Izriel inhaled deeply, and his left hand held up a digital golden light and reappeared.

Do one’s best to chop
Ultimate versus ultimate
The dust will fall and die, and no one will notice the figure passing away in the spacious room.
First Geng
Nnd is going to listen to a Mao situation policy again.
Egg Pain
Asking for tickets
Page 56 God loves the world
The vibration of several blades reverberates and magnifies constantly in the spacious room, forcing the knife to excite Isoriel’s shabby adventure corner wind automatically.
Katrina’s body is still spinning, spinning and spinning at a high speed. It is hard to see clearly from the naked eye that Katrina can see a small red storm brewing in this vast space, and the blades slowly move towards Isoriel like a storm that is about to sweep the earth.
Izriel finally showed a serious expression. Intuition told him that this woman could definitely tear herself into pieces instantly, but she was sure that she could move and hide before being hit by those blades that covered the sky. But … He glanced at Kieran, the guardian of time, who was gaining momentum in the distance. Magic was his biggest nemesis at the moment …
The situation is at stake. It depends on who can kill each other first.
The smell of death … Izriel licked her dry lips because of excessive blood loss, which is how many years I haven’t tasted … The last time I remember, I almost died was when I was chased to the road by a desert scorpion in the big desert of Parriel. That was before I got the energy ring, but I crushed its core with my own hands and wisdom before the tail thorn of the desert scorpion pierced my throat.
Then I got it. God must have got the ring of exhaustion.
So, Izriel, nobody can stop you …
He inhaled deeply and clenched his left hand tightly, and the huge golden half-moon energy made his eyes more prickly.
"Come on," he growled.
Before it was closer than the violent storm, he held his left hand high, raised his head and pulled out his proudest smile, and his right hand pulled out a golden string and folded his arms like a full moon.
The deafening storm has split the skirt of Izriel, and the high-speed blade tore off the violent airflow and cut off his blond hair mercilessly.
At this moment, he laughed and let go
"God loves the world"
An arrow is like a dragon, an arrow is like a magic arrow, and if it is unbreakable, no one can stop me.
The golden light that covered the sky flew out from Izriel’s left hand and changed from a half-moon to a small sun.
All over the sky, the golden breath is shining, and all over the sky, the wind chimes ring.
God so loved the world
No one can open their eyes again. It’s all God’s eyes. It’s all God’s favor.
The red storm was instantly annihilated, and no scarlet blade could break through God’s gaze and be instantly melted and dissipated.
God closed his eyes and the whole big room returned to man again.
All over the sky, the blade broke into powder, and those obscure walls broke and the powder entangled like a heavy snow
There was no red figure in the whole room, leaving Izriel hanging in the air alone. He held up his hands to meet the powder and gave an admiring smile as if he were satisfied with this gorgeous coronation as if it were snowing.
At the moment, he is the god of the world.
"Kieran, is this the future you see?" Izriel smiled warmer than her brow without a trace of anger as if she were a real god.
Although the god’s general blow just now was not directed at Kieran, his weak body could not bear the aftermath of this horror. The whole person had already fallen to the ground and could not stop coughing blood, but there was still no emotion in his eyes. "I once saw you die, and you died horribly."
"I don’t know if I live or die" means that Izriel is not angry at all, which means that his left hand has been holding up a golden energy and is ready to go.