Tian Qiu blushed. "I know you can be developed now, so I’ll rent it in someone else’s Shikumen old house pavilion."

Ting Jishu knows.
There will be pavilions in Shikumen and old houses in Shanghai and other places.
The so-called pavilion is a small room covered with clothes on the balcony of the cooking stove.
In the old days, it was a big family who came to make groceries or live with nannies.
The pavilion door is open on the first floor and the stairs on the second floor. The general area is only seven square meters.
In fact, in the egalitarian era of housing distribution, a young couple in Shanghai can be assigned to a pavilion as a wedding room, and they are about to fall asleep and wake up laughing.
Now, with the reform and opening up, everyone’s housing level is improving, and they have moved out of Shikumen Pavilion early when they have money, and there are more and more foreign tenants living in it.
Shanghai is still on the eve of takeoff, but even on the eve, it has surpassed most cities in China.
Ji Shu can’t miss the real estate feast when he comes to Shanghai. It’s also fun to experience an old Shikumen Pavilion.
"I can’t wait to live in your pavilion!"
As they walked, they said that by this time they had arrived in the car. There were more and more people in the car. People from nearby cities went to Shanghai to live. Everyone was in a hurry, but their faces were full of joy.
Tian Qiu’s face changed again. "There’s one more thing … I’m so worried that I’m not alone in the pavilion."
"ah? Is it shared? Then will I be too disturbing? "
"No, it’s my elder sister Tian Xia. I’ll tell you slowly …"
It turned out that Tian Tian Qiu’s parents adopted a boy and moved to Anshi, and Tian Xia and her husband Guo Jianjun began to have conflicts.
The two of them have already crowded the garage, and Qiu Xiao said in Jishu’s ear, "My sister suddenly came last night and I didn’t inform you, and I feel very embarrassed. Alas, my sister didn’t say much and quarreled with her brother-in-law …"
"That must be because of your cheap brother. I went to your sister’s house to visit your sister and brother-in-law. I was so loving that I couldn’t argue until your sister ran away from home."
"That’s what I was thinking. It’s estimated that it’s the child’s trouble. You said it was irritating and not irritating. Our three sisters are called spring, summer and autumn. What do you say, this adopted child should also be called Tian Dong? If you guess what my parents named him? "
This has aroused Ji Shu’s interest.
"It’s called Tian Bao!"
Che Jishu trembled with laughter when she was full of people. If there were no walls around her, she suspected that she fell down because she was too funny.
Tian Qiu also smiled with anger.
"My elder sister got married in the next village, and I was so angry that I called my second sister and said not to go back to her mother’s house. You said that a good family is now returning Tian Bao like an enemy. Laugh off your fangs!"
Ji Shu said, "How is your second sister now?"
"It was not good last night. It’s ok today. I heard that you were coming. She has been cleaning at home. She also said that she would buy some snacks. It’s really troublesome for you to eat. I’m so sorry that you have to squeeze with us."
"Your sister is so nice, alas, this thing …"
After a few words of gossip, they arrived at Tian Qiu to rent Shikumen.
Because Tian Qiugong’s photo studio is in the city center, she also found a place near the city center to live. This is the boss’s referral. Is the rent cheap, but the room conditions are not very good
The moldy stairs smell of time, and the lighting and ventilation of the room are very reluctant. Now it is noon, but it is dark in the middle of winter, so you can see people clearly with the lights on.
Tian Xia opened frontispiece with a smile, but I still feel miserable.
"Ji Shumei, you’re here."
"Sister Tian!"
JiShu deliberately high tone to bring some lively atmosphere here.
Ji Shu went into the room and found it was not spacious. There was a double bed in the pavilion, and then there was a small dining table.
This is not that Ji Shu is picky, but there is no way to live for three people!
Ji Shu hasn’t spoken yet. Tian Xia spoke. "I didn’t know you were coming until I came suddenly. You said that it was a coincidence that you came to live in Hetian Qiu and respected her. I will leave later."
JiShu busy pulling Tian Xia sit to bed board creaking sound.
"Nothing to go, I’m going. I’ve come to book a hotel, but I didn’t think of catching up with Tian Qiu for a long time before I thought of staying together for a while. I’ll find a room by the way. You are sisters and I haven’t seen you for a long time. Let’s play with Tian Qiu for a few days. Don’t think too much."
Tian Xia gratefully held Jishu’s hand trembling and said, "Thank you. If you hadn’t brought us Tian Qiu to do that Treasury bill, you would have given her 15 dollars. Where did she dare to come to Shanghai? How can I afford to rent a house? She is an apprentice in the photo studio here, and she doesn’t have much money. My sister’s road has widened with that money! "
Tian Qiu also nodded wildly. "Yes, yes!"
Ji Shu came to ask again what happened to the contradiction between Tian Xia and her husband in Anshi, but seeing that Tian Xia’s spirit is relatively weak, I think it’s not too late to talk in a few days.
Chatting a few words about Ji Shu and seeing her off Tian Qiu stepped on the road to the hotel. Tian Qiu felt very sorry that Ji Shu had to book a hotel temporarily, and bought a big bag of Tian Xia snacks to send her.
Tian Xia wanted to keep Ji Shu for dinner, but Ji Shu thought it would be better to give her more and just refused.
Ji Shu took 5 yuan with her, and there was almost 50,000 yuan in her cash folder, which she took out from the 30,000 loan as the "Shanghai Venture Fund".
The rest of the money is in Shu Chang Tian’s account to run the canteen and Xu Gang is in charge of the second landlord’s business.
Thinking about not being too wronged, Ji Shuding decided that a mid-range hostel room not far from Tian Qiu’s home is not cheap every day in 68 yuan.
Check in well. Seeing that it’s still early, Ji Shu wants to walk around alone and feel the street view of Shanghai style.
At this time, it was dusk, and the twilight gradually appeared. She saw that the pace of people in the street was getting slower and slower. People were laughing and just bought a chicken, a handful of vegetables and a bag of oranges.
Although the weather is not too cool, it’s just right to take a walk, and it’s refreshing to sweat a little.
The pedestrian Wu Nong’s soft words passed by, leaving a ripple in Ji Shu’s mind.
What a relief! Although I have been to Shanghai several times, this time I saw this city in the early 1990 s, and Ji Shu felt very cordial and impressed.
From a distance, Ji Shu noticed that a group of people were talking around a tall man in an alley. The tall man seemed to be in a hurry.
A group of people chattered about something that Ji Shu couldn’t hear clearly.
Ji Shu walked quickly and found that the tall man was a white-skinned foreigner with yellow hair and blue eyes. He was about fifty years old, dressed in a wide and thin body, and he was swaying in Xili. He was very excited and gesticulated with words.
These days, foreigners walking in the street will arouse people’s attention. When they first arrive, foreigners often feel like zoo monkeys.
It’s still in Shanghai, where you see more foreigners, and there are a group of people around other land cities.
Watching a young girl in Shanghai say, "Foreigners don’t understand Chinese and English. I can understand it at a glance, but I don’t want to talk about it."
Ji Shu listens carefully to the girl, which means that she can understand a little English but can’t speak it.
Another old uncle said, "Call the police! I guess I lost Lu Yigang! "
Ji Shu asked in English before he was busy, "Are you lost?"
The foreigner suddenly heard that the accent was quite good, and the whole person was shocked and rushed to Ji Shu as if he had found a savior
You have something to say.
Ji Shu is learning to fall in love.
Chapter 16 Chapter 16
The tall foreigner excitedly told Ji Shu a general story.
He is an economics professor. He was invited to visit Shanghai from the United States. At night, he was in a hurry to participate in an activity sent by the organizer. Suddenly, his car broke down and he and the translator took a taxi by themselves.
I didn’t expect to get lost with the translator in a blink of an eye.
"I don’t know where Ms. Lin, that is, my translator, went. Damn it! Just in the evening rush hour, a large group of people came from the car and washed us away! "