His grain merchants are worse than him. They have brought in less grain, but his grain merchants are still trying to transport it to Fusang Prefecture in various ways.

What’s more sad is that there are still a lot of food being shipped from all over the world.
Due to the short-term injection of a large amount of food into Fusang Prefecture, the staple foods were saturated.
Brolin was almost furious when he heard the news from a competent official.
How is that possible?
You guys were hungry yesterday. Why don’t you need food today?
But even so, they can’t transport the grain any more, not because it is a problem, but because they are transporting the grain now, which means they have to give up the Fusang market.
How can you give up!
Counting accounts, Fusang Prefecture has hoarded about 10,000 tons of grain for almost three months.
Three months’ grain reserve is certainly not enough, leaving a grain gap of 670 million tons.
There is no way that brolin can lobby Fusang state government officials everywhere to say that they will collect grain again.
It’s inhuman to say that it’s hard, and you have to cry.
But there is still a little faith that supports brolin
That is, Neng Manor has delivered about 20 million tons of grain, and has eaten one fifth of the Fusang market, eating up all the profiteering, and finally there is no food!
And it’s time to stop!
You can’t eat everything, wipe everything and fall! Give me less leftovers.
But it’s really not suitable for selling food in the near future.
Not far from Zhuang, I really have no interest in the surplus grain market.
The short-term delivery of large quantities of grain directly compressed the profit of Fusang’s grain market to the extreme, and even hit the grain price, which had no profit before the price increase.
And relative to this, there is almost no food for hundreds of billions of profits!
Is this much money?
That’s a lot for a company.
With so much cash flow, you can almost do whatever you want.
But for a city and a port, the money is nothing at all.
To build a 100,000-ton berth in Green Island Port, according to the market situation, it needs 1.2 billion yuan to support the village. The ambition of Green Island is high. There should be at least ten such 10,000-ton berths in this port, and dozens more berths of other types can accommodate all large, medium and small ships.
Supporting other transportation logistics facilities, I don’t know how much it costs.
So the money is not enough to build half a port.
Then, of course, we should continue to think of some way to save money from Fusang Prefecture.
When the Jiabang Committee was wronged, Fusang rented a grain depot that had just been repaired and transported its own grain for a while, Blolin found that Zhuang’s eyes had shifted to the fruit and vegetable market with higher added value and profit.
The fruit and vegetable market is completely different.
Because fruits and vegetables are not easy to be transported by sea, it is almost impossible to keep them fresh.