He Ming snorted and said, "Now you can’t even stand up. What qualifications are there to talk about me?" Then he left for the east, and the Tathagata sighed helplessly and continued to close his eyes and meditate.

He Ming grabbed the quasi-lift to the hole where the Kyushu tripod crashed out. Looking at the aura that was still overflowing, He Ming threw the quasi-lift to the ground, and his hands kept bearing French and Indian, and the French and Indian kept circling around the quasi-lift. It’s a pity that Zhunti Yuanshen was sealed and couldn’t move at all. He Ming reached out and waved his hand around after finishing the French printing, but he saw a powerful front law scattered around with Zhunti as the center.
The three worlds were quickly suppressed. And the people who suppress the earth are quasi-mention saints. With quasi-mention repression in the future, these three realms can persist for a few more years, but this is also a local way to treat the symptoms but not the symptoms, that is, He Ming will find quasi-mention to suppress the earth in order to delay time.
He Ming said with a smile when he finished everything: "This seal can only let you stay here for a few years, and you will come out later. If you want to blame, you can only blame you for taking violet. This cause and effect is what you deserve now. " Say and turn away.
Underground must mention helplessly looked around now this seal is not he can open. The only way is to wait to be rescued.
He Ming went straight to the palace. When Fuxi saw that He Ming handed him the Kyushu tripod, he said, "Saint, don’t forget the time. Miss the opportunity. "
He Ming took the Kyushu tripod with a smile and said, "I should return it to Kyushu tripod after a hundred years." Say and leave with Jiuding.
The saint’s robbery has already arrived. But so far, no saint has fallen except the happy and scattered people. Eleven saints in heaven and earth must die. Otherwise, Heaven will not agree. After nine days, the saints began to feel their own changes. The first is the decline of heaven and man. Immortals’ Five Decades of Heaven and Man unexpectedly appeared on saints. This is incredible. And the saints also feel that their own way is declining. Mana is slowly disappearing. Only by protecting yourself with your own merits can you slow down the disaster.
The threat from Heaven made all saints start to worry. "Gongming," said Zhao Gongming, calling from the sky on the Golden Turtle Island. Your testimony is not long. Now it’s going to be robbed by saints. I can’t bear to be a teacher. From now on, you will stay in Golden Turtle Island and not go out. After the disaster, heaven and earth reopened. You should be the host and I will cut the teaching. When you are in charge of teaching. "
Zhao Gongming exclaimed, "Teacher. What do you mean? As an interception disciple, I dare not let the teacher risk himself. Disciples are willing to join the teacher in Du Jie. "
Tongtian looked serious and said, "Gongming, you are my hope to intercept teaching. How can you get involved in the big robbery? If you are a teacher, stay on Golden Turtle Island and don’t go out."
Zhao Gongming was unwilling to tunnel: "Teacher, disciples really can’t stay in Jinbiao Island."
Tongtian waved his hand to stop Zhao Gongming from continuing. He got up and said, "I’ll go to consult with your two uncles for the teacher. If you don’t respect the teacher’s will and leave Jinbiao Island, I’ll expel you for the teacher." Say goes to the outside, Zhao Gongming shouted twice, but it’s a pity that Tongtian just didn’t hear, regardless of Zhao Gongming.
Tongtian left Jinbiao Island and went straight to Bajing Palace. Sanqing gathered in Bajing Palace. Lao Tzu said, "Now when the catastrophe comes, someone must be reincarnated to solve it. What do you think?"
The original way: "There is only one person allowed to be mentioned in the western Buddhism, but it is allowed to be arrested by He Ming to suppress the earth. Only Xu Xian can choose, but Xu Xian has a gun that kills the gods, but it is a bit troublesome."
Tongtian said, "If I can’t wait, Heaven will let me wait for reincarnation. It’s better to let go and have a chance."
Lao Tzu said, "Then how can he know that he is profound now, and he has been hiding in chaos for a hundred years, and I don’t know what will happen to him."
The original way: "He Ming has offended many people. If he comes back, he is afraid that he will become the target of public criticism, but He Ming is also the most difficult person to deal with."
Sanqing was discussing how to deal with the great robbery, and the second sage of Penglai in Xuanqing was also discussing the great robbery. For a hundred years, everyone could not avoid it, but when the great robbery came, they had to make moves. Xuanqing said, "Now the great robbery must be resolved, and Xu Xian is a saint in the underworld. If we deal with Xu Xian, I am afraid it will not work, and only that door will be cleared."
Qingyun said, "Brother, Sanqing has a deep cause and effect with Penglai. This time, Sanqing will definitely end the cause and effect with us. Why don’t we make a move first so as not to miss the opportunity?"
Xuanqing smiled and said, "Sanqing didn’t dare to bother us first. They only had to bother Xu Xian, and we could help Xu Xian deal with Sanqing."
Three clear skies, Lao Tzu said: "If we want to act, we still need to wait for the opportunity. Then the second sage of Penglai and I have a lot of causes and effects. If we attack while the situation is favorable, we have little chance of winning."
The original way: "We have to wait for one person to return before we have a chance." The original nature is He Ming. Now this situation has formed a balance, and no one dares to behave in such a way. Only He Ming, a troublemaker, will stir up the balance instability.
Suddenly. There was a roll of chaos that day, and Kyushu Ding rushed out of the chaos and went straight to the lower bound. When the saints saw that the face of the Kyushu tripod had changed, Lao Tzu shook his head and said, "The fall of Ren Huang is really a few days, and now Nu Wa can avoid the doom."
Kyushu tripod fell to the celestial world and was quickly arranged according to the trend of Jiugong gossip. Eight golden lights in the sky fell in all directions and just merged into the Kyushu tripod in the four directions. Kyushu tripod shines brightly, shining the whole celestial world. However, all terrans are refreshed by this golden light, and they can prolong their lives if they are sick.
Nu Wa in the Palace watched the Three Emperors and Five Emperors merge into the Eight Ding, and a tear fell from the corner of her eye, dripping into the dust and turning into a young woman. This woman’s lower body is a snake, but her upper body is a human figure, which is exactly the same as that of Nu Wa. From then on, this woman claimed to be a survivor of Nu Wa and maintained the terran of heaven and earth.
Nu Wa fell down to the Kyushu Ding in the center of the world, and went away. When Nu Wa was integrated into the Ding in the center, Nu Wa held high the Kowloon Yinyangtian and said, "My Nu Wa is willing to preside over the Kyushu Ding to protect the Terran from countless disasters. Take the seal of Kowloon as the national heart of honoring people. If the sky is merciful, please follow my wishes. "
The large array formed by Jiuding spread rapidly. However, all terrans are protected by this Kyushu tripod array, and those who are not doomed will never suffer that innocent disaster. Kyushu tripod flies into the sky and merges into one tripod. Terran hearts have felt the coercion on the cauldron, and the affinity from the source has made people worship the Kyushu cauldron in the sky, and the endless power of faith has been integrated into the Kyushu cauldron. The powerful faith has made the saints start to lose heart, and no one can imagine that the power of faith in the Terran gathering place is so huge.
Kyushu Ding passed away without a trace, while the wind and cloud rolled between heaven and earth, the sky was moaning, the ground was shaking, Ren Huang fell, and the Terrans shed tears involuntarily, but I don’t know why. Anyway, they cried involuntarily and bowed down to the sky, but there was another big Ding in the Terran’s heart. Whenever there was any difficulty, they would worship the big Ding in their hearts.
Endless faith poured into the cauldron, and the Jiuding array that maintained the Terran became stronger and stronger. Heaven and Yaochi saw the Terran belief above Heaven * *, and their hearts changed a little.
He Ming strolled down from chaos, relying on Jiuding to gather mana for a hundred years, and it was really rapid. The Jiujiu array composed of Jiuding can help He Ming absorb chaotic aura and improve mana at a speed of 81 times, which is why he took Kyushu Ding.
He Ming is more powerful now than when he first came, that is, Kong Xuan can’t beat him without the help of heaven. It can be said that He Ming today is equivalent to the rebirth of Pangu, and the only thing that is not as good as Pangu is his way.
Looking up at the disappearing Jiuding, He Ming said with a smile, "Nu Wa has survived the disaster, and there are only three Qing people left, so I just want to talk to them." He Ming didn’t find him when he was practicing in chaos, but now he is back in the Three Realms, and the Five Decades of Heaven are found immediately. Fortunately, He Ming’s body is comparable to Pangu, and the Five Decades of Heaven and Man are nothing to be afraid of for him, but the Saint’s robbery has to end all the time. He Ming also understands that the Saint’s robbery can’t last for a day, and the Five Decades of Heaven and Man will not be removed for a day. Although he can’t help himself, he is not very comfortable all day.
Came to the entrance of the underworld, looked at the magic list hanging high, He Ming smiled, stretched out his hand toward the magic list with a wave of his hand, and a breath instantly wrapped the magic list. He Ming slowly walked into the underworld, and after he entered the underworld, the breath on the magic list just dissipated, and a black breath appeared on the list, flying around, and no outsiders invaded the underworld and returned to the list.
He Ming walked in the underworld, and the dark sky seemed a little gloomy. Originally, the underworld was almost the same as the outside world, but now someone in the underworld is controlling the magic gas to cover the sky, which naturally becomes dark. If no one controls the magic gas, heaven and earth are clear, and this underworld is not bad.
In the magic palace, Xu Xian looked at the door coldly with a magic gun in his hand, and stood aside to help Xu Xian. lady white snake and Bing Lan stood behind Xu Xian. Since the magic list was changed, Wu Xian and Xu Xian knew that someone had entered the underworld, but the magic list failed to find anyone. It must be that the master broke in.
At the entrance of the magic palace, He Ming walked in slowly and saw Xu Xian and Wu Tian in the magic palace. He Ming smiled slightly and said, "The snake king is well."
Xu Xian said coldly, "The demon emperor didn’t come here to visit our king, did he?"
He Ming Dow: "As a saint, the snake king should know why I came."
Xu Xian pointed his magic gun at He Ming and said, "I’m not your opponent, but it’s ok to fight to the death. I don’t know how sure the demon emperor is."
He Ming casually stepped forward and gently touched his finger on the killing gun. Xu Xian only felt a strong force coming from the spear head, and his hand was tight. The god-killing gun immediately stabilized and stabbed He Ming violently, and He Ming sideways avoided the gun tip. Grasping the gun rod in one hand, he smiled and said, "The Snake King has not made an inch in these years. Unfortunately, it is a pity that this murderous gun has followed the wrong owner. I really feel sorry for you."
There was a buzz on the killing gun, and the gun body trembled. Xu Xian looked frightened. He Ming smiled and said, "You’re just a gun spirit who hasn’t learned anything yet. Do you think you can turn the sky upside down in my hands? " Say a hard hand, killing god gun immediately quiet down.
Xu Xian couldn’t pull the gun at all, but said, "You didn’t come to kill me. Tell me the reason why you came here."
He Ming let go. Smiling at Xu Xian, he said, "Ken Wang the snake is really smart. I like talking to smart people." Xu Xianchao looked at the lawless, two people just need to look at each other to understand each other’s state of mind, lawless turned to put the black lotus, lady white snake and ice haze, goes to the outside.
There were only two people left in the magic palace. Xu Xian said, "The demon emperor can speak."
He Ming said with a smile, "I think you know what your killing gun is. You should know what I want. "
Xu Xian looked at the killing gun. Reached out and handed it to He Ming Dow: "Just take it, I just hope you can let your wife go."
He Ming looked at Xu Xian and shook his head. "You are so self-righteous. After all, this killing gun belongs to you, and I can’t have it. Now this killing gun belongs to you completely, and only you can exert its greatest power, so I want you to go to Du Jie with me. "
Xu Xian gritted his teeth and looked at He Ming Dow: "You want me to help you kill Daomen Sanqing, get rid of all saints, and then kill me, so you can Du Jie."
He Mingxiao looked at Xu Xian and said, "Smart people are just unusual. Now that you know, do you need me to say it again?"
Xu Xian said coldly, "No need, I’ll just go with you."
He Ming Dow: "I like your frankness. Don’t worry. As long as I can Du Jie, I will definitely help you in the end, so that you and Little White Snake can be together forever."
Xu Xian deadpans: "Let’s die together and be together forever."
He Ming said with a smile, "I can’t help it if you think so, but I believe you will help me in Du Jie." He stretched out his right hand, and there was a black ball of light on the right hand, with a small white snake in it.
Xu Xian tried to control his mood and gnashed his teeth. "Who does the demon emperor want to reincarnate?"
He Ming took back his hand with a smile and said, "Sanqing, they have been sanctified for many years, and it’s time for them to go around."
Xu Xian’s killing gun in his hand made a hard stroke toward the void, revealing a crack. He immediately got in, and He Ming followed. He Ming and Xu Xian stood in the chaos and looked at the world in front of him. He Ming said with a smile, "All three of you are here. It’s just that we should take a short walk. Come along."
Lao Tzu said, "Since Taoist friends are here, why don’t you come in and sit down, so that I can do my best as a landlord."
He Ming shook his head and said, "I think it’s better to forget it. It’s hard to avoid ruining your world and opening up a new one."
Lao Tzu said, "It’s just a matter of turning hands to refine one side of the world. Taoist friends don’t have to worry too much, just come in."
He Ming said with a smile, "No matter how kind you are, it’s no harm for me to come and see your world." After that, the chaos axe appeared in his hand, and he made a fierce stroke towards Lao Tzu’s heaven and earth. Sanqing was so frightened that he hurried out of heaven and earth and came to chaos.
The force of a blow from the chaos axe instantly destroyed this clear sky, which was cut by the chaos axe, and endless chaos was involved in that clear sky. Nothing was left of chaos, but it was completely submerged by chaos in a moment, but everything with poor quality was assimilated by chaos, and the last remaining was almost waste. Lao Zi’s Eight Scenes Palace was also completely impacted by chaos and dissipated without a trace.
He Ming looked at the mess with a full face of surprise and said, "Li Er, your land is too clear and naive. It seems that when you built it, you cut corners and made a shoddy project. Alas, Li Er will have to find reliable projects in the future."
Sanqing looked angrily at where He Ming was performing alone. Lao Tzu threw the Tai Chi map at He Ming, but saw that the Tai Chi map turned into a golden bridge and stood in chaos, waving and posing as a sword array. There was a roll in chaos, and He Ming was trapped in the sword array.
He Mingxiao looked at Zhu Xian Jian array and said, "The legendary Zhu Xian Jian array turned out to be nothing more than this. It seems that it is just a joke to be unbreakable unless the four saints are unbreakable."
Tongtian said, "Since Taoist friends think they can kill the immortal sword array, why not try it?"