. Say that finish, another knife split.

"My Lord, what I want to say, what I want to say is that Merced has the spirit bead of destruction in his hand." Ikey awkwardly dodged a knife from the dragon nine deep and remote, in a hurry.
Destroy the spirit bead, which is something that even the master is fighting for.
At the beginning, the spirit bead of destruction in the hands of Hong Ming of the nether world was one of the spirit beads of every child, and the spirit bead of destruction in the hands of Merced was also one of them. Merced’s face changed greatly. He just got a spirit bead of destruction. He thought the news hadn’t leaked out yet. I didn’t expect this Ikey to know. I can’t help but worry.
"Ikey, you." Merced glared at Ikey.
"I’m sorry, Merced, in order to save my life. That’s all I can do. It’s a pity that I lost a spirit bead of destruction. I was going to tell Outred, the master of destruction, then. But I’ll tell Outred, the master of destruction, too. Don’t worry. I will avenge you then. " Ikey sent a message to Merced, and then looked at Long Jiuyou with a pleasing face.
This news, in his view, Long Jiuyou must be tempted, and then his life will be saved.
"Destroy the spirit bead? Damn it, I thought it was amazing news, and I was not interested. " Say that finish, dragon nine deep and remote quickly fly, and then a knife to.
Ikey winced when he saw Long Jiuyou hit it with a knife. "My Lord, that’s it. That is the spirit bead of destruction for the task of the most high God, and the spirit bead of destruction for the task of the Lord God! " I thought that Long Jiuyou didn’t know what the spirit bead was, so Ikey quickly explained.
Long Jiuyou said with a smile, "Destroy the spirit bead? Lao Tzu has even seen a nine-hole sword. You, die! "
Nine-hole sword ! Ikey was surprised, and the nine holes in the mission of the Most High God were carved long? However, just between his ashes, all of a sudden, a pain in his chest, I saw that a knife from Long Jiu You had penetrated his chest. Ikey opened his mouth wide, and the hammer of the main artifact fell. Then it fell, and a lower main deity flashing green fell from mid-air, and then flew to the Heavenly Palace with a whoosh.
Solve the Ikey, Long Jiuyou looked at Merced and didn’t start work.
The two hands can’t fight against Long Jiuyou. Now that Yiqi is dead, Merced knows that he has no chance to survive with one hand. Merced’s eyes are shining: "I would rather die than beg for mercy from you like Yiqi."
Dragon nine looked at Merced thoughtfully, and then cocked his head. Look at Merced. Laughing: "Who said I would kill you? How’s it going? Join our heavenly religion to protect the founder God. Together, we will promote the teachings for the heavenly religion, and we will practice supreme power and get rid of the shackles of the four supreme laws of God. "
Merced’s face changed again and again, and his eyes froze. My eyes changed, and finally, I gritted my teeth and said, "Well, I would like to join the Heavenly Religion, but the Heavenly Religion can’t set me free."
As if he had expected, Long Jiuyou didn’t care, and then said, "This nature, our heavenly religion has never bound anyone’s freedom."
After hearing this, Merced stepped forward respectfully and said, "Meet the leader."
Unexpectedly, Long Jiuyou panicked and said in a hurry, "I’m not the leader, so don’t shout. Lao Tzu, like you, is also the guardian of the leader."
Merced exclaimed, "Your Excellency is also the patron saint." He used to teach the leader of the Nine Dragons, but he didn’t want to be. The Nine Dragons were the middle gods. Was the leader a master that day?
Which master will it be? Hell is nothing but destroying the master. He can’t think of anyone else who has the strength to make Long Jiuyou work under it.
"You don’t have to think much. It’s natural to see the leader, but you know. Go, and you will come with me to the Heavenly Palace." Say that finish, a fly, fly to the temple, and then fell to the front of the temple, followed by Mercedes, followed by Long Jiuyou fell to the temple gate to worship.
When he came to the front of the Heavenly Palace, Merced was even more deeply shocked by the unpredictability of the Heavenly Palace.
As Long Jiuyou walked along the jade day order step by step, I saw the clouds around the Heavenly Palace. Swiss beasts run away, Yuquan hangs down, fairy grass is fragrant and fragrant, and unknown green trees are covered with crystal clear fruits, emitting a lingering fragrance.
Stepping into it, Merced only felt that he had entered a dream. Compared with it, my own palace is simply a straw shed.
Looking at Merced’s shocked look, Long Jiuyou looked in awe and said, "Everything in this Heavenly Palace was created by our hierarch and empress.
Knowing that this heavenly palace was created by the mysterious heavenly church leader and an empress, Merced was shocked and even more curious about today’s religious leader.
Who actually created such a heavenly palace?
God can create a god’s face, but before this god’s face, it is created by the god’s understanding of the law and the force of the god. It is weak and single, so there is no such vitality and grandeur.
I don’t know how many jade steps I stepped on, but before I finally came to the tallest palace, Merced looked up and saw that it read: Chaos Palace.
The words "Chaos Palace", as if with great magic, deeply attracted his soul.
"Come in!" A faint majestic voice sounded.
Dragon nine deep and remote hurriedly respectfully should be, and then went in, Mercedes also hurriedly followed, low.
Merced is arrogant, even when he sees the master, he never bows his head, but the mysterious means of the heavenly religion leader has already deeply shocked him and impressed him.
With Long Jiuyou. Into the hall, and then visit, and then follow the dragon nine deep and remote stand, stand aside, Merced couldn’t help but look up and finally meet the mysterious Tianjiao leader!
"Qing Ye! It’s you! " Merced exclaimed.
Chapter three hundred and eight Fate master
Qing Ye was not surprised by the reaction from Merced. His hand Bu HarmonyOS sword aroused "attention. This, he knows.
"You created the Tiangong?" Merced’s face was shocked, and at the same time, there was no doubt that he didn’t believe it.
The news that Qing Ye killed Beirut and defeated the Devastator hasn’t come out yet, so in the eyes of Merced. Qing Ye is still the Qing Ye who was hunted by Beirut ten thousand years ago.
To say that the Heavenly Palace was created by Qing Ye, he really didn’t believe it.
How is that possible? Merced couldn’t help thinking.
Suddenly, a wave of coercion from heaven and earth emanated from Qing Ye, and that kind of coercion made Merced breathe so hard that it deeply shook his soul.
What a powerful coercion, even in the face of the master, he has never felt so bad, like a heavy mountain.
Suddenly, Qing Ye pointed his hands, and a white air mass flew up, which he could not avoid. Trying to block, but still being blown out.
Merced got up. Since then, he dare not doubt Qing Ye’s strength. However, he still feels like falling into a dream, just like a person with low strength suddenly becomes countless times stronger than himself one day, and needs to look up to his own existence.
At this moment, Qing Ye suddenly offered the HarmonyOS sword, and the Hong miscellaneous sword turned into a dark blue and a mans, and then flashed by. Suddenly, thousands of miles away from the Heavenly Palace, there was a dull voice.
As the dull voice sounded, a young man with blond hair and golden eyebrows, a face of Bai Zhe and muscles like coagulate fat flashed out of the originally empty air.
After the young man blocked HarmonyOS’s sword. Then he flickered away, his figure was as fast as lightning, and he was not much weaker than the destroyer.
Take back HarmonyOS sword "Qing Ye also don’t chase, but secretly wonder, just who is the young man, you know can take him a HarmonyOS sword don’t get hurt, at least is the dominant power.
Ignoring the young man’s escape, Qing Ye watched his highness’s Merced.
Merced looked at Qing Ye in horror. The sword just passed away by surprise, and his power was so strong that he doubted whether he could take the blow if it was for him.
In the face of Qing Ye, Merced really felt awe, and then he really convinced Qing Ye.
To soothe Merced, and Ikey died again. Naturally, the whole sea of chaos is under the control of Tianjiao.
In the sea of chaos, the gods who originally wanted to come to the Heavenly Palace turned back to the metal life spacecraft halfway. And then flew back to his territory.
Because, halfway through, the news that Qing Ye killed Beirut with one sword and destroyed the master with one axe has spread rapidly. At first, the gods couldn’t believe it. Later, when they saw the image, they had to believe this earth-shattering news in the face of shocking facts.
To say that Qing Ye’s killing of Beirut shocked the gods. Then an axe to destroy the Lord will cause the shock of the Lord God.
Countless planes, eleven masters, dominated by four rules, and Qing Ye defeated the destruction master, then, wouldn’t it be said that Qing Ye’s strength has been equal to that of fate master?
In fact, the young man who was hit by Qing Ye’s sword outside the Heavenly Palace was Augusta, who was dominated by light. When Long Jiu You solved Ikey and took Merced into the Heavenly Palace, he had already arrived, but he had been hiding outside the Heavenly Palace.
Augusta, who was frightened away by Qing Ye’s sword, rushed all the way to heaven.
Heaven, Ogu Garden, and Augusta, the master of light, stood in front of a middle-aged man in white with a complicated look.
Middle-aged, kind-hearted, a pair of peaceful appearance.
"That line, Qing Ye, really didn’t expect to beat Outred," said the middle-aged man.