Today is doomed to be the night of death.

Lin Yi also ordered one hundred people to join the attack and kill the death warriors.
This death warrior was attacked by more than 300 southern experts.
There are also Zuo Chaoyang, Miao Xue, Hua Zi and other masters. The situation has been decided, and it is time to completely eliminate these death warriors 2.
Lin Yi is worried about Du Youhen now.
Du Yuan also asked Lin Yi to save Du You hate when he saw that the overall situation was set.
Lin Yi ordered the dead horse to be moved and four horses to drive.
Lin Yi shouted at Zeng Tengyun again, "Brother Zeng, let them kill you. Come with me. It’s important!"
Now the situation in Tianfeng Town is not good, and Lin Yi has also recovered his success in March and April, and his broken bones have not healed yet, so he can’t fight fiercely. Lin Yi has to take a powerful master.
Zeng Tengyun is killing and rising at the moment. He is attacking a death warrior with a knife and saying, "You let Zuo Yangyang go with you. I have a bet with Miao Xue!"
Lin Yi said, "Miao Xue started before you. He has killed more than a dozen now. You can’t win him. Please help me. I’ll give you ten jars of good wine. You can still earn five jars if you lose five jars of Miao Xue. Haha, are you going to do this business?"
Zeng Tengyun knew that it was difficult to win Miaoxue, and he was a little annoyed.
Zeng Tengyun shouted, "Mom, you have a lot to do, so wait for me and I’ll kill this."
Zeng Tengyun attacked the death warrior with more than a dozen knives, and then he plundered Lin Yi’s carriage.
Lin Yi took Ma Peiling, Hu Yanyuer, Tai Shimin ‘er and Zeng Tengyun, more than 40 southern masters, and sped away towards Tianfeng Town.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Poison Town (1)
After Lin Yi led people away, Zuo Chaoyang and Li Dian also hit the stage of life and death.
The two of them played more than one hundred strokes before and after, and now Zuo Chaoyang has finished occupying the wind. Although Li Dian injured Zuo Chaoyang several times, he was even more seriously injured by Zuo Chaoyang, and now he is completely beaten by Zuo Chaoyang.
Li Dian, a warrior who died, is in charge and has always looked down on Zuo Chaoyang.
Until now, he didn’t know that Zuo Chaoyang’s martial arts were better than him.
Zuo Chaoyang will also become a westerner to send him.
Zuo Chaoyang roared, waving his hands and waving his dragon one by one, and pounced on Li Dian.
Moreover, there are palm shadows in some air pockets.
The dragon body with palm shadow is even more frantic and twisted, and the dragon body is erratic and messy, which is even more elusive and makes people judge, and it is amazing to set off a strong breeze.
At the beginning, Ling Nie told Zuo Chaoyang that "the dragon elephant is magical" and "the wandering soul" actually originated from a kind of martial arts, which was difficult to cultivate, and an ancestor of the floating island split this feat into two kinds of martial arts for convenient teaching.
When will Zuo Chaoyang be able to integrate these two martial arts and become a "dragon elephant magic" at will?
At the beginning, the dragon elephant was also cultivated into a profound realm.
Now Zuo Chaoyang tries to combine the two kinds of Juexue.
Dragon spit beads now spit palms.
This made Li Dian feel incredible.
Li Dian escaped from an angry dragon but was injured by spitting palm shadow.
Li Dian’s body ached and convulsed for two times, and then his body was in a mess, and the speed and strength of wielding a knife were also weak. Zuo Chaoyang became more and more brave, and Li Dian stood up for more than a dozen strokes, and it was difficult to support him again. He was slapped in the chest by Zuo Chaoyang, and blood flowed in Li Dian’s mouth, and his body stumbled for two steps and almost fell down.