"I’m willing to help you." Chen Senran leaned over. Although he felt that everything could not be said paradoxically, this girl was the only source of his clues at the moment, and there might be unexpected gains if he followed.

The girl who gives off a strong smell from burnt weeds leads the way with a brisk step. If she ignores the environment and time, it will give people a sense of absurdity to walk in her back garden.
"What’s your bear like?" Chen Senran feels that he should know a target. This kind of aimless wave is not what he likes.
"Well, that’s the bear." The girl must have nodded after thinking for a long time.
At this moment, Chen Senran feels that the former paradox has been explained, which may be a little confused with a nerve.
And this guess got stronger evidence when the girl found the so-called bear.
Chen Senran has never seen such a huge bear. If the giant bear is three meters tall and full of flames and fierce eyes, it is a bear.
Chen Senran looked at the girl in silence and reached out to touch the giant bear’s paw. He was secretly ready to retreat. He was sure that this girl was actually a dangerous person, because in the original world, there were many psychopathic killers in his hands, which was even weirder than this. He had not seen it before.
"Boss, come and say hello to your new friends." The girl greeted the giant bear sweetly and greeted Chen Senran.
The bear exhaled a hot breath uneasily and shouted at Chen Senran with some anxiety. It seemed that he was dissatisfied with this strange man approaching his master.
"Stop fooling around and be nice to new friends," the girl laughed like a bell. "By the way, I don’t know your name yet?"
Chen senran
"Chen Senran’s strange name is called Annie." The girl said while tapping her fingers on her charming mouth.
"Hello Annie" Chen Senran frowned unconsciously because this girl named Annie just unconsciously played a spark in her hand. This girl knows magic.
"All right, Boss, let’s go home." Annie patted the bear’s paw and …
The exaggerated giant bear became a toy bear in a burst of brilliance.
"Is my bear cute?" My girl shook the bear in Chen Senran’s hand heartlessly.
Rao is Chen Senran’s mind unconsciously tugging at the corner of her mouth at this moment. What an interesting little girl.
"By the way" seems to remind me of something. Just a few steps later, Annie turned to Chen Senran and said, "Chen … um, that little Sensen, do you want to go home with me?"
Xiao Sensen … In the original world, Chen Senran was called by others, and Director Sen was also called a demon by several people, but Xiao Sensen …
Chen Senran suddenly laughed and laughed recklessly. For the first time in 20 years, he felt that the original world was so interesting.
"Little Sensen, when you meet my father, you must praise his magic. Only in this way can he let you live in my house. Well, you must praise my mother for her beauty, so that she can cook for you. And …" Annie taught Chen Senran what to do when she got to her house like a little housewife.
Chen Senran glanced at the place where he was about to arrive. These gray-white buildings hidden in the moonlight exude a rigorous taste. If there is Guanghua dancing on the eaves, it is an orderly and mysterious place.
"Ahem" Someone coughed, and Chen Senran saw this figure standing in a gray building by moonlight.
Gray robe, wrinkled brown hair and meticulous comb. When he looked at Annie, his eyes could tell that this man was probably his father.
"Did Anne bring a new friend back?" The man seemed to smile at Chen Senran calmly.
"Yes, his name is Xiao Sensen, and he has no place to live now." Annie tugged at the bear in her arms and looked at her father in a pathetic way.
"Take him to the third place. Angray went to Demacia’s house the other day and just came out." The man didn’t seem to talk to Chen Senran, meaning that he was going to let a stranger live in his home.
"Thank you for hosting the great mysterious warlock Gregory? Mr. hasta "Chen Senran has learned his father’s title and name from Anne.
Watching his daughter walk into the house with this strange young man, the great Mr. hasta didn’t go in. He was silent for a moment and said to the shadow, "Dear, do you think this young man from another world will surprise us?"
The shadow shook in the moonlight for a while. A woman in a robe came out. Her face was covered in the robe and hat, but hasta could feel his wife’s smile.
"Actually, it’s good to have Anne’s heart." The woman smiled so warmly that she couldn’t even hide the shadow. "Maybe we should think about how to deal with the parliament first."
Neurotic trip
The second page story desert ballad
The color of the room is the consistent gray and white concise order of the external building, which is perfectly reflected here. The lines of the windows are tough and straightforward. Chen Senran sits in the back of the chair straight, and the gray and white chairs and oak cabinets are full of various names.
Facing that meticulously paved bed, Chen Senran was not sleepy and took a look at it from the shelf. It was surprising and lucky that he actually understood these words "A General History of Varoland". He turned to the first page and the paper made of Fijian wood leaves exuded a faint ink fragrance.
"There are several continents in runes, but in all life, the largest magical continent-Varoran Varoran is the largest continent in the heart of runes. In many cultures, the terms Varoran and Rune are interchangeable …"
Chen Senran gently lit the page and walked for a long time, which made him feel a little thirsty. If there is a glass of red wine, it may be more helpful to think about the facts. He has no doubt that the mysterious magician Gregory? Hasta has a certain purpose for him. For this generosity, he invited himself as a stranger to his home. The mysterious mage Chen Senran won’t recognize it just for Annie’s confused little girl.
On the way, Chen Senran was still thinking about how to explain his route, but from hasta’s attitude, it seems that the other party already knows his origin, so there may not be a few people who have been called here in this world, and further, there may be something beneficial to these aborigines.
Something good? Chen Senran gently rubbed his fingers on the page and flicked his eyes across a line of words on the table.
"The blessed rune land has a lot of source ecological magic energy, and the residents here can touch it."
Magic energy? Chen Senran rubbed his fingers, and too little information led him to speculate that there were too many things. He turned over the page again and looked up at the cupboard full of books.
Maybe I’ll know after reading these.
"Cheep ~" Behind the door.
"That little sensen, haven’t you slept?" Anne’s voice came timidly
Chen Senran naively turned to look at this little girl with a big nerve and saw her hiding behind the half-closed door, revealing a delicate little face with her hands holding her pink pajamas uneasily.
"What can I do for you?" For this girl who dare to break into a stranger’s room on the first day in the middle of the night, Chen Senran can do nothing.
"I can’t sleep." I saw some smiling faces in Chen Senran’s eyes, and Anne flashed a sly smile, pushed the door and skipped the scary bear to sit on the bed.
"well, dear Miss Anne, what can I do for you?"
"Tell me a story. Mom hasn’t told me a bedtime story for a long time." Annie tugged at the bear and wrinkled her cute little nose at Chen Senran.
"Storytelling …" Chen Senran unconsciously pulled the corners of his mouth to kill people. He can tell stories, a technical job he has never done in his life.
"Don’t you want to?" Anne burst into tears.
Well, Chen Senran must admit that he can’t resist the little girl’s tears.
"Well, how? I’m thinking about what kind of story to tell. "Chen Senran scratched his scalp. It’s pitiful. Even when he made his debut in World War I, he didn’t let him scratch his scalp.
Story, story, story.
"This story is about an interesting process in which a teenager goes through several hardships and finally becomes a top killer." Chen Senran thought for a long time and suddenly smiled and told the story.
"Killer …" Annie has heard many stories about the gratitude of magical monsters. For the killer story …
"It seems very interesting." Annie nodded seriously.
"Of course it’s interesting. A long time ago in a desert …" Chen Senran didn’t feel that he was suspected of teaching a bad little girl in this line.
Moonlight passed through the curtain gap and Chen Senran quietly put out the magic lamp, tucking Anne’s back corner and unconsciously humming a song, which was a song in the desert a long time ago.
The morning light leaked in through the window. Chen Senran opened his eyes and found Annie staring at himself.
"Is there anything on my face?"
"No," Annie suddenly wriggled. "Did you take advantage of others last night?" Say that finish also shyly hid in the quilt.
Take advantage of … Are children from other planes so precocious?
Has been slow to get Chen Senran answer Annie secretly revealed a pair of eyes found Chen Senran has sat down to watch.
Annie got up angrily, pouted and dragged her little bear to the door.