After signing the contract, Zhang Yi felt suspicious and relaxed at this time. After ten days of hard negotiations, the whole person has been in a tight state, and now he can finally relax.

When it was finished, Zhang Yi took Zhang Xiaohuai and Zhang Yihu out of the legation, accompanied by British diplomats, and began to visit the city of London.
London is the most prosperous city in the world at the turn of the century. I’m afraid the whole world also has new york to compare with London, but new york’s short history is not as rich as London’s cultural heritage.
It’s a pity that providence has just left the legation and walked out. It’s not far away. A huge platform has been set up in a street!
Where did Zhang Yi’s heart jump? It wasn’t here two days ago.
Curious Zhang Yihu directly pushed open the skylight of the car and looked at it in the direction of the challenge.
If you don’t look at it, you’ll have a look at it. I’m so angry!
Zhang Yihu roared, "* * * * * deceives people too much to stop for the old man!"
Everyone was shocked. Zhang Yi frowned and shouted, "What’s wrong with a tiger? This is London. Don’t make trouble!"
Zhang Yihu roared, "Instructor, look at yourself. Isn’t this aimed at our Chinese Republic and will it fly?"
Zhang Yi, Zhang Xiaohuai and others got up one after another and the car had to stop at this time.
See the columns on both sides of the platform actually written in Chinese to fight the sick man of East Asia and the Republic of China!
Zhang yi’s eyebrows suddenly stood up. What a arrogant tone?
At this time, the British diplomats also turned red and secretly complained about this unfortunate job. This happened just after the president was going to travel!
Zhang Yi, look at the stand. There are even people playing against each other. A young man from China is playing against a western boxer. It’s almost unstoppable.
Zhang Yishen said, "Go and have a look!"
The driver started the car and drove here.
Zhang Yi asked the British diplomat who accompanied him, "Sir, what’s the matter with this ring so close to our embassy? This is a provocation. If your country doesn’t give me a reasonable explanation, I will ask it clearly to Prime Minister Edward VII of Belfo!"
The British diplomat secretly replied, "Mr. President, there may be some misunderstanding at this time. The French should have submitted an application to the London police two days before the opening, but we didn’t expect them to be so obvious against your country. I think the London authorities will respond to this soon. Mr. President, please forgive me …"
This diplomat’s position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not low. Obviously, he knows that Prime Minister Belfo is now facing the pressure of Edward VII’s parliament to ease the situation in the Republic of China. If it is made even more stiff by this incident, it will make a big fuss.
Zhang yi shook his head and sank, "Let’s go with one tiger. Let’s go to the front and have a look at the table. That guy obviously can’t support it …"
The crowd crowded toward the front of the stage. At this time, the stage came to a scream and saw that China guy was kicked by a boxer in the chest. The whole person was kicked up and fell toward the stage.
At this time, Zhang Yi can’t come if he wants to save people again.
Zhang Yi, Zhang Yihu and others quickly crowded past and helped the young man up. When he saw it, he was already kicked unconscious.
Zhang Yi looked gloomy and shouted, "Yunnong immediately sent people to the hospital for treatment!"
Zhang Xiaohuai took a worried look at Zhang Yi, for fear that the president could not suppress his anger, and it would be great to be on stage.
Zhang Yi saw Zhang Xiaohuai hesitate and shouted, "What are you still doing? Hurry up! If it is late, this brother will lose his life!"
Zhang Xiaohuai nai way "a tiger commander you can want to pay attention to don’t make a move …"
Zhang Yihu impatient way "hurry to save people get out! Stop talking nonsense! "
Zhang Xiaohuai had to save lives first with a wry smile on his face.
Zhang Yi set his sights on Taiwan, where several French boxers were swaggering.
Zhang Yi looked at the China people and asked, "Brother, what the hell is going on?"
The man smiled wryly. "Bro, these French people are used to getting fresh. Today, they have set up a platform here. They want to fight China people by naming names. They want to let China people know that the French people are very powerful. It is obvious that they are coming for us China people. This is already that they have defeated the fifth Chinese. The loser was not seriously injured and one was killed on the spot …"
Zhang Yi was shocked and angry and asked, "Isn’t it nobody’s business to kill people?"
The man said with a wry smile, "Both sides have signed a life and death contract, and the French are naturally not afraid of things because of their strong national strength!"
Aside, Zhang Yihu is an old man who is about to take off his clothes. He was caught by Zhang Yi and said coldly, "A tiger, you can’t go this time!"
John Zhang shook his fists and growled, "Can’t we just bear it, President?"
Zhang Yi shouted and replied, "Endure? Why put up with how they beat China people, so we will beat them! "
Zhang Shengqi shouted, "Good President, you and Master are both sensitive. This time, I will take the shot. Isn’t it five people? The old one is guaranteed!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "So that four bloody Cang Lang are ready to make a fatal blow. Since they don’t care about life or death, don’t be polite to them!"
Zhang Yi actually stepped onto the stage directly when he said this.
Zhang Yi, who came to Taiwan, asked the boxer opposite, "Are you trying to provoke disputes between the two countries by setting up such a challenge near the Chinese Embassy of the Republic of China? Aren’t you afraid of causing war between the two countries? "
The boxer opposite proudly said, "Hey, hey, cause war? What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of China yellow monkey’s revenge when we open France? We are all retired elites from the French Army. I heard that the artillery fire of the Chinese Revolutionary Army has hit our Vietnamese territory. Hey, hey, it’s really unambiguous. Since you arrogant old people, you will never be arrogant in China! "
Zhang Yishen said, "It’s just a written test, but also killing people? You are really China, and no one can clean you up? "
The boxer disdained, "Hum, why do you dare to say such big things? If you have something to sign, let’s have a match! "
Zhang Yi severely suppressed his anger and was teased. As soon as he turned around and walked to the signing desk, a man jumped up and grabbed Zhang Yi’s arm and shouted, "Brother, you should go to this game first and give it to your brother!"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty-one Battle of France
It was Zhang Shengqi who jumped.
Zhang Yi saw Zhang Shengqi on the stage and knew that he couldn’t reach out. If a president of a country did it, the tricks would be different.
Zhang Yi whispered, "Be careful. These are all elites in the French army. I’m afraid that guy is really looking for you …"
Zhang Shengqi sighed, "Don’t worry, leave it to me. How can they beat us and get back!"
For John Zhang, Zhang Yi has nothing to worry about. Nowadays, Chinese people are afraid that no one is his opponent. Years of experience have made John Zhang already better than shine on you. Not only Zhang Yihu, but even if Tan Feng is dead, I’m afraid it’s not John Zhang’s opponent. He has achieved martial arts accomplishments or has not reached the peak, but murder is definitely the highest in the world. Except Zhang Yi, the second person no longer thinks about it.
Zhang Shengqi stayed until Zhang Yi left and went straight to the signature desk, where he wrote his name and waved to the other party for signature.
The other party also signed his name and sneered, "I will ask you to lie down and fly to the sick man of East Asia in three rounds!"
Zhang Shengqi took a deep breath and opened his posture, waiting for the attack of Juyi Lu.
Guy Lu roar loud a straight hook straight to John Zhang alongside of.seem!
Guy Lu looks big and fat. I didn’t expect this speed to be really slow, but the root of this group of Zhang Shengqi’s eyes is full of flaws