Bodhisattva Academy and Tiandong Shou attended the Tianhui, and the giants of all walks of life stood upright at the moment. Sendai was lined up from south to north, facing the wind and snow, and the imperial alliance and the first vassal of Kunlun Jiange, the tearful sky, also extended from the center to the north and south in sequence, and dialed the clouds from the sky as if two harsh parallel swords were standing opposite each other.

There are only seven disputes on the agenda of the meeting today.
In the past, all the men who held different positions, such as Zhe, didn’t help each other to protect themselves, or there were other candidates in the heart of Heaven. Because of various reasons, they had to give up and put it on hold at the moment, and they no longer stuck to their opinions and chose the camp.
After all, the trend of the times and the oppression of foreign people are not uncommon.
Standing in the wind, snow, black robe, silver hair, Luo Changfeng quietly looked at the distance from the other side, but there was no doubt that the white hair was holding a fan and smiling tears in its hands.
The emperor’s tears are next to his whole body, and the sword is suppressed by the root method, thus condensing into a wisp of white hairspring that winds around the whole body. The king of the seventy-two peaks of Kunlun Mountain, Wang Daojian, shepherd Yun Jian City.
The two men stand side by side and rank high and low.
On the right side of the emperor’s tears, looking north, there are 13 punishments, namely, Bai Hua Xian of Baihua Island in the South China Sea with a basket of flowers on his wrist, Bai Hua Xian of Green, Purple and Black, Gong Bo, Ouyang, Fifth, Guan, Shen, Han, Qin, Chu, Tie and Cao, which will kill the contemporary housemaster, North Snow, North Snow, Armored Door, Liang Bing, Zhenshan Chongkui, Tibetan Soul and South China Sea.
On the left hand side of Yun Jian City, there is a list of the old man who asked for the sword and picked up the stars in the past years. After he lost, he lived in seclusion in Kunlun Shoufeng Pavilion. Old leaves and white frost taught his teachers. Drunken swords have seventy-two strange peaks and hidden veins. Dozens of people who are afraid of old swords have cast swords. The sword in the city has gone up and down. There is a Bai Dengdao who will make great achievements. Li Fenghou has six surnames and ten names. Chen and Sun Shi have an erratic position in the Tiannan Alliance. Many merchants and giants have a cosmopolitan vassal ……
Chapter seventy-four Seven disputes (4)
On the left side of Luo Changfeng, there is Li Xingyun, the president of the King Kong Buddhist Academy. There are six doormen, namely, the one-armed swordsman leaves the courtyard, the Yi matchmaker, and the autumn sentiment. There are new demon emperors, demon clan teachers, and dozens of unique Yunling monsters. There are green gods and mountains, pens and knives, little saints, Wang Ting, broken house owners and dead burial gatekeepers …
Similarly, Liancheng tactic and Luo Changfeng stand side by side, next to the right side is the Qinghai Changyun Dark Snow Mountain, one person, one country, Loulan monarch, Jianghu soldier master Xiao Bielian, a lonely city in a thousand miles, with a piano and a heart and a sword. Gao Muyao has six surnames, ten valves, Wang Ao, the bodhi old zu and Liu Song, two valves, with a big figure, djinn, an ugly figure, Xiaotian, a hidden red hair, a peach blossom, a wooden lang, an evil gentleman, a young appearance, a small arms, a chain,
The goddess dragon Ouyang Qingxu came out and went to the center of Sendai to hold a ceremony at the powerful people of Luochangfeng Liancheng and said simply and directly, "Please?"
Luo Changfeng even looked at the city and then returned the gift "please!"
The goddess dragon released the dress-mending queue, but it turned out to be a robbery. In the middle of the scene, I saw my hands pinch and print wisps of green gossamer, which flowed out from my fingers and then swam around along the edge of Sendai.
At the moment, all the strong people on the top of the Emperor’s Mausoleum seem to be in a unique field of Ouyang Qingxiu, but they are not affected by waves, but they clearly feel mysterious. Because the wind is still and the snow melts in the line of sight, Sendai is gradually retired and replaced by a heavy landscape barrier like ink.
It takes no more than ten seconds for the emperor’s mausoleum to completely complete the reversal of landscape and the shifting of stars.
Luo Changfeng looked around and saw that there was a riverside stream rushing from east to west through the cliff to form a silver waterfall. thousands of feet did not know that there were towering trees at the foot of the mountain. The cliffs, hills and gullies grew in disorder, such as green grass. Behind the stream and farther ahead, broken walls and dilapidated houses could be seen in twos and threes
He closed his eyes and listened to the waterfall hitting the rocks silently counting one, two, three, four …
Liancheng tactic looked at the white clothes on the other side of the river and said with tears, "I heard that 500 years ago, the thirteen punishments in the Battle of Two Boundaries would have teamed up to ambush blade master, who was fighting for the stars. At that time, the goddess of Ouyang’s family, the dragon, failed to rob the territory, but abruptly blocked the killing of the famous sword, the heavenly sin, and Bai Zhiqiu devoted himself to a sword. It was a landscape scroll named’ Wandering people by mountains and rivers’. Before the world was shocked, it occupied the first place in the magic list, which was slightly higher than my Tiandong Temple."
Emperor’s tears are slightly light.
The riverside stream is facing the dragon Ouyang Qing Xu, the goddess of Liancheng tactic, and replies, "To tell you the truth, our ancestors used magic weapons to protect themselves, but they also paid a painful price to practice the damage of the foundation avenue. Don’t say that this scroll was also burned into embers by the sword of God, and all the beasts and birds were cut off to leave their vitality, leaving a shocking ruin, bathing in the spring breeze and recovering their present appearance."
Los Changfeng don’t know when to open your eyes and stare at the shallow river in front of you.
After listening to the waterfall, he concluded that this mountain and water is very similar to what Kunlun saw in those years. There seems to be quite a similarity between the nine mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers are the heaviest at the moment.
He boldly guessed that the river waterfall in front of him was left by the heavenly sword in those days, and there were also 16 pieces of the famous sword in the form of fragments of the blade. Heaven can cause such different sword marks with different powers. If so, I’m afraid Bai Zhiqiu didn’t contribute to the sword five hundred years ago. After all, the fact that the mountains and rivers here were heavy meant that Bai Zhiqiu was still outnumbered at that time, and the mind was still divided to control the remaining pieces of the heavenly sword to deal with the seven-star Longyuan. blade master?
Think of the sword that broke into the magic giant in the past, and now the sage Luo Changfeng sincerely sighs.
It is not uncommon for the so-called magic weapon or priceless precious objects to rain, and everyone spits on a lamp in the river. "It’s just a semi-abandoned picture scroll beside mountains and rivers, but it’s still the magic of the past." How many swords can such a thing hold us? "
The goddess dragon Ouyang Qingxu said with a smile, "The scroll is indeed the same as that of the year! However, after all, I will learn from the younger generation later. It’s not like Bai Xianshi’s realm, is it? "
Bing Shan’s main river is full of old father-in-law’s adult rain, but he was about to speak when he was beaten by Wang’s bodhi old zu Wang Ao. "Little girl, who are you looking down on?" Although I’m no longer brave enough to stab you with this sword, I’m sure I’ll teach you to be horny … If you were born, you might as well die! Believe it or not? "
The goddess dragon smiles, but her eyes are getting cold.
The Wangs’ old rival, the Song family, who is six surnames and ten valves in Tianbei, attended the meeting. It is said that Song Lian, an ancestor who is over 100 years old, admired his seniority when he was young, but his age was only a few decades old. It is no wonder that Wang Ao’s young girl is not longing for love. After all, when Wang Ao was young, Tianbei was also a famous Tianjiao figure.
It’s old. Song Lian took a sentence "I think it’s hanging" with a snakehead stick for no reason.
Being questioned about strength is a piece of cake.
Can be regarded as
Young girls who admire themselves in years but can’t ask questions, especially how can Wang Ao, the bodhi old zu, swallow this tone? If you don’t agree with each other, you should untie your belt and give you a long knowledge.
Time to stop is the monarch of Loulan, one person, one country.
The monarch who lived in the dark snowy mountain of Changyun, Qinghai for a long time said, "Old-timer Wang misunderstood the meaning of Song Popo."
I quite appreciate that I don’t pay much attention to the monarch Loulan when I look at my eyes. Wang Ao, the bodhi old zu, lived for thousands of years and naturally slipped along the pole. "How do you say?"
Shaking the hip flask in his hand, he looked drunk and confused. The monarch of Loulan said, "I want to come to Song’s mother-in-law or rain master, and I am worried about the same things as the younger generation. Since this landscape scroll has been repaired for 500 years, it is difficult to make mistakes in the seven struggles."
"Then you accidentally broke the scroll with a knife, a sword and a punch, and scolded the top of the emperor’s mausoleum and ruined our leader’s adult’s ancestral grave. Is that still good? In any case, it’s the East Road Master of Tianhui who has been eating and drinking Lazar Thirteen Wind Towers these days. It can be said that he takes care of himself, and he can’t let his ancestral graves smoke, can he? "
Wang ao, the bodhi old zu, is more and more appreciative and laughs.
Loulan monarch’s handsome face showed a little smile, and his fingertips drew a circle around the imaginary place at random, and a pocket flying sword with a handle emerged
Loulan, the monarch, took a sip of wine, and the flying sword roared away, flying head-on, cutting down the skylight and snowing people.
It’s as if the Emperor Loulan casually moved the dark snow mountain in Changyun, Qinghai to the landscape scroll. The sky here is getting dim and the snow is covered with green hills.
This Luo Changfeng, Liancheng strategics, Li Xingyun and others made a courtesy towards the solitary monarch Loulan Qiqi. Today, the seven contests have done their best …
The tears of the emperor, who boasts of the sky, have not stopped him from picking the right place, and he has to let those people across the river take advantage of it.
It’s just fair that the monarch of Loulan, the goddess of the dragon, moved to the dark snowy mountain in Changyun, Qinghai, and the two sides fought for the common master in heaven and earth seven times.
After the monarch Loulan took back the pocket flying sword, the emperor went out and walked to the edge of the river with tears.
Ouyang Qingxu silently retired behind him.
The emperor bowed his hand to the riverside in tears. "Then please?"
Then he took the lead in swimming seven mountains and rivers along the river waterfall. It turned out that the leader of the tears had to fight that battle himself.
Looking across the river, who can compete?
Chapter seventy-five Seven disputes (5)
It’s not a trivial matter for the players to believe that the two sides of the river have made decisions and deduced from each other, and each side has locked in the other side’s camp for more than a dozen people who are good at killing and robbing the territory, and then they will arrange their troops to see what happens. It’s not difficult for the secret star to predict everything, such as Ouyang Qingxiu and Shen Li.
It is always necessary to fight before you know that this is what all mountaineers on both sides of the river are thinking at the moment.
But even so, there are exceptions to everything, such as saints, clouds, high seas and vast seas. There are always some detached things on the south coast of the North Sea. It is the solution to be hidden in the ordinary city or to live in an isolated island.
For example, Luo Changfeng once crossed the horizon and met the red one, such as the ten thousand buddhas in the western Lingshan.
It is not this day that the monk will naturally not interfere with the so-called seven wars and ten thousand buddhas have risen to the top. Li Xingyun is not good at fighting, but it is not a solution.
One of the two camps on both sides of the river is the monarch who swam along the waterfall river.
The emperor has been in tears for more than ten years. Young tianjiao, such as Yun Jian City, and Huangfuyi, are equally famous in the world. After the fall of the Emperor, they succeeded to the throne. The new emperor’s ally, Feng Lei, was able to fix the king’s soldiers without bloodshed. The thirteen royal families were completely disposed of. After the three robes won the hearts of the people, the magic door was destroyed, and all the tricks were revealed. The sandwiches and martial arts were better than the father … Until thousands of miles later, they hunted down the remnants of two boundary mountains and won two residual pictures from Chongyang and Luo Changfeng.
This plan has five flowers and seven days, and it is a mystery that he claimed to be a man in the sky after the closure of Shennong Baicao Imperial Tomb.
A preliminary discussion on the banquet of washing dust; Wang Daojian, the head of Kunlun or Tiandong Xinsheng Liancheng, have all felt a little oppression to some extent, but this is still the result of the emperor’s tears restraining the realm of qi.