The Lord of the Moon Palace is fighting in the cold moon!

As soon as the name of this great master who has many fans among female players appeared in the invitation letter, the players were all excited and rushed to send the news.
Soon another god-level expert signed his name in the invitation letter and was put on the forum. This person was impressively the first god-level expert in Yunmeng Langfan Yunyuan.
Then came the names.
The emperor of the eternal empire participated in the war!
Fairy doctor, the door master goes to war!
Zou Yu obviously understands the thoughts of onlookers. She deliberately slowed down the speed of showing the war, and appeared first, except for some celebrities, who had a record of fighting and lost. Players all know that these people were suspected of fighting for the big devil and made him a target. At the same time, the invitational tournament was more attractive.
With more and more names participating in the war, those super-class experts who are extremely confident in their own strength are also secretly looking forward to receiving invitations and occupying the last ten places on the Great God list.
I have to say that Zou Yu is an excellent intelligence worker in the game. She joined all the top players who appeared on the list of great gods and sent them invitations. Most of them also participated in the Great God Invitational Tournament. According to the final ranking, they will get rich bonuses, and the first prize is as high as 1 million. Even the top players can hardly refuse so much money.
Soon, the detailed rules of the Great God Invitational Tournament were also announced. It was a round robin, and finally the final ranking was decided according to the player’s winning rate. Ordinary players can also sign up for the Great God Invitational Tournament. They will go through the knockout stage and leave it to the last ten people to fill the vacancy in the Great God List. What kind of players will compete together?
For the super-class masters, this knockout is even more cruel, because there are a large number of super-class masters, but there are ten places, not only to be outstanding, but also to have a little luck and meet opponents at the same level as little as possible, so that it is possible to become one of the ten.
There is also a challenge mode in the Great God List. When the final ranking is determined, players can pay a certain amount of money to challenge the players in the list. If they win, they can get the player’s ranking and get back the paid money. If they lose, the money belongs to the challenger.
As more details are announced, players who believe that they have some strength are all gearing up to focus on this Great God Invitational Tournament.
After Cheyenne agreed to participate in the invitational tournament, he asked Zou Yu to send all kinds of materials secretly acquired. He wanted to complete the transformation of his personal strength before the Great God invited him.
Nowadays, Cheyenne’s equipment is a line of purple clothes. Although it is not a suit, it is a very reasonable match for professional players like Cheyenne. Except for those equipment tailored according to the characteristics of players, it is the top equipment in the whole game.
After all, there are still very few self-made equipment. After all, the development of those equipment is very time-consuming and the materials are doomed to be impossible to meet Cheyenne often in the initial league. Now the equipment can be said to have been upgraded, and the attributes are almost the same. After the equipment and grades are determined, the only way to upgrade the attributes is the number of evolutions, but the active value can’t be rapidly upgraded. Cheyenne can only increase his strength by skill.
An extremely important part of the skill game can directly determine the outcome of a battle at the key moment, but Cheyenne’s delay in upgrading his skills is due to lack of materials
Zou Yu has been asking people to help Cheyenne collect his list of materials and those basic materials. After all, if Cheyenne wants to go further in the league, he not only needs to improve his personal strength, but also the strength of all players in the pig ring team
All the funds invested by different pig ring teams in Yuehan Palace are Cheyenne’s personal property, and Bai Mengyan is an agent at best.
So this time, Cheyenne needs a lot of materials to create skills, with a total value of millions of RMB.
Cheyenne first started to create his own skills according to the fighting style he envisioned.
Chapter 334 buckle booger smile
The Great God Invitational Tournament is about to open.
This is the hottest topic among players recently, and players argue with each other every day in the final ranking of their idols.
There is no doubt that Tianyu company has a big fire this time.
Cheyenne has finished optimizing his skills these days, waiting for the opening of the Great God Invitational Tournament to give his opponents a big surprise. At the same time, his active value has been upgraded by creating skills, and he has gained an evolutionary opportunity again, which has further upgraded his attributes and gained two new skill bits, both of which have been dropped by Cheyenne.
Yan Que of Pig Ring Team officially signed a one-year "prostitution" contract with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan and obtained Cheyenne’s tailor-made new skills. However, these skills were given to Yan Que in a "loan" way, which was specially set up by the game official to safeguard the interests of the team. After all, if the team devoted itself to developing skills and equipment and the player went to another team with him, it must be a huge loss before the "loan" was produced.
Any equipment or skill team labeled as "leased" can apply for recovery at any time, and it can be very convenient again after the skills are recovered.
However, Cheyenne ran into trouble when the other two women signed the contract. That’s why the two goods revealed their secrets-they were in jail for organizing illegal sales activities, but their sentences were soon.
Cheyenne just remembered that when he first met these two goods, they said they hadn’t seen women for a long time. Cheyenne and they were soldiers, but they were in prison.
Cheyenne has no prejudice against the two goods who have been in prison, and they are accused of being too gullible and not a heinous person, otherwise Cheyenne really has to consider whether to sign them.
Bai Mengyan is quite critical of this, but it is easier to sign the two men with a knife in the end. He has now reached the point of blind worship for Cheyenne, and he doesn’t care about the salary. Other members of the team are still in the selection stage.
The salary contracts of these team members have to be put on record by the alliance, and if the official finds out what private transactions the players’ teams are engaged in, they will be permanently disqualified from participating in the competition, and each team will not dare to make any small moves.
The official attaches great importance to the fairness, justice and openness of the league, and has formulated a series of strict regulations. Minor violations will impose fines on teams and players, and serious violations will disqualify teams.
Cheyenne specifically told Bai Mengyan to do it in strict accordance with the provisions of the alliance in this respect, and he even asked Zou Yu to send special personnel to guide Bai Mengyan to make mistakes in this respect, but on the whole, Bai Mengyan did a good job.
Now Bai Mengyan’s attitude towards Cheyenne has changed a lot. In fact, since she knew Cheyenne was the big devil, her attitude has changed a little bit, from the original black powder to the present brain powder for the simple reason that the big devil is the pillar of her own team!
The Great God Invitational Tournament is the first national live broadcast game event of Oracle Company, which is also the reason why they can make up for their own shortcomings before the start of the league. All the games adopted are official league specifications, and players need to attend the game on the spot. Naturally, the venue is Shicheng where Oracle Company is located.
This makes Shicheng lively, and Shicheng players become the happiest people.
This time, ordinary players have the opportunity to see their idols with their own eyes. Many players have arrived in Shicheng not far from Wan Li, and those who can watch the game at the venue will also have bragging rights in the future.
Tianyu company also made great efforts to rent the best gymnasium in Shicheng to the venue of the Great God Invitational Tournament.
After the grand opening ceremony, the Great God Invitational Tournament was grandly opened. The first live broadcast in the stadium was the Great Devil’s Wave and Cloud Wars. Many players were very excited. This was the first time they saw the Great Devil in person.
But when Cheyenne appeared on the big screen of the gymnasium, many players were disappointed, because Cheyenne looked so ordinary, and when Gao Yunqi, the wave-turning cloud operator, appeared, the players were happy, especially the female audience screamed like crazy and broke their eardrums, because Gao Yunqi was a handsome guy.
Cheyenne even vaguely heard the screaming in front of him backstage, which surprised him. He knew that the sound insulation in the background of the game was very good. What happened that caused the audience to scream like a tsunami?
Well, I must be so handsome. Cheyenne is narcissistic and thinks
The big devil fights the waves and turns the clouds.
Tianyu knew exactly what the audience wanted to see, so it arranged a big show.
Before the game started, the audience shouted their idol names like crazy. Compared with Gao Yunqi, the cloud has a high-quality fan group, and Cheyenne’s supporters are few. Even Bai Mengyan almost defected to support Gao Yunqi.
"It seems that the boss will lose people’s hearts even if he wins this time!" Wang Lame sighed, but his eyes kept patrolling the high-quality younger sisters of those cloud fan groups.
Bai Mengyan stared at Gao Yunqi on the big screen and swallowed her saliva live backstage. She looked at Wang Lame strangely and said, "I’ve been listening to you call him boss. What boss is he?"
Wang Lame is preparing to find an excuse to prevaricate in the past. If he hears Bai Mengyan shouting, "That goods have lost the image of our pig ring team so much that they openly buckle their noses in the background!"
Bai Mengyan seems to forget his own problems in a flash.
Wang Lame was relieved and looked up at the big screen at the scene. If you really saw one of the screens, Cheyenne was comfortably leaning on the soft chair, stretching his legs and picking his nose.
In this situation, even the knife can’t bear to look directly at the surrounding audience, and even the supporters of the Great Devil quietly bowed their heads and dared not show their idolatry.
"This product is so embarrassing. Don’t let others know that I am his supporter," Bai Mengyan said, burying his face in it.
What makes the audience even more contemptuous is that with a beautiful worker appearing in the Big Devil’s competition, his eyes have never left the sensitive parts of others. This kind of hooligan is always smiling on the other side, which forms a fresh contrast.
Just as the audience is getting higher and higher, the first game of the Great God Invitational Tournament officially begins! to be continued
Chapter 335 Noble king
Start of the game
The big screen also switched the camera to the game.
Cheyenne looked positive after entering the map in the background of the game.
The Great God invited Saicai to be a league model map, which was randomly selected from the league map by Tianyu Company. As two figures appeared on the big screen, the audience was quiet.
Gao Yunqi Langfanyun Career Berserker