"Back to the devil?"

"Go to find him again," the mysterious man said coldly. "If you don’t find him one day, he will grow taller every day, and you won’t give him a chance to grow."
"It’s the devil," Garuda said respectfully. Then he turned and walked out.
Qin Shaojie didn’t know that another trouble was coming to him.
At this time, Qin Shaojie is wandering in the main road, wondering why no beautiful woman has fallen from the sky and then his wings are shaken to save the beauty.
Just thinking, I heard a loud noise not far away, which made Qin Shaojie smile suddenly.
"It’s a gun hero’s chance to save the United States," he said, swinging his legs and running to the place where the gun was shot.
"Listen, people inside, let the hostages go and then surrender their weapons for leniency."
I just walked to the front and heard the police coming from the tweeter. I haven’t changed my persuasion for decades.
Chapter 1 I’ll make soy sauce
Yuwen Qingwu feels unlucky at this moment.
I went all the way to Beijing to find her childhood friend, a lawyer, despite my family’s opposition. As a result, I was strangled by a man just after I entered the office building and didn’t come to see my boyfriend.
"Don’t move and tell you that I’m here for money, but I don’t mind killing you if you dare to move." The man said coldly that the imitation May 4th pistol in his hand resisted Yuwen’s light dancing head.
"Ah …" The staff in the office building immediately panicked when they saw this situation. They were a little bit bolder and took out the words and called the police.
The man walked into the ladder directly holding Yuwen light dance regardless of others.
"Yu Yuchi, you come out for me." The man shouted in the corridor on the fifteenth floor.
"Army you why are you here? You’re not …"
The crowd led out by this shout exclaimed and shrank back when they saw a man with a gun in his hand. There was a man about thirty years old on the other side of the aisle.
"Why? Yu Yuchi was surprised to see me, right? " Army smile and said
"You … light dance? How are you? "Yu Yuchi suddenly found that the hostage in the hands of the army turned out to be his own girlfriend in his hometown, Yuwen Qingwu."
"Yo ho feelings do you know? That’s great, "the army sneered." Yu Yuchi separated from Jiang Hai two years ago, and today I’ll let you know what it feels like. "
"Don’t, don’t behave in such a way. It’s all Jianghai’s idea." Yu Yuchi shivered against the wall and said.
This hijacker named Wan Junyuan has a good industry and a happy family. Two years ago, he met Yu Yuchi and Jiang Hai at a middle-level cocktail party.
At that time, Wanjun had a media company of his own, but it was the last kind, that is, it usually received some advertising business and earned one million yuan a year. But at that time, Wanjun was young and not satisfied with the status quo. After knowing Jianghai at that reception, he learned that Jianghai was the director of the Cultural Bureau and began to have a heart-to-heart relationship.
After a few meals, the two became familiar with each other, and Wan Jun told Jianghai that he wanted to make his business bigger and ask Jianghai for help.
Who is Jiang Hai? He is just a flower. After he has been to Wanjun’s home several times, he has made up his mind about Wanjun’s wife.
Wan Jun’s wife, Tan Xiaofei, and Wan Jun were college classmates. After graduation, they got married and had a son within a year.
And Jiang Hai put his idea to Tan Xiaofei, who always ran to Wanjun’s house while Wanjun sought his help.
At that time, Wan Jun always thought about what to do and often ran outside, but Jianghai took advantage of this opportunity to coax Tan Xiaofei into bed.
It wasn’t until one day that two people were stuck in bed by hosts that it was revealed that this was quite a bloody story.
Wanjun directly beat Jianghai out that night, but he didn’t expect his company to be sealed up the next day. Of course, he knew that this was all done by Jianghai to find Jianghai theory, but he was beaten by Jianghai for someone.
Wanjun knew that he couldn’t stand Jianghai, so he thought about spending money, but Jianghai asked him to transfer the media company to him and divorce Tan Xiaofei.
Divorce is definitely unacceptable to everyone, but he can’t promise to hand over the media company if his wife gives him a green hat.
As a result, in Jianghai, the director of the Cultural Bureau, Dad Cao Wanjun Media Company, closed down.
The lawsuit was not never fought, but it was still lost, and the lawyer who helped him in the lawsuit was Yu Yuchi.
Yu Yuchi not only didn’t help him win the lawsuit, but also got some trumped-up charges on him. As a result, Wan Jun was sentenced to seven years in prison.
He didn’t know that Yu Yuchi had already been bribed by Jianghai until he went to prison.
"Yu Yuchi, I told you that the horse called Jianghai to come over. You two don’t want to run to the top floor with me." Wanjun said with one hand, a pistol pointed at Yu Yuchi.
"Call Jianghai to come over" shouted at Yu Yuchi from Tiantai Wanjun Li.
"I, I don’t have jianghai dialect."
Wanjun shot Yu Yuchi in the foot.
Qin Shaojie was stopped by the police as soon as he walked to the cordon.
"This is my certificate. Let me pass." Qin Shaojie took out the certificate from her pocket and handed it over.
The police took Qin Shaojie’s certificate, looked at it, saluted at once, and then returned it to Qin Shaojie, set up a cordon and put Qin Shaojie in.