates of the military bases in the United States. He didn’t see that the United States secretly developed nuclear-powered fighters in accordance with the international nuclear ban convention, and Zong Ming wouldn’t think of nuclear weapons to warn Americans. Although he could take the Nulong Group members to carry out various terrorist activities in the United States, he did so except to increase the number of immigrants in this country. Civilian casualties will not do any harm to the roots of American military power unless he moves nuclear bombs, but Zong Ming certainly knows better than anyone that he has always wanted to destroy nuclear weapons from the human world, how can he be the culprit who personally destroys the earth and mankind
If it weren’t for finding out that the Vatican was helping the Americans behind their backs, Zong Ming hadn’t planned to bring the Nulong group back to Lop Nur for retraining because there was such a group of people who were smashing "chaos" in American soil. Pang Xuan’s cooperation will certainly speed up the early collapse of the American financial market and people’s livelihood economy, but the emergence of the Vatican’s power changed Zong Ming’s original plan. He is not a gangster now, but he can do whatever he wants. He is now a senior general of the Republic, who is in charge of the wealth and "sex" of thousands of soldiers. His every move will affect many people’s hearts. Although he himself wants to stay in the United States and make a good fuss about an American, his reason tells him that he has the energy and strength, but it is not as big as that of China for so long. He can’t just throw it at Lop
Blood spirit and disambiguation shouted disappointment when they heard it. They could have played tricks on Americans like playing Japanese with the boss, but Zongming didn’t intend to touch Americans now, but they didn’t make a trip in vain because Zongming decided to go to Tibet to meet Tantric experts. They were more excited about Tantric and Zen than going to the United States, but they practiced orthodox Buddhism, magic tricks and secret skills. They were born with a natural ability to fight against ghosts and ghosts. After killing Tianzhao Dayu, they always wanted to find a chance to try their own way. How much do you want to find the boss opponent? Don’t dare to be afraid of this. If you can’t stop and make a lose-lose scene, you will have a big game. Now that you have a tantric master to test the blood spirit, of course, you are happy.
Have the opportunity to crack down on those noble and decent monks and Taoists, but those who fix the truth by evil factions enjoy it the most. Mo Tianxiae is even happier than the blood spirit. He is Hua Jincheng, a pro-god, who told him to deal with the Dalai Lama and his esoteric master. In his dynasty, it was an imperial official on orders. Anyway, it was a happy event for Guangzong Yaozu.
The three brothers are talking about going to Tibet, and Zong Ming is wondering whether to transfer some people from the base to join the tour group to Tibet for a three-day tour of Potala Palace.
Mo Tian-xie really has a lot of ideas. Just listen to him say to Xue Ling, "Ling Er is idle now anyway. Why don’t the three of us play a game?"
Blood spirit a listen to the interest cheerfully said "evil old four, do you have any good idea to tell me"
Mo Tian Xie Xie smiled and said, "It’s broad daylight to play a game of catching lamas. Let’s see who can avoid shocking situations without moving spells and who can catch lamas the fastest."
Qi smiled cheerfully. "Where do I like to catch monks?"
Mo Tianxiao pointed to the hall and said, "Of course it’s home. Now that the boss’s family has gone to work, since the boss wants to go to Tibet for sightseeing, we have to have a deeper understanding of the local customs there. When we get it, we will make a joke about bumping into the city. It should be said that it is more accurate information from the mouths of lamas who have lived in Tibet since childhood."
ZongMing beside "plug" mouth said "you three guys pull down! Your "sex" is nothing more than saying that you are abducted, coerced and lured by those little lamas. It’s very certain that everyone can catch ten lamas. It’s strange that when the public security and national security come, my whereabouts will be exposed. I decided that Ling Er Qi San and I will go back to the base. You can meet us again when we leave. I have a hunch that Tibet will be much easier to prepare. "
Mo Tianxiao said, "Boss, we four brothers are together. Who can move us?"
Zong Mingzheng "color" said, "The evil old four tantric disciples are not deep in their ways now, but those elders who are really practicing in seclusion can’t ignore it. I don’t know that this contact with tantric sects will affect my control of the whole situation, and when the Dalai Lama is at large for such a long time, Yanhuang Sect and Xianjian Sect have always been brought to justice. There is definitely something unique about him. Vajrayana is an artifact that has been in the fix-up world for thousands of years. None of us have seen how powerful it is. Ling Lao Er and Qi Lao both have restraint, so I advise you three not to treat your hearts lightly. The second time you are in the Vatican, you will let the Vatican Seraphim and the blazing angel stop their work and return. As the saying goes, everything has its vanquisher. Just because we don’t know something doesn’t mean it’s gone, I’m still the old saying that Zhuge was cautious all his life. "
Blood spirit nodded and said, "The boss makes sense to go to the Vatican. If Seraphim and Blazing Angels can be settled, I will not miss the opportunity to destroy the Vatican at one stroke. God knows how many Seraphim and Blazing Angels are hiding in the Vatican Cathedral. Naturally, there must be some restrictions on every way. No one dares to say that their way is really an enemy of space. Our brothers are all a little Taoist. People know that real monks are not often secular tantric and a religion. The Potala Palace is much more secretive than the Vatican. Perhaps there is a tantric elder who is more powerful than Seraphim and Blazing Angels.
Mo Tianxiao said bitterly, "In those days, if Zen King Kong’s magic pestle and Buddha’s light shining beads were not combined to deal with my evil sword, I would not be chased far away from the desert by them. There are four artifacts in our magic door. We also have four magic treasures, the eldest brother’s magic knife, and my evil sword spirit’s second brother’s ghost axe. Now it’s just that Zong Ling’s dark day, the king Kong’s magic pestle and Buddha’s light shining beads can be divided into 50% of its power at most. Even if I have experience in this matter, Dalai is in my hand.
Qi suddenly took the words and said, "Boss, are you worried that the Dalai Lama and the Vatican will join hands to deal with us?"
Zong Ming slowly nodded and said, "Although this possibility is very small, I can’t rule it out. The Dalai Lama has frequent contacts with the British and Americans. The Holy See is a supporter of Britain and the United States, and now it has sent people to help the United States. All three have a common opponent: China! No one can say for sure what the political events are. Sometimes the variables are beyond your imagination. George Bruendt’s intention to visit India now is that he will provoke the war between India and China and let India contain China’s military forces so that they can call Japan to China and India as soon as possible. In fact, the war between China and is a foregone conclusion. It is only a matter of time before George Bruendt has a little political mind. He knows that at this time, he has drawn my attention to India. I guess he has guessed the terrorist attacks in the United States. I have no evidence. It is really a pity that George Bruendt didn’t forget China’s No.1 anti-thief. "
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China’s army set up its tent on the Rhine River to receive worship, but I have the largest map of China’s history. This is China, and this is the dream hidden in the soul of every real man.
Watching the fighters cross the sea and say that blood spraying has made the heroes of the ages cast the hegemony of everything.
Iron rider, iron blood, this is a man
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Everyone went to pay tribute, and there were tickets smashed, but no tickets clicked. Thank you!
After dark, Zong Ming, Xue Ling and Qi flew from Chengdu to Lop Nur base by night.
As soon as the three of them sat in Zongming’s headquarters office, Tian Zhonghui allowed in, as if waiting for Zongming for a long time. She took out a document from the secret folder and handed it to Zongming with both hands, saying, "This is from Beijing."
Zong Ming took it and looked at the official document sent by the "Chairman" office. The date and time were three hours ago. Comrade Zong Ming will personally lead the inspection workers to Lop Nur base with the comrades of the Ministry of National Defense in three days. Please be prepared.
Zong Ming came back from the United States with the secret of Nulong Group. On his way to Lop Nur, Zong Ming told dragon three that he had returned to China through the communication equipment of Hidden Dragon No.1, and dragon three immediately reported to Hua Jincheng that George Bruendt had sent a mission to China, India. Of course, it is impossible for both sides to solve and coordinate force and war through diplomatic means now, which is the best way to prove to the world who is strong and who is right.
China’s army mobilized three troops to the main battle force of Chengdu Military Region in southwest China to go to Tibet, while Yan Chen had led two elite divisions to enter the McMahon line area by descending. Hua Jincheng chose this time to come to Lop Nur base to see the production situation and progress of magnetic levitation vehicles and warships, and the final determination of the Sino-Indian war.
"Chairman" personally came to the base to inspect the workers. Of course, it was too big for the Lop Nur base to wait for big events. Zong Mingma devoted himself to various work arrangements and arrangements, and temporarily postponed the visit to the Potala Palace.
The first generation of magnetic suspension tank is based on the foundation of Hidden Dragon I and II, combined with the existing resources of the earth to change the material and concentrate the structure volume.
The overall model is Hidden Dragon No.1, with a high-energy laser main gun, two magnetic acceleration gun systems and a missile launcher and four machine guns.
Full-time staff, six people, one program, three firemen and two maintenance personnel who also play medicine, the maximum speed of energy transmission is twice the speed of sound, and the radius of sonic warfare is 10 thousand kilometers. Although there is still a big gap compared with flying saucers, it is more than enough for the earth.
The magnetic levitation warship is to flatten a large battleship. The highest control tower on the bridge is nearly seven stories, 23 meters high, 542 meters long and 67 meters wide. There are six triple-mounted large-caliber high-energy laser main guns, 30 double-mounted large-caliber magnetic acceleration guns, 15 on each side of the ship’s side and 30 doors. Except for the hedgehog, the whole ship is covered with criss-crossing closed semicircular channels. The main guns and auxiliary guns are connected by channels, and the crew is walking back and forth and the war is full. Among them, the radius of noncommissioned officers is 152.
The armor structure of magnetic suspension tanks and warships is made of three-layer super-titanium alloy materials. Even today’s Tomahawk cruise missiles will never be able to break through the three-layer armor. Of course, it is still difficult to "swing" under a huge earthquake.
The advanced magnetic suspension system makes it impossible for tanks and warships to pass through the super-atmosphere without considering the anti-control system. The flying height can definitely stop the current aircraft. Zong Ming has designed it based on the needs of modern human warfare, and did not think that the first generation of chariots and warships can be vertical and horizontal from the time of design and manufacture, so long as they can surpass modern human flying weapons for unequal combat.
It was not until the day before Hua Jincheng visited the base that a magnetic levitation warship and twelve magnetic levitation tanks were successfully assembled and tested.