How can she absorb a lot of reiki in one day?

There is also the Holy Tianchi, which is the magic place that you deified and painstakingly arranged. If she let the car chain drop at the critical moment, will the league judge her three times?
While my thoughts are like crazy grass, I have to concentrate on controlling the rotation of the beads. Lin Qing never thought that she could be so busy in a spring.
Seeing that reiki was still coming to her like a brake, she gritted her teeth and swam eagerly.
However, Zhu dragged her along like an attempted adulterer.
I was in a state of indecision. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the sage saying, "Don’t worry, our monks have their own opportunities. Lin Qing can take as much as you can. He has his own king."
Lin Qing almost cried when she heard this.
With the reassurance of the bodhi old zu, she was finally greatly relieved.
In that case … Ahem, you’re welcome!
The vast sacred Tianchi Lake soon rolled up a spiritual vortex.
Hidden law several deities in the dark closed their eyes again.
Unconsciously, most of the day quietly crossed.
He and Tai Sheng-jun opened their eyes again, and swept through the holy Tianchi. His eyelids were slightly sobbed and he spoke to Yuan Sheng-jun through the sound of array law.
"You this disciple’s disciple is a gluttonous … less than half of the pool aura of the holy Tianchi will be drained by her alone. Can I go back on my word before I promise? !”
It is said that the sage is like an old monk sitting still and ignoring the news.
After a while …
He tai sheng jun can bear it.
"Hey, don’t pretend to be dead, and I’ll throw her out!"
I waited with Tai Shengjun for a long time and finally waited to reply that "the time has come to throw it out."
pond water
"Didi Didi Didi Didi …" Ringing sound around my ears.
Lin Qing, who is still wanting more, pulled out Lin Gu’s small alarm from the bosom and gave her a persistent alarm.
I can’t help it. Friar sometimes doesn’t know that the sun, the moon and the day are too short. She must wake up.
By this time, her body was as quiet as an old dog, as if nothing had happened before
Body aura … Beads really get a little more from the holy Tianchi.
She absorbed so much aura. Why didn’t she advance?
Huh? And what is this?
See a through SPAR fragments attached to the bead before Lin Qing can see it, then he suddenly got into it.
Lin Qing’s face was puzzled. The horse checked the abdomen and found that it was strange
I was thinking that she actually heard the sound of "It’s time for you to leave quickly!"
Before she finished speaking, she was swept out of the water by a strong force
Lin Qing reacted very quickly. She flipped neatly and threw it out of the bag.
Looking further, she doesn’t feel guilty.
Seems to be smoking a little too much …
However, several deities looked at her and said that she was not in trouble.
She winked and dried her clothes and made a respectful salute to Zhong Zhong. "Brother Lin Qing, thank you for your care."
"Go" and Dust Sage quickly returned to her.
Lin Qing made another ceremony honestly.
Then she took it out without saying anything and gave it to her. Jade Jane looked at the route and prepared to slip away immediately.
The surrounding air condenses and the water mist fills the air, and the more intense it is, the more sluggish the sports spirit around the cage is than usual, but at this time Lin Qing’s mood is unprecedented.
She felt a little weird.
The arrangement of going out of the Holy Tianchi is also very complicated. When she came, Master accessed her and secretly left it. I didn’t expect to come out. The route was very different, and many scenes have been turned in a short trip.
She had just flown out of a short section of the scenery and looked up to see someone waiting for her.
Chapter 663 It is good to like it.
Dark blue shadows Qin Qian stood like ink in the breeze, and her eyes were looking towards her.
Qin Qian appeared in Lin Qing’s expectation, because she had sent him a message before she joined the ranks, and now she has made such a big noise.
It’s her who escaped from the holy Tianchi. She is too busy running away at present, which is not suitable for long delay.
She hurried over the bag and the magic gas fell to Qin Qian and called a "Qin Shishu"
Then he said, "I seem to have done something too much to annoy Tai Shengjun."
When Qin Qian received the news, Lin Qing had entered the holy Tianchi, and the easy-going dust sage went into conversation.
After he knew that Lin Qing had gone to the pool and would soak for a day, he would wait for her when he went out.
He naturally knew that she had stirred up the movement.
Qin Qian looked at her and smiled. "Since the bodhi old zu didn’t say anything, that’s it."
Lin Qing nodded slightly.
The fog in the holy Tianchi Lake is as vague as a god’s knowledge. Adding aura to people is like condensing water mist through a winter window.
Despite this, Qin Qian was as calm as a broken star. Looking at Lin Qing, I remembered the last meeting … Meeting again. Some emotions are different after all.
Her mind turned several turns in an instant. Finally, she smiled calmly in Zhan Yan. "Uncle Qin didn’t expect me to come to the holy Tianchi, did he?"
Qin Qian nodded gently. "Well, I did expect you to be on your way to the swamp at this time."
Lin Qing said, "I guess it’s not wrong. I want to leave the holy Tianchi and go to the swamp."
When we met for a short time, Qin Qian was silent for a moment. "I will take you out."
Lin Qing thought that there was a little maze behind her, to the extent that Master knew she could handle it, but it was more worry-free to have someone to lead the way, and she also had something to say to Qin Qian, so she agreed to "yes"
Lin Qing was preparing for driver package, but she saw Qin Qian stepping on the aircraft and reaching out to her, saying that it was really like "it is not easy to lose you when you come to my aircraft."
Lin Qing slightly one leng found Qin Qian don’t know when to change a new aircraft.
Moreover, this meniscus aircraft looks elegant and comfortable.
It is more convenient to think that she has a magic weapon to pick the same place for Qin Qian.
Facing the outstretched hand, Lin Qing gently shook it and jumped to Qin Qian’s side.
The slow loosening of Qin Qian’s hand is a restraint, but it seems to be hooked up with the lingering aftertaste 3.
Lin Qing imminent fibrillation fibrillation.
Lightweight aircraft, like a moon boat, skims through water vapor.
Qin Qian is very familiar with the array of the Holy Tianchi, and he is not looking for a way.
Lin Qing said, "Uncle Qin, I have a magic weapon for you."