It’s not hard to guess that there should be a golden-grade incubation scavenger tree in the deepest part of this land.

And for this speculation, Liu Yuan feels that the possibility is 60%
This is also the reason why Lu Yuan did not let Su Meng continue to fight, but fled immediately after being incubated with the fruit of the scavenger tree.
Just one end of the incubation carrion tree can be killed on the spot when it is given to Su Meng.
Solving the Root Problem by Killing a Silver-level Incubation Scavenger Root
It is likely to disturb the depths of the earth.
Su Meng also said gold. She is the enemy.
But what if the guy is gold?
It’s the best choice to go yo-yo after you get it!
Get the fruit Liu Yuanxian is to grasp the advantage.
And the best way to keep the advantage is … No waves!
Channel as Liu Yuan they make a noise is more and more big, four-sided worm also gradually increased.
Despite the Tam Road, behind the forest bear temple.
But this embattled situation Liu Yuan still feels a bit tricky.
Because the whole tunnel is well developed, the land source should not only look for the way out, but also pay attention to the situation of each tunnel
Dealing with so much information at the same time, Liu Yuan felt that his head was about to explode.
This is the first time that he has gained a sense of color and domineering to analyze so much information at the same time. The brain load is directly full!
Although a splitting headache, Liu Yuan didn’t stop, followed by Tam and Xiaoguang.
See Liu Yuan and Su Meng in front of Tam, whenever a bug wants to stop him.
Tam will give the roadblock a heavy blow with his fist full of’ hot love’ flames.
Bathing in the fire, Tam is like a love roller, and all the way is on the rampage, so it’s not overbearing
Tam, a pet animal, resisted most of the bugs ahead, not to mention the help of Xiaoguang.
While Qiang Sen’s Lin Xiong and dobby monkey, who are more powerful in the rear, are responsible for the break.
Because those who can really threaten Liu Yuan, they have never been that large number of bugs.
But thick vines.
These vines are different in size and thickness, which are differentiated from different incubation scavengers.
Although plants pet animals at the expense of their ability to act, they get this range of terrorist attacks.
If there were no forest bears blocking the vines behind them, maybe Lu Yuan and Su Meng would have been caught long ago.
It’s okay that Lu Yuan was caught.
But if Su Meng is caught …
Ground, darkness, imprisonment, 36D, cook, glasses, vines, whipping …
There are too many elements to think about …
Although the escape process is a bit tortuous, Lu Yuan’s experience and color are domineering.
Complex channel finally let Liu Yuan accurately find the escape route.
After 100 meters away from the exit, Lu Yuan shouted behind him, "Master, hold on to the last 100 meters!"
At this moment, Su Meng has the strength to respond to "know, know!" because of the bumps all the way and some stomach surges.
Maybe it’s Bai Luyuan, and their horses are about to escape. The insects and vines around them are becoming more and more crazy.
This makes the pressure of Lutam and small light in front rise sharply.
Suddenly, two short-winged worms broke through the blockade of Tam and Xiaoguang and approached Lu Yuan and Su Meng at an amazing speed.
Facing the attack of two short-winged worms, Lu Yuan suddenly put his hand on the waist handle.
Sun Breathing Type III Red Mirror in the Hot Sun!
Liu Yuanguo broke a knife and a flame struck in front of him.
Two bronze short-winged worms were instantly chopped into two parts by flame.
Lu Yuan didn’t look at their bodies and rushed directly towards the distant light.
Outside the ground worm nest
A group of soldiers in the war camp are waiting to see the entrance of the insect nest.
And Hou Yu, the head of Gao Guo and the headmaster of No.1 Middle School around them, was also impressed.
They are all waiting for Liu Yuan and Su Meng to come out of the tunnel.
When I learned that Lu Yuan was going to take the initiative to enter the ground worm’s nest, Gao Guo also spoke and advised.
It is unnecessary to plunge yourself into such a dangerous environment after saying that Lu Yuan is a student now.
It’s good to deal with the insect nest and leave it to these adults
But after Lu Yuan said that he might have a way to crack the hidden and outstanding characteristics of insects,