As soon as the sky clears, the fog is cold and corrosive. In this kind of innate special energy, the acquired magic weapon and energy are completely useless.

The double fairy clothes and armor can’t be defended at all, and Zhenyuan was immediately frozen to pieces in vitro. The only thing that can be relied on is the body itself.
The irresistible cold air quickly invaded, and a layer of blue ice crystals instantly formed on the skin surface.
The cold air began to penetrate into the interior, which was unavoidable and irresistible.
Fortunately, his body is extremely tough, even he can’t compare with the ordinary pick Jin Xian, otherwise he will freeze to death in a moment when he enters the clear fog.
"As soon as the sky clears … I’ll fuck your ancestors!"
It’s impossible to separate consciousness from the body by a centimeter here, and the six senses have dropped to a horrible level. The deep blue fog makes the line of sight derive up to 100 meters. The most important thing is, it’s like the beginning of heaven and earth, and there’s no gravity. You can’t tell the difference between east and west, north and south. How can you turn back when it’s cold and rushing in?
He frantically chose a direction and flew wildly, while screaming in horror: "This is the fix-true world! This is where mortals live! Damn it … it turns out that there is a clear fog here one day, even if it is weakened by a thousand times, it is beyond the resistance of the person who fixes the truth! "
Ten seconds!
He can only survive here for ten seconds at most. After ten seconds, the fog will invade Yuan Shen as soon as it clears, and then Yuan Shen will be frozen to pieces in an instant.
Can’t move in an instant!
Cann’t break the void
However, the normal flight speed was not affected at all. He flew the sword in a flash and Wan Li finally rushed out in the sixth second.
Pa …
The external temperature is rapidly rotating, and the expansion of heat and contraction of cold lead to a series of crackles from Chen Han’s body. The skin and some muscles that have been invaded by cold air are blown into the tiniest individual, and even the atoms will be frozen to pieces there, and his body is almost skinned.
When my mind moved, a tricolor purple English flew out of the storage ring and was swallowed by him.
Looking at the sky behind him with a diameter of more than 3,000 miles and an unusually gorgeous color of ice blue, the back of Chen Han’s rapid repair was soaked in a cold sweat. He finally understood that every minute counts. As long as he came out a little slower just now, even if he had ten lives, he had to take it in.
It is no wonder that it is said that the land of great disaster is more than 100 meters away from death, and the gas of HarmonyOS has evolved into the environment of fire, water and wind. The fix-true person is as weak as an ant here.
HarmonyOS’s Qi already transcends the innate nature, and the fire, water and wind it evolved are also innate things, which is higher than the fairy power level. Even if the HarmonyOS Qi here is very thin and complicated, its quality is there after all, at least the magic weapon of the acquired level can’t play a defensive role, and the true yuan and immortal power of the acquired level can’t defend.
Fortunately, his body is tough enough, and he can barely last ten seconds in it. Even if he is replaced by the extremely strong man like Qi Jianqiu, he will die if he doesn’t come out in three seconds!
Just when he was scared to death in secret, the huge sky cleared and suddenly a big stream of mysterious gas blew out, and I didn’t know how far it was.
He can’t help but face upheaval, and it’s not safe not to be in the fog. The key thing is that it erupts like a teleport, and it is impossible to escape at the speed of six robberies and scattered immortals. This space can’t be teleported, even his ability to break the void can’t be used here.
Psychic knowledge also lost its function here, even it is impossible to leave the body a centimeter away, but the space outside the fog is much less blocking the line of sight, and it is empty enough to see thousands of miles away.
Off-site smoke and dust.
Kill the immortal and clean the fire.
As soon as it clears the fog.
The blue wind is flowing.
The fire, water and wind that evolved from HarmonyOS Qi all existed, ranging from a small group with a diameter of several meters to a vast polar region in Wan Li.
If the fog just entered Wan Li, even if there is ten seconds, I am afraid it will be too late to escape.
"Chen Han thief takes a break!"
Harsh voice exclaim came from the edge of that clear fog, and lines of figures flew across the sky, but the superior who was well-dressed just a moment ago was now flustered and scarred. Chen’s cold true yuan can’t play a defensive role, and their immortal power can’t stop the sky from clearing, so that they are frozen to ashes and seriously injured.
In that desperate area, they can support less time than the cold, and they will be stunned in three seconds at most. However, these people’s immortal strength is far away from the cold.
It took Chen Han six seconds to fly out from the inside, and it only took them a second.
More than 30 super-order six robbers scattered immortals, none of them can compete with him. Although they can’t decorate the enchantment siege here, the Yuan God’s attack also loses its effect because the consciousness can’t be separated from the body, but how can Chen Han’s most powerful broken posture of nominal age be used?
This place should not stay long!
More than 30 top players across the street will die, so it’s better to choose a narrow escape. He ignored the sword light from behind and rushed to hundreds of miles away with the fastest speed, which was no less than two thousand miles in diameter.
Unless it is in the underground fire, water and wind, the energy in the outer calm space is not hindered except for the spiritual knowledge.
Dozens of roads are condensed to the extreme, and the sword light, the strongest blow of these six robberies and scattered immortals, is exhausted, and it is blasted from behind to Chen Han at incredible speed.
The speed of sword light is extremely fast, which is more than 100 times faster than the flight of Chen Han’s royal sword. In theory, he can’t get rid of it.
However, this special space is different from the outside world, and the psychic can’t be separated from the body here, which means that the long-range attack can’t be locked with the psychic. The attack is never returned. Once it is out of control, it is impossible to turn and track. Although the speed of Chen’s cold is far less than that of sword light, the distance between the two sides is thousands of meters. If sword light spans such a broken distance, can he at least fly out of ten meters?