What does the anti-sky level represent?

Infinite future!
So, what does it mean to reach the anti-heaven level in the late Mahayana like Chen Han?
This means that he has spent the most horrible five-color robbery. He is the only one in the fixed-reality world who exists in the fate of Enron Du Jie. As long as he can live, he can almost witness the birth of a myth, and the seat of the first master in the fixed-reality world belongs to him!
"How did this happen …"
Chengtian almost collapsed on the spot. He was full of jealousy and resentment against Chen Han. He was the first disciple of Chuanchuan and a genius recognized by his master. In the past, he was as high as a god. He had a position of power that most of his disciples had never had. His head was covered with one gorgeous halo after another. Unfortunately, now all the auras no longer exist. Compared with Chen Han, his surprise was as bright as a joke.
Qin Yang!
His eyes are bursting with anger, his power position can be abandoned, and he doesn’t care about the aura of genius. However, the most important ice pupil for him is actually with that person, which is a fact he can’t accept.
"Qin Yang! How dare you kill my fellow disciples so viciously in a duel with my disciples? How can we tolerate you? Give me death! "
In front of many elders, it is necessary to find a decent excuse. Chen Tian seems to be a sharp arrow, flying down from Yuntai and heading straight for Chen Han.
"Chengtian, stop!"
All the high-level officials of Taiyi Xianmen have stopped drinking, and he is the only wizard who has survived the five-color robbery safely. His value is unimaginable. This is a double-edged sword, which may attract other forces to intervene, and it is also possible for Taiyi Xianmen by going up one flight of stairs to make a difficult choice, but at least it is impossible to give up immediately.
Just as the master was about to stop him, Bing Pupil smiled coldly: "Chengtian, you are overreached. Now that you are all over the world today, do you really think you are invincible?" Six robberies scattered immortals, the first hundred peaks, do you think you can easily kill a disciple in the late Mahayana period? "
Chapter 384 War Chengtian
When ChengTianFei came at the moment, Chen cold hands out of thin air more than a big bow, two arrows tear vanity with sharp surprises.
His combat power growth is already one product higher than Chengtian’s, and the double arrows are equal to two full-scale attacks, which is not much different from the super-order five-robbery scattered fairy’s combat power.
Of course, compared with the six-robbery realm, it is still worse, that is, at the next moment when the arrows are shot, his hands are rapidly sealed.
The five-color glow flows rapidly at the fingertips, and a gorgeous optical symbol takes shape instantly.
Ban yuan yin!
The optical character teleported in Chengtian’s head and burst into a sky full of light and rain. He was allowed to protect his immortal strength and shock wildly, but he failed to stop countless light clouds and penetrated into his body. At the same time, other people’s sword light, which is proposed by the unity of swords, is dimmed by two points out of thin air, and the immortal power that can be mobilized is also inexplicably weakened by twenty percent.
Sword light collided with two arrows head-on, and the arrows were rocked by the sword, and the light was dark and dumb and turned into streamers to fly back to Chen Han’s side, but the difference was not great, which also made Chengtian fall back from the anti-shock shape, and at the same time Xuanyin was released from Chen Han’s fingertips again.
Don’t destroy the seal!
Taking advantage of the crackle of the earthquake and retrogression of Chengtian, he blessed himself with two mysterious seals in a row. Chengtian, who was shocked and angry, snapped: "With you, you can also block this seat with a long-range attack?" Dream! Taixuan Qingyun-Dingding Universe! "
The top-grade fairy flying sword given by his master is no less powerful in his hands than the real first-class fairy, and the power played by Chen Han’s hands is equal in terms of magic weapons, but only in terms of defensive fairy, only the Chinese fairy’s battle clothes are weaker.
The flying sword suddenly turns into three white and gold drills, which contains the upgraded version of Geng Jin’s body, which shows off the golden fairy body and is unique to the supreme murder.
Although the three sword lights have been dispersed, the power of each sword light is comparable to that of the super-order five-robbery scattered fairy, and the bow and arrow can only shoot two at the same time, so it is impossible to block three attacks at the same time.
"Still want to high above? Roll down for Lao Tzu, and print in the air! "
Xuanyin immediately took off his finger and went to Chengtian’s head. He didn’t know what was going on, and his head fell from mid-air.
Metamorphosis elbow armpit!
He couldn’t figure out why he suddenly lost his ability to defend the air, so he planted his head in the air, and suddenly his mind was in chaos, and the three swords were dimmed.
Chen cold face dew sneer, this strength of the attack is still difficult to pose a threat to him, even if a direct hit the body, at most, that is, by some shock.
Ben Lei-Broken Void!
Crack virtual-nine chop!
The figure suddenly disappeared from the original place. This place is not the original setting sun bound by all kinds of constraints. With his practice today, the broken void is enough to cross a small number of meters.
There is almost no order, and the disappearance of the figure over there makes Chengtian’s sword light unable to be locked, and the other side appears behind Chengtian.
He has never used the split virtual knife in Mahayana.
He didn’t mean to hide his strength. He faced all kinds of mortal situations at sunset, and he never used it from beginning to end. The reason is that this kind of knife method is as powerful as crushing vanity, and it also consumes a lot of physical strength. Only when it reaches the peak in the late Mahayana period will it not lead to force loss.
There are nine skies.
The ground is nine times heavy.
It is difficult for him to split out nine knives in an instant, although each knife is not full. If it were not for the continuous understanding of the retreat for 180 years, it would be impossible to connect nine knives in one type without worrying about losing power.
Each knife is only equivalent to 10% strength, and nine knives are equivalent to 90% strength, which is not enough for a full blow in theory. However, these nine knives are superimposed in the form of nine overlapping waves. Doubling the increase of the first three superpositions is equivalent to 60% of the power, and the increase of the first six superpositions is one and a half times, while the increase of the nine-fold knife strength will reach an astonishing twice.
Under the continuous superposition of nine light and shadow, the power of a blow is equivalent to twice the original 90% attack power, which is 1.8 times its own attack power.
Knife light, such as blazing, imposing manner, such as rainbow.
Chen’s cold faces are all purple, and the physical strength consumed by the nine-chop is far greater than that of today’s broken vanity posture, and at the same time, it also makes him a blow on the basis of the original, with nearly twice the improvement. Three times the equivalent of a grade, 1.8 times but enhanced the first half of the grade, and his attack power rose to the level of almost two arrows.
The bow and arrow attack is only two arrows, and his knife is close to the power of two arrows. What’s more?